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Look Good and Not Freeze on Your Winter Travel: Packing Winter Outfits

We all want to look good despite being out in a chilly temperature out there. Especially when you’re traveling. There are a lot of pictures needed to be captured and documented for memory. You’d want to look your best then.

But how can you achieve this without stuffing your luggage until it’s about to burst?

Packing for a winter travel has always been the most challenging compared to all the seasons. And the challenge may also multiply depending on how much you can adapt to packing light.

Packing winter outfits

Where you’re going to for your winter travel is also an integral consideration for your packing.

Plan well

Research your destinations carefully. Is there going to be a lot of snow where you’re heading?

Is is going to be raining a lot? In some places, winter usually meant rain as well. We really cannot stress the importance of planning and researching ahead of time.

Outfit layering is always integral

Layering is key. There’s a reason a lot of travel fashion blogs out there preached this all the time. The practice of layering your outfit during the winter months is going to help tremendously in keeping you warm.

But don’t just put layers upon layers without coordinating them. Coordination is key. Clothes functions (inner/thermal, insulation, outerwear), colors, and shapes of your wear need to be coordinated. I’d mostly chose black for most of my outfits during winter—with some grey or white, and red.

If you prefer more splash of color, then good for you. Laying down your outfit and trying them out first is a good practice to get the sense of unity in your outfits. And don’t bring what-ifs! You’ll easily overpack then.

Thermal wears

Consider thermal clothes such as the heat-tech clothes. It’s important to note that thermals are more essential as tops—as they would protect the core of our body.

If you’re going somewhere particularly chilly, getting a thermal legging also won’t hurt. Thermal wears of heat-tech are often lighter. They’re so much less thicker so it’s a good thing for your luggage space and weight!

Wear boots

My favorite has always been the over knee boots. Not only they’re stylish as hell, they also generally offer warmth better than leggings. Of course, you can combine the two.

Generally, the higher the boots go, the better. But make do with what you have in your wardrobe!

Long, flowing overcoats

More and more people are loving overcoats as a fashion item. They’re elegant, and they create the effect of a silhouette as overcoats seem to lengthen your figure. They’re also excellent to keep you warm—and they don’t just keep the upper part of your body warm as they extend well down your knees.

Do not pack your heaviest layer

Unless you have an exceptionally effective method to compress your heaviest layer such as your overcoats or your huge-oversized blanket scarves, don’t pack them.

Don’t force them into your suitcase or backpack. It just wouldn’t do you or your luggage (or your money) any good. Instead, wear them on the plane. Planes are known to be kept chilly so they would certainly come in handy.

Use travel organizers

Packing cubes are magic. Travel compartment has literally revolutionized the way many people travel. A lot of travel organizers have the purpose of compressing your belongings.

The compartments are also highly useful for the purpose of organizing your stuff. No more stress of rummaging your luggage.

Travel organizers are highly functional for travels at any season. Even more so during the winter months.

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Affordable Pleasures With A Single Parachute Hammock

Single parachute hammock is one of the most popular among us. Not because there are many single people in this world, but I think we are rarely to think about the person to be asked for camping. Moreover, it is not that much important for some reasons.

Anyway, before my talking going unclear and irrelevant, I am simply referring the “single” here for the parachute hammock size that is recommended for 1 person and I think that you have actually known about it.

Affordable pleasures with a single parachute hammock

I am pretty sure that many of us are in love with the hammock camping idea, but since everyone may haven’t much of their times, then it even be more special if there will be of us going out there and enjoy the “me time.”

When we are wondering around about experiencing the nature pleasures that won’t need much times, much money and even no chance for you to feel tired, then camping with a parachute hammock can be the main choice. Surely, it will also depending on your location. For example, when you are living in urban area, then you may will rarely finds the open green space. Maybe there will be the green park on your town, but you know that a small forest near a river at the village is always the better.

But no matter where it is, as long as you have no objection at all with the chosen location, then you can start your own leisure right away. Setup the single parachute hammock is easier where mostly you don’t even need a guide how to do it. After that, feel free to enjoy the good and green outdoor’s atmosphere and see what else you are capable to get.

