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Some Valuable Travel Tips to Phuket Thailand

Phuket has become a popular travel destination for travellers around the world. This is actually a great place if you are looking for relaxing vacation. When you think of Phuket in Thailand then it is possible to think of 2004 tsunami. However, it is still a great place to visit especially the beach is just mesmerizing to the eyes.

Travel tips to Phuket Thailand

While having a relaxing vacation in Phuket, you can do many fun activities. Here are some tips of what to do when travelling to Phuket Thailand:

  1. Phuket has iconic place which is called James Bond Island. It appears that this spot had appear in 1976 James Bond film titled The Man with the Golden Gun. Therefore, this place had become more famous since then. The access to the spot is easy. You can reach James Bond Island or in local is called Koh Khao Phing Kan via boat tours.
  2. Aside from beach activities, you can also explore another side of Phuket since it also has greenery which deserves your visit. This is more exciting since you can explore the greenery via the zip line tours. This is a great opportunity to fly through the Jungle safely. This is also suitable activity for adrenaline seeker.
  3. Thailand is home to Buddhist heritage. Phuket is also home to Buddhist temples that can be visited by travellers. In Phuket, there is special Buddhist heritage in a form of 150 foot tall Big Buddha marble statue. It is a monument located at the top of the hill in Phuket specifically in the southwestern corner of the island. When you visit this spot, you will be presented with scenic view from above. It is recommended to visit this place during sunset since the iconic color of descending sun just amplifies the beauty of the view.
  4. One of the liveliest and wildest places in Phuket is Patong Beach. This is where you can enjoy the lively nightlife specifically on Bangla Street. You can enjoy you special drinks accompanied by popular music. If you are not into party, you can still visit this area during the day to browse or shop interesting stuffs in one of the stores in the shopping mall. Or, you can also enjoy lunch at one of high-end restaurants lined along the area.
  5. Next thing you should do while travelling in Thailand is to try Thai foods especially since they are already famous internationally. There are various foods you should try such as yellow curry with crab or the locals call Bu Pad Pong Kuree, Green Curry Chicken, Pad Thai, Congee Pork Porridge, and many more. You can visit Banzaan Fresh Market or Phuket Weekend Market to have a taste of various Thai foods.
  6. While travelling in Phuket, it is also recommended to learn more about the local culture such as by enjoying the Siam Niramit. It is a performance representing Thailand heritage and culture. If you are into sport, you can visit the Bangla Boxing Museum to watch a match of Muay Thai, special sport/martial art originated from Thailand.
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Benefits of Using the Professional Web Designer

How many website languages you are knowing very well? How many years have you been experienced in designing and developing the sites? In fact, you will find some or even many of the web designers and developers telling people including their self that they are the expert in the digital world. You know what, they may have been joined in an online course before for 3 or 5 months and have been built one or two blogs or online shops, but it doesn’t mean that they are knowing in coding, right?

Benefits of using the professional web designer

Designing and developing websites can be easy for some programmers, surely because of they have been experienced for years. But for those who just in the field for around a year, you are right if you give them a doubt. No offense, but the longer you are in a certain field, the better chance to know more about what you are actually doing.

Website design is no different with your house interior. You need a clean and neat rooms or even look as abstract as you need if that will be representing you or your business. That will also what your customers and visitors are seeing and feeling about your site. The better the site design you’ve got, the better for improving your site in the future.

There are some benefits of why you will need the professional web designers. The first, it will be great for starting and supporting your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your web design is also contributing to make your site to be on the first page of search engines such as Google or Bing to say the least. It is because the site can be accessed and crawled by the the search engines over time.

The presence of responsive design is also a great matter in the field. You have to design the site that is accessible for any devices, either the visitors are visiting through the desktop, mobile phone, or tablet in various screen size. If you have a business site, then it can has bigger chance to be found easily through any gadgets the users are using. And it may also contributes in generating your site to more sales.

The very first time you were deciding to build a site for your business, that also the great way for improving the brand that comes with the excellent website design.

The professional web designer(s) that you are hiring should have known how to establish a clear brand’s message that will be applied to any of the design elements of your business site. If the site is able to expresses or poses the brand and identity very well, then your site should be easier to navigate and providing the better user experiences (UX) for the visitors and your potential customers.

Those above are just some of the benefits of using the professional web designer that can be get by everyone and every types of business sites. If you need the professional website design and developer to build you the better one, you can talk about it with the Bali web design managed by Kesato & Co as one of the best Bali’s digital agency.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what business you are running, that agency can help you to make a great website that brings some of above benefits and so much more.