So far, parachute hammock itself is relatively cheap. With only around $50 or even less, you can then get the camping ideas you have in mind. It is relatively affordable because for more complete items or the other hammock accessories, you need to spend more than before. But I am sure that it won’t even break your bank account.

We have to admit that many other items such as the hammock tarp, under quilt to keep us warm, and some more are not in one package you can get. You have to buy them one buy one. The good thing about it is you are somewhat instalment the trip and I think it can even more affordable than before.

I am forgot to tell you that hammock camping shouldn’t always to be at the park or far away out there. Sometime you don’t need that no matter how portable it is. Not many of us have much times to walk or ride to somewhere for hours. So, being at your backyard or even inside your house is not a sin at all. Even if it is possible to set it up at your office, you can try it as long as you don’t get your boss in anger.

There are not many of travel items that you know are as perfect as the single parachute hammock. The very important thing we have to realise is that it is also can be used for even years. That’s why your pleasure investment in a hammock is really something special.

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Visiting the World’s Largest Surviving Ancient Palace

While fairytales of castles and princesses are mostly popularised by the Western world, the biggest ancient palace that survived until today is located in Asia. The infamous China’s Forbidden City, to be exact. Right now, the palace complex is simply known as “Gugong” or “former palace”.

World's largest surviving ancient palace

The place has continued to become both domestic and international tourists destination. Here are some of the things you need to note before going to the world’s largest surviving ancient palace.

Avoid the weekends and holidays

Weekends and Chinese public holidays are undoubtedly the busiest days of Forbidden City. Despite its sheer size, the place can get crowded during these times. If you can help it, make sure to avoid these days to get the most out of your Forbidden City visit to avoid hordes of people.

You can find Chinese public holidays quite easily in dedicated websites such as China Highlights, that posted Chinese holiday schedule for 2019 to 2021.

Get your entrance right

There is only one entrance in the forbidden palace, and making a mistake can cost you 20 minutes of walk. The sheer size of the Forbidden City require an extensive walk.

The entrance of the Forbidden City is in the South Gate (Meridian Gate). The Meridian Gate was once used exclusively by the Emperor. Some of the state’s affair used to be conducted in the area, one of them is reviewing the imperial army and even passing judgements.

You can reach the South Gate of the Forbidden City through the Tiananmen Square. The Tiananmen Square is house to many of China’s historic monuments such as the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, and others.

The name “Tiananmen” itself translates to Gate of Heavenly Peace. The place is accessible by public transportation.

Forbidden City exit

The exit is located in the North Gate, known by the name of Gate of Divine Might.

You can also take the East exit if you want to go to Tiananmen Square. The East gate is also convenient to get to the shopping and food centre Wangfujing near the area. If you rented an audio guide, you need to return it once you get to the exit.

Visitors are limited

Note that the number of visitors the Forbidden City accepts each day is restricted to 80,000 visitors. The number of tourists visiting China and the Forbidden City rise each year. Make sure that you go early especially if you want to buy tickets on the spot.

Daily Schedule

The operating hours of the Forbidden City differs according to the months. From April to October, the place is open from 8.30 am to 5pm, while during November to March, the place is closed at 4.30pm.

Last ticket sale is 30 minutes before the closing time. The Forbidden City is closed for maintenance every Monday.

It’s advised to reserve the whole day to enjoy the Forbidden City and bask in everything the palace has to offer. Getting there early would be ideal as tourists peak at approximately 10 – 11 am, then peaked again around 1pm everyday.

There is simply a lot to see and observe in this beautiful ancient palace complex. Enjoying it to the maximum by planning your day well and giving enough time slot for your visit. Entering the museums inside require a separate entrance fee.

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Finding The Best Seminyak Villas Is As Important As Your Travel

Does the title sounds to be provocative to your mind? Sorry for that. But surely that you have to also think that won’t be an obligation for you. It’s your life and you are responsible for your own thoughts. The thing is, I have also mine. I think, this is pretty important for you or the other travellers to find the best Seminyak villas as your best place to rest and more.

You may have came from far away to Bali. Leaving your family and friends or even come along with them. The thing is, you have left you home and out of your own comfort zone. That is why I would like to tell you about the Seminyak villas that I found very interesting to stay.

One of the name that many people have known when it comes to talk about the best and quiet affordable villas at Seminyak is provided by Hu’u Villas. From 1, 2 bedrooms villa up to the 3 bedrooms penthouse are existing to serve you. Feel free to choose which one will be your favourite.

Importance of finding the best Seminyak villas

And you can even get more of the mentioned bedrooms such as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and up to 13 bedrooms configurations since the villas are possible with the present of the interconnecting bedroom’s concept. And for this design, I think if there will be the interconnecting villas at the other places in Bali, the numbers won’t be many. That is what makes this villas providers so much special for you especially when you are bringing more people in vacation.

So, how will it be important for you to find the best Seminyak villas?

Actually, the reasons have also been mentioned on above. But I won’t just stop there since I think I should tell you more about the importance of the villas. Seminyak is great for many of the world travellers. This is the area where many accommodations can be quiet easily to find.

The area is also near to the beach so if you really need and want to experience the tropical Bali’s vibe, this will be one of the perfect place among the others. This is also a place for many people are doing businesses, so if you are staying in Seminyak, then most of your daily needs can be fulfilled easily. Shops are almost everywhere, so either you want to buy authentic souvenirs or the swimming clothes and shirts, you will really save times and energy.

Tasteful restaurants are also the same, they are almost everywhere. An enjoyable restaurant can be easy to find, so with the Indonesian foods stalls at the side of the road that are cheaper that will help you to save more money and still feeling your stomach as full as it needs.

Overall, the Seminyak are is the perfect combination with the villas that are only need some short minutes to the beach by your own foot. No need a transportation for that.

I am no good in explaining about the Seminyak villas interior, but the rooms are so spacey and high, sofa is also available in the living room where you can watch tv or enjoy your quick rest. Right outside and only few meters of it, there will be one thing that can boost the mood of your travel. It is the private pool with the small garden. You can swim and enjoy sunbathing if you want.

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Simple Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

No-nonsense ways to stay healthy as you travel the globe? Don’t worry. Staying healthy on the go shouldn’t be a headache. Everyone should be able to stay fit as long as they follow some of the basic principles. Here’s how:


Simple Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Get enough sleep

It’s just so easy to lose sleep during vacation. Whether it’s jetlag, the body’s slow adaptation in a new environment, or any other factor, losing sleep is not something that you can afford during your travel. Without enough quality sleep, you won’t be able to function at your best. During travels, you’re going to need more energy compared to during your regular days. If your sleep is messed up, the rest will follow. So in your travels, make sure to cut yourself some slack and get the sleep you deserve!

You have the option to bring melatonin to help you with your sleep. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by your body, and they are responsible for your circadian rhythm and everything related to regulating your sleep. Melatonin reaches the peak level during the night. But it’s common that during travels, the production or distribution of melatonin is messed up. Don’t take it every day, only take them when you need to restart your circadian rhythm.

Don’t skip on exercising

It’s probably already included in your daily activities if you have to walk at least 2-4 kilometers each day (to the train station maybe?) or if you get to walk throughout the day. However, doing a 5 – 15 minutes warm-up after you wake up is ideal. If you don’t already have a preferred method of exercising each day, have an app or a video ready to help you during your travel. Exercising will not only make you more awake—it’s also been proven to help improve your moods considerably.


Eat nutritious food, and eat them often

One of the easiest ways to be on track with what you’re eating is by bringing your own food. Not only you would save money by doing this, but you are also able to control what you’re taking into your body. Bring a pack of instant oat or an oatmeal kit. Pack them in a jar and don’t forget to bring a small spoon. You’re good to go now! Another delicious and quick option is to prepare a granola bar. They’re super good for snacking in between meals! It can also serve as food to sustain you if you have a particularly busy day on your travel so that you don’t skip meals.


Bring a water bottle with you

Having water always at the ready is super important. Whether it’s a thermal water bottle or an ordinary one, make sure to bring it! This is so you won’t have excuses such as not finding a convenience store. Staying hydrated is an integral part of staying healthy. Being on a plane is also extremely dehydrating for you, so make sure to drink loads of water throughout your journey.