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Best Time to Visit the China’s National Palace Museum

Travellers considering to visit China won’t be a stranger to the famous palace complex that attracts no less than 15 million visitors annually. More popularly known as the “Forbidden City”, this impressive complex of palace establishment is crowded all year long.

Best times to visit China National Palace Museum

If the Forbidden Palace is the main reason you’re visiting China, then the best you can do is prepare and do sufficient research to make your trip to the forbidden palace complex most enjoyable. Due to its sheer size, you can easily spend half a day, or even an entire day here before you retreat to dinner.

The locals these days refer to the establishment as “Gugong”, which means the “Former Palace”. This popular palace complex is guaranteed to be busy the whole year, both by domestics as well as foreign tourists. It’s not an uncommon sight to see hordes of people swamping the complex.

It could be a bit frustrating if you’re going to the palace and expecting to be able to take good pictures in front of the impressive architectural wonders uninterrupted. During weekends and Chinese public holidays, the Forbidden Palace is sure to see a massive surge of influx of visitors.

Long queues and hordes of visitors are to be expected. Therefore if you can help it, remember to avoid the weekends and the public holidays. Weekdays are your best chance to have a better experience enjoying the palace.

The peak hours of visiting the Forbidden City is between 10 am and 1 pm. Waking up early could greatly pay off. As indicated in the hours of the estimated attendance, visits from 08.30 to 9 am is fairly low, which peaked on 10.00 to 1 pm, and generally remained high in attendance until 3 pm.

Although huge buses that mostly transport domestic tourists may arrive early, they usually won’t be inside for long; as the tour organisers would often hurry them to the center of the palace and their day trip would be packed with itineraries.

You can easily spend 3 to 4 hours inside the Forbidden City, so getting there early would give you ample time to visit other attractions later in the day.

High seasons in China, and in turn, for the Forbidden City, is from April until the end of October, in which the tourism peak is reached in July and August. Keeping notes of the holidays in China is useful, especially when visiting an all-year long popular destination like the Forbidden City.

July and August are the months when the school holiday season starts, when crowds, long queues, and gigantic tour buses bringing hordes of domestics are abundant. Chinese school tour buses would be a common sight.

The entrance is the Meridian Gate or the Southern Gate, while the Gate of Divine or the Northern Gate is the exit. You can’t enter through the Gate of Divine and vice versa.

So make sure to get the right entrance, or you’ll have to walk for a long time as the distance from one gate to another is pretty far.

Recently, a new rule was in place for tickets acquisition. Chinese citizens are now required to buy tickets in advance online. Foreigners are able to purchase tickets on-site so far. Make sure to bring your passports or other means of identification to be granted entry.

The Forbidden City is closed every Monday, with the exception during Chinese national holidays.

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Perfect Family Getaway by Staying In Luxury Villas Seminyak

Family getaway, many of us are dreaming about it. For those who have married and got children, enjoy the beautiful moments with family can be their own paradise. It is one of the family luxury you can get, and Bali will be perfect for that. When you will be there, never think about the other accommodations and places but get your family villas at Seminyak.

Staying in family villas Seminyak for holidays getaway in Bali

The family villas seminyak are perfect for all the families. You can’t even compare them with the hotel rooms. Yes, you can pay more for hotel rooms since your traveling with children. You won’t get disturbed on your own bed, right? Moreover, you can freely move here and there when you are staying in a hotel and bring along the children. You can do more than that in more affordable way.

The ultimate staying! That’s what I am about to call the activity of staying in family villas Seminyak.

Family with children, for many people, they will think that the holidays will be the nightmare. They were wrong! We should admit that children will be more active when traveling in a new island, place and even country. So that, you can’t down your guard. But, when you are staying in a family villas at Seminyak, you are possible to minimise the risks.

Living in a family villas at Seminyak is no different with living in your own house. You have control for all of the rooms and activities in the villa which will make the children more safer. Many of the villas are also facilitated with the private pool where I believe that will be as your children’s paradise. Surely you will need to watch them out if they are still need it.

A bigger and more rooms of the family villas can also be the cause of experiencing the ultimate staying while you are in Bali. You can get the 2 or the 3 bedrooms villa for small number of family members. There is also the family villas Seminyak called as the 3 bedroom penthouse where you can even have the cooking class with the professional chefs. If you have the daughter(s), that can be an interesting thing to do.