Know your destinations

Research the diseases or illnesses that you may just catch in your destinations. For example, in tropical destinations, mosquitoes-related diseases are very common. An exotic tropical island known for their elite resorts, Sumba, an island just an hour of flight from Bali, is known as one of the places where Malaria spread is high. Aside from illnesses, it’s also important to be prepared for the weather. Even a rainy season can put you under the weather if you’re not careful about maintaining your health. So make sure to be prepared.


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The Need Of A Parachute Hammock Among The Others Is Higher

I don’t even know what you will do with the hammock, but among the other types of it, the most popular one will be and should be the parachute hammock. I am insist to considering it as it is for various reasons.

Parachute hammock need is higher among the others

When you were going to the beaches before, I know that you will mostly see hammock made out of the cotton rope, so that you can’t hurt your back or even your face when sleeping on it. This is the one with small up to the big holes that is constructed of a continuous woven bed.

You may have also seen the Mexican and Mayan hammock with the denser knits. It is looks like the rope hammock but with the smaller and tighter knits.

Either the rope, Mexican and Mayan hammock, the three of them got one obvious disadvantage which is the weight is mostly heavier than a parachute hammock. The heavier the item you are bringing, the longer and uncomfortable you are in the trip. And that’s not only the disadvantage you can get, there still more for you to know.

Most of the mentioned hammocks on above except the parachute hammock can’t be used in many season. If you are going out for camping in rainy day or snowy season using one of those 3, then you have decided the big wrong decision. Even if you have the tarp to avoid the snow and wet and using the extra sleeping bag, you will still getting cold and you won’t getting thing worst than that.

Folding the hammocks may seem the easy thing you can do. With the parachute hammock you have, it can even easier and faster to be folded than the others. Even, you are possible not to do it and simply put it inside your backpack in irregular shape or form. It is somehow far different with the Mexican and Mayan hammock where you have to fold them properly to save more room. They have got the thicker material, so you will really need to know how to save more space.

Parachute hammock is the answer for most of the travel and adventure item for many of use to be used it as the sleeping item (a shelter) when you want to go out there and worry about where the comfortable spot and place for resting.

All the lightweight dream of a travelling can be provided with a hammock and even there are actually the ultralight hammock that you can choose. Accessories are also provided with it even though most of them are being sold separately.

But the good news is—it doesn’t like the other hammocks you have known, you can use the parachute material hammock at anywhere, anytime, and any seasons.

It encourages us to be out there, find an adventure, blends with the nature, get more beautiful scenery, and the most important thing that I should never forgot about it is, you can do it with your partners.

Parachute hammock is coming in various size. A single, double size for two, and even more than that. Want to get a rest inside a hammock with 2 or 3 of your friends? That will really possible to achieve. Nothing more interesting than that if you can bring your friends along in your adventure.

Those are why the need of the parachute material hammock among the others will be higher and I think there will be more reasonable reasons that will ensure you the same as what I have just did in this article.

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How to Be the Responsible Diver and Snorkeler

Being a diver is great. If you are the certificate dive master, your services can be used by various people who are loving the underwater or aquamarine life. But even if you are just a hobbyist and simply love the way of snorkeling, everyone of us still have the responsible to take care the future of the coral reefs, the sea and all the underwater life.

Be the responsible diver and snorkeler

Diving and snorkeling can harm the sea if you are doing it wrong. Your dive master can also be wrong in some parts of the job when guiding you under. So that, I’d like to give you some of the things that can be as the guide to be the responsible diver and snorkeler. Enjoying the marine life without leave traces that can destroy the life.

What you can do to be the responsible diver and snorkeler?

Un-decomposed wastes such as plastic, the cans, glass bottles and many more are proven to be the dangerous to the environment either on the land or even into the sea. They are contributing in damaging the corals and also the fishes or any other sea species. If you are the diver or snorkeler, then you MUST to stay away of those.

Never think about to throw those wastes away to the sea!!! But it won’t be the only one thing you can do. There are many other activities you have to keep in mind before, during and after you are diving or snorkeling to be the one with high responsibility commit. See below lists to know what else you can do about it:

  • If you are traveller that interesting to experience the snorkeling or diving activity, you can choose the tour operator that is applying the sustainability principles. They should have introduced you about the environment and the ecosystem you are going to visit. Your guide should also inform you about the prohibition to touch or stepping on the reefs and the sea animals.
  • If you have been arrived at the snorkeling or diving spot, make sure to know that your entry point to the water is clear so you can consider whether the sea is deep or shallow. Some of the people may rush into the water by jumping into it. It is feared that when they are jump, their body will be crash the coral reefs. The corals will be break and so with the body, you can be wounded.
  • Make sure to keep your position as parallel (horizontal) as possible with the water when close or even above the reef. Ideally, you are at least 50 cm from the bottom of the substrate. You have to keep the safe distance between you with the coral or sea animals that you might encounter. So with the fins to avoid the unintentionally contact.
  • If you are exhaustion, never stand up or taking rest below the bottom of the sea or holding onto the reefs.
  • Never try to chase and ride the sea animals. They will be disturbed by that. Simply enjoying the underwater view and never try to do something that will make the sea animals in stress.
  • Never take anything from the sea but the salt water on your body. You can also try not to buy souvenirs made out of the sea animals or something like that.
  • For the operator guide, make sure that there will be the trash can on the boat for the travellers or tourists.

That’s all I some of the valuable things I can give you for now to be the responsible diver and snorkeler. Keep on remember that if you are enjoyed the underwater life, then you and everyone of us have no reasons and rights to leaves it in damage.

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Get the Best Bali Luxury Villas Seminyak Offers Here!

What will you imagine if you have chance to stay in the Bali luxury villas at Seminyak? Can it be different with staying in a hotel as you have been experienced before?

The Bali luxury villas Seminyak can be your next favorite accommodation where the setting is pure bliss, overlooking the beauty of the Bali’s skies and feel the tropical vibes the island brings, enjoy the atmosphere of the nearest beach along with all the attractions and destinations around the villa you are staying in.

You should have wished that one time in your life you can do what the other travellers do, get yourself a Bali luxury villas at Seminyak and go there to enjoy your holidays.

Bali is all very luxurious in many ways and Seminyak is the great place you want to stay in. The beach arounds it is beautiful where you can reaches it in minutes by walking from the luxury villa you are reserved before. If you are wondering about which the best villas you could choose, I’d prefer to recommend you about the Hu’u Villas Bali.

Best Bali luxury villas Seminyak offers

One of the reasons why this villa is a great place for your gateway is not only about its luxurious or provided with the private pool for each villas. This may sounds ridiculous but the villa’s restaurant is also something not to misses out. This is the restaurant with the scenery that makes it even beautiful.

Let me ask you a short question, how many times you have been in Bali? Many travellers are coming for several times in a year. You can’t only explore what the island has been providing for you, but you can also experience the best accommodation to stay in. Maximise all of your travelling aspects!

Hu’u Villas Bali is presenting you some of the best Bali luxury villas Seminyak packages. From the number of the bedrooms, you can get the one bedroom loft, two bedrooms villa and the 3 bedrooms penthouse. But it won’t only stop there, there is also another one unique concept for the villa called as the Interconnected Villas where the 1 and 2 bedroom villas can be together mixed. It then will allow the customers to find their own villa’s accommodation based on the numbers of the bedrooms. You can even rent the villa up to the 13 bedrooms and it is possible for that.

That should be a great news for the travellers who are coming to Bali in a group, they will keep on together from the first to the last day in Bali.

There are also the special offers and packages you can get which I think that they are also what make the villas are even better. You can even get the hot deals everyday through the villa’s official site where there is the free coupon code you can use. For those who are booking the villa earlier—30 days in advance, there will be additional 10% off. You can also get the family and friends gateway package for 4 adults.

That’s you can get from this best Bali luxury villas Seminyak offers to say the least. Keep on updating about the other special offers in case you will need another one.

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The Most Breathtaking Lost Cities to Visit

You must have been familiar to hear lost cities. Just imagine how a city can become lost due to many reasons. There are so many lost cities to visit for your next travel plan. Those cities were abandoned for different reasons.

Lost cities to visit in the world

Even though they are called lost cities, they still offer fascinating insight for people today. Human history is something complex but also captivating to learn. Through the lost cities, you can learn many things about how civilisation changes due to various reasons.