For all the kids, playing in a beach can be the top activity to do when travelling with family. When you are staying in the villa at Seminyak, the beach is only around 3 minutes walking distance. A really close one with the beach so it is also possible to considering it as the beachfront family villas in Seminyak.

What else you can get when living in such luxury family villa in Bali? The first thing you will actually get is the unshared privacy. It is your family moment and no one should peek on your family activities and public won’t possible to do that. So all the laughs and silences will only experiences by the family members, sometimes the service guy may coming through as you are ordered them, but I am sure that won’t be counted.

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Brief History of China’s Most Visited Destination: The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City has been likened to a time capsule that houses precious fragments of Chinese ancient history, culture and feudalism. An impressive palace complex that serves as a proof of the Chinese feudalism era, the city was both the central of Chinese government as well as the residence for the imperial family dated back to the 15th century.

Brief history of the forbidden city in China

A lot of people had misinterpreted the Forbidden City to be thousands of years old and dated back to millennia ago since the first emperor of China.

The reality is, the Forbidden City is established only in the 15 C.E. Constructed from 1406-1420, the construction that took approximately fifteen years was said to involve over one million ordinary laborers. To this day, the Forbidden City remains arguably as the most important heritage of the Chinese history.

The Forbidden City is located in the heart of Beijing, and now it has become a must-visit for those who visit Beijing. The place had became a museum in the years of 1920 in the year of 1987, the palace complex was listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

The Forbidden City was constructed during the reign of Yongle Emperor. An emperor with the given name Zhu Di, who is the fourth son of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, instated himself Emperor after a successful coup. The Chinese capital back then was Nanjing.

To further solidify Yongle emperor’s powers, he decided to move the capital to Beijing, where he built the Forbidden City right at the heart of the newly instated capital.

The Ming Dynasty emperor was also responsible for the historical site known as the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, a Pagoda located in the South bank of the outer side of Qinhuai River.

The Forbidden City had undergone many changes during the time it existed. From expansions during the Ming and Qing Dynastie, to fires from rebellions and coups throughout its history.

The most recent one happened right after the fall of the last ruling Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty.

Varying opinions ensued after the last emperor, Puyi, abdicated the throne. Some suggested the site to be demolished because it is a symbol of a barbaric past. Thankfully no one get around to executing this opinion.

It was not until the Chinese was opened to the rest of the world and tourists began entering China and visiting the Forbidden City that the effort for restoration of the palace complex was made. Reconstruction effort was made to restore the palace complex to its former 1912 appearance, during the time in which the Qing Dynasty ended.

To this day, the Forbidden City remains a major influence in Chinese architectures. Not many of the world’s palace architecture managed to survive today. With the sheer size and the cultural value of the Forbidden City, the place easily became the world’s largest surviving ancient wooden architecture.

It is an exemplary model of the Chinese feudal architectures that survived. The architecture had come to be recognized as the culmination of Chinese and East Asian architectural style and symbolism.

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The Best Place to Buy the Parachute Hammock

Sometimes, we are all trying so hard to get the better products or items that we think will make our life more easier. So with for the travel gears to bring in a trip. Ever since the hammock is popular, there are some of the different types of it. One of the more favorite one is the parachute hammock because of two main reasons which are lightweight and portable.

Best place to buy the parachute hammock

The parachute hammock is usually uses as the portable bed where you are required to hang it between the poles or walls. Many travellers are also using it between the trees and even the cliffs which may causes us think that they are so brave. In case you need or interesting to have one, I’ll also guide you how to get the best parachute hammock brand of all available products.

For most of the travellers, somehow the hammock is always relates to the camping activity. Therefore, if you are in love with the outdoor activity or sport, you can always considering to get a parachute hammock. It is also possible to be setup in your own house or bedroom. Whatever you might do with it, it all your responsibility.

Online transaction can be frighten for some people. It can be understood that they may have been scammed before and lost some or many things. Just like any other products, the parachute hammock is also available online and the manufacturers and sellers are from everywhere. For the trustworthy online shop to get the best parachute hammock, you can search and visit the official site like Ticket To The Moon.

It is one of the official hammock manufacturer and online shop based in Bali. Most of their products are the parachute nylon hammock and the interesting accessories related to it.

The interesting things i have noted down from the site is that the products are using the local materials and also classified as the hand made item. That can really help the local economy. TTTM is also contributing in making the community even better at Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. I have seen some of what they have done to the people there and is really the beneficial things.

I can get more in-depth explanation about the materials, technical stuffs for the hammock. Then another fact came up where they are actually have been using the hammock in every seasons, you are really provided with the best product.

Now you have known where the best place or in this case the online shop to buy the parachute hammock, is there another reason not to find another one?

It’s all yours. You can follow along all what I have told you or not. But think about where you are and the distribution aspect served by the manufacturer. Ticket To The Moon is serving hundreds of countries since it has dozens of distributors, available in all continents. So wherever you are, you are possible to get the best parachute hammock without waiting too long because you may have lived in the same country or even city with the distributor.

If you have got your hammock, so what’s next? Feel free to enjoy the moment on your trip while hanging or when you are using it in your home yard!

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How to Get to China’s Great Palace Museum

The complex of establishment is only a “Museum” in name, however it is nothing like it. You won’t find rows of glass case enclosing historical items. The complex that’s referred to as the Forbidden City in the past is an ancient cultural phenomenon that boasts impressive architecture and style.

How to get to China's great palace museum

A visit to the National Palace Museum would easily take a full day. It’s something to be soaked in and thoroughly enjoyed if you have the luxury of time.

You’ll find yourself walking extensively, as the museum was known as the world’s largest palace as well as the world’s largest surviving wooden structure, as declared by UNESCO.

The Chinese National Palace Museum was home to China’s ruling imperial family dating back to the 15th century. The forbidden city was surrounded by walls of approximately 10 meters in height, and the moat is 52 meters long. The Forbidden City is our 72 hectares in size.

So be prepared to walk long distances for long hours. Not simply because of the size, but because there’s just a sheer wealth of what to see. It’s heaven for those who love ancient Chinese architecture style.

Since you can easily spend a full day in the Forbidden City because of its sheer size as well as the wealth of cultural items stored in the individual museums, it’s recommended that you block at least four hours of your time to explore the Forbidden City and all of its ancient grandeur.

Make sure to get to the right entrance, which is the South Entrance or the Meridian Gate. It’ll cost you one kilometer of walk if you get to the wrong entrance. The North Gate is called the Gate of Divine Might, a translation to “Shenwumen”.

For public transportation access to get you to the Forbidden City, you can take the metro and stop at Tiananmenxi, as well as Tiananmendong. Booking a ticket requires you to present an identification. The citizens of China are required to buy tickets online, though until today at the time of this writing, foreign tourists are allowed to buy tickets onsite.

Make sure to bring your passport. Children under the height of 120 cm is free of charge, but must always be accompanied by an adult. The entrance fee costs 40 Yuan, while the price for high season is 60 Yuan, which lasts from April to October.

There are also separate ticket required for you to enter the individual museums, such as the Treasure Gallery and the Clock and Watch Gallery, where each museum entrance fee is priced at 10 Yuan

The peak hours of visit for the Forbidden City is from 10 am to 1 pm, during which you will see tour buses with hordes of people, and it’s common that the attendance rate stay high until at least 3 pm. It’s recommended to go during the morning before the peak hours.

Keep in mind that the Forbidden City only allows entrance of maximum 80,000 people each day. During the weekends or Chinese Public Holiday, the tickets are quick to sell out.

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Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Services in Bali

Online business owners are thinking and trying so hard to make their sites ranked better for any of targeted keywords. They are trying to be on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If there will be a chance, being on top 3 will be great. Surely that it will needs more efforts just to be on the first page. But you don’t have to work alone, since I’d like to introduce you about why you should use the Bali SEO services.

Reasons for hiring Bali SEO services company

If you are the traveler, then you may think that Bali is one of your destination. But if you are the businessman, then you know that Bali will provide you the widely open market where you can combine the local and Indonesian people in general along with foreigners (businessmen, travellers, scientists, etc) as your targeted market. Many of the foreigners in Bali are staying for months and even the whole year for vacation and other activities. So that, there are bigger chance that the business you are running will be as great as you have targeted.

In term of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you will deal with many things, including the technical things such as preparing the well structured site, preparing the meta tags, title for each pages and their descriptions, research the high volume keywords you can compete with along with their phrases, optimizing the images, etc related to the site performance and make sure that the site is accessible for all major search engines.

The problems are, you have no time, less knowledge and experiences, but thinking that you can be at the first page of Google? You are dreaming! Your competitors have also done the same works as yours and even have been dealing with building some quality backlinks for months or even years. Theirs sites may have even generates thousands of visitors everyday and their pages have also been shared by the customers. Somehow, it is impossible for your site for even appears on the top 100 searches. That’s why you will need the Bali SEO services.

Why Bali SEO services?