Even a wealthy city can become a lost one because of natural disaster.

Lists of the most breathtaking lost cities to visit

Visiting lost cities for your next travel destination can be a good idea especially when you have been bored with beach, lake and other common trips. Visiting a lost city can give you another kind of satisfaction which makes your trip more memorable. Without further ado, here are some lost cities in the world you can visit:

1. Pompeii in Italy

Pompeii, Italy is one of the most famous lost cities in the world. It was destroyed in 79 AD due to the eruption from Mount Vesuvius. The eruption resulted in the city covered with ash. However, it was also the ash which helped this city to remain preserved.

It even was created mummies of the fleeing citizens. It is fun to stroll around the street where you can find many interesting spot in this lost city such as forum, bath, bakeries, etc.

2. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan is one of the most enchanting lost cities to visit. It was believed to have been built in the 1st century BC. It was then discovered in 1812. The general are of this city is majestic. The city is made up of hundreds houses, tombs, temples, theatres, as well as altars.

It is believed that the area that has been unveiled from this lost city is only unveiled for the 15% part only. The remaining parts are believed to be untouched due to the possible location is the underground.

3. Persepolis in Iran

Persepolis, Iran is also a lost city which deserves your visit for your next travel plan. This place is also called ‘the city of Persians’. The archaeological site of this lost city is unique and mesmerising. It is said that this city was burned by the Greek in 330 BBC under Alexander the Great’s leadership.

While visiting this lost city, you can explore the ruins remained from the burn which are still captivating for the eyes as well as provide artistic architecture.

4. Dwarka, India

Dwarka is also a famous lost city. It is located in India and also called as Lord Khrisna. It was once said to be just a myth. However, the ruins were found in 2000 which made people believe that this city was more than just a myth.

It was said that the city lost because it sank into the sea. The experts studied this lost city find it hard to believe because the ruins are incredible geometric. This is one of the lost cities to visit for your next travel plan.

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Bring The Lightweight Hammock For Lighter Travel Luggage

Packing right before traveling may seems simple, wait until you see how yourself are doing it. Finding the lightweight luggage can be troublesome, specially when you don’t know what to look for. One of the recommended items to bring when travelling is the hammock. Either you have a plan for using it or not, mostly it will be used at the destination you are going to.

Using the lightweight hammock to sleep while travelling

Why we need a holiday? I think the question has pretty much clear answers for that. We need to get rid of the burdens, exhaustion and all the disturbed things at work or life. We need to change them with something new, fresh and all the things that makes us happier than before. You have tired all the times and you don’t have to experiencing it on your own trip. So that, bringing the lighter luggage can also be the part of how you will enjoy your holiday. Bring a hammock! and you will see magical things happening to you.

I may sounds ridiculous when saying it, specially the “magical” part, but that’s how I will calling the lightweight hammock that revolutionise the way of travelling by the people in the world.

How lighter does the lightweight hammock is?

First thing to know, the lightweight hammock itself is used the same way as your own bed. The differences are, it is simply just like the thin fabric that popularly made out of the parachute nylon and you will be laying your head down while hanging among the trees, poles or the certain hammock stand if you want one.

When you are sleeping on the regular bed, your body is perfectly on the horizontal position. But when you are using the lightweight parachute hammock without any extra bedding set, your body can be seen as curvy as possible.

Since the parachute hammock is so thin, surely it will affect the weight of it. The lightweight hammock can even finds around 500 gram, can be less or more than that. But it is rare that there will be a hammock with 1 kg in its weight. All I have found are below it.

It is so much lighter as the portable bed you can bring and use at – I think almost any possible spots or destinations in the world without being burden your shoulder just like the way the tent was giving to you or any other items with the same function as a place to rest or sleep.

Travelling is fun, and to experience all the possible attractions and visit the destinations, you’re not only need money. You have to be fit, you need more energy to live up the holiday at its best. Bringing the light luggage is part of the thing that is contributing to helps you move lighter and comfortable.

That’s why you will need the lightweight hammock. Beside that, it is also encourages us to be at outdoors for awhile. For example, you may have never thought about camping before. But when you have decided to take the hammock with you, camping can be one of the main activity you can do in case you are wondering about what else to do in your trip.

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