Now you have to think that the SEO services aren’t only the work that can be done in a week. While that can also be possible, but since your rank can be go up and down within days, your weekly schedule for hiring the Bali SEO services is not something make sense. Simply hire an agency for at least 3 months for helping you with your SEO campaign, but I’d like to suggest you to do it for the next 6 months as minimal period of your digital campaign.

So, why hiring the Bali SEO services and not the other regions in Indonesia? On the other hands, you can always find the relevant company in your own country. What’s special about it?

Experience in dealing with international market

Is there any other luxuries in business better than experienced the international market? The bigger the customers your business is dealing with, the better strategy you will need to prepare. So with the SEO campaign for your business site.

Since Bali is an island for all of us and visited by many foreigners everyday, the Bali SEO projects handled by the digital agency can also be vary. From small market for local people up to the bigger ones that are offering for the foreigners in Bali and also people in their country. This is happening because there are some of the foreigners that are also the businessmen.

So that, the search engine competition for most of the products and services are pretty much high. Many businessmen are doing the same ways and strategies for their sites. If you are doing the same, you can be left far behind. Therefore, you will need the Bali SEO agency.

Great for travel related products or services

Bali SEO company is also great for certain products and services that are related to travel field or tourism. Be it the diving package, providing the accommodations such as hotel rooms, luxury villas and condos, restaurants or clubs, tour destinations and attractions and many more.

If you are running the business that is at least have the relevant niche to travelling, then you are on the great hands. Your products or services will be served by the specialists. At least, in dealing with preparing your site contents can be easier since the international market experiences can also helpful for that. You are possible to get a better for your on-page contents along with better copywriting.

Both are the main 2 benefits your online business can get when hiring the Bali SEO company at least for the next 3 or 6 months. If you find this article helpful, please kindly share this post.

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Getting to Know China’s Great Forbidden City in Brief

The iconic Palace that now has became one of the most popular tourist destinations in China boasted over 15 millions visitors annually. A number that seemed to only rise; as in 2016 and 2017, the number of visitors amounted to 16 millions. A lot of people toured to China with a visit to the Forbidden City as the main itinerary, or even its sole purpose. This sparks little wonder, as the impressive palace complex is evidently the largest surviving palace complex in the world, and it houses the last of emperors and empire reigns in China.

Getting to know China's great forbidden city

The Chinese characters is read as “Zijin Cheng”, which literally means “Purple Forbidden City”. It’s home to 24 emperors before China became a Republic as we know now. Every inch of the palace complex is a testament to culture and ancient heritage. The Forbidden City is undoubtedly the largest palace complex in the world, comprised of approximately 74 hectares and rectangular in shape. The Forbidden Palace was the center of China’s political and governmental scene for half a thousand years.

Today, the Forbidden City is known simply as the “Palace Museum” in English. The locals refer to the Forbidden City as “Gugong”, which translates to “Former Palace”. The palace complex is located North of the Tiananmen Square, and a ticket needs to be bought in advance or on the spot before entering the establishment. The Forbidden City is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection in the world that preserved ancient wooden structures.

The Palace got its name “Forbidden” because of the simple fact that no one could enter, nor leave the palace without the emperor’s permission. This includes even the imperial families, with the exception of the Emperor himself.

The Forbidden Palace was home to the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty; the two last ruling Chinese Dynasties. The palace was built during the reign of Emperor Chengzu of Ming Dynasty, in which construction began in the year of 1406. The construction of the Forbidden City took approximately 14 years to complete. It’s been said that over 1 million workers constructed the place. The Ming Dynasty ruled for 276 years from 1368 to 1644. Ming Dynasty is the last of Han Chinese to rule over China before it was taken over by the Qing Dynasty.

Qing Dynasty ruled for almost three centuries, where the Dynasty reached its golden era during Emperor Qianlong reign. Qing Dynasty was the last empire to rule China proper, from 1644 to 1912, before the establishment of the Republic of China. Qing Dynasty is also largely characterized by its many conquest, notably by Qianlong. The Qing Dynasty has largely shaped the territorial base of what is known as today’s modern China. The Qing Dynasty is also known to be multicultural, with Manchurians, a Chinese minority as the ruling clans, Mongolians, Tibetans, and Chinese Han, that comprises most of Chinese population. A lot of the Forbidden City’s treasures are from Qianlong era, when arts, poetry, and many kinds of literary works thrived and prospered.

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Staying in the Heart of Seminyak at 3 Bedroom Villa

For some people, when they are thinking about the holidays, they may will associate it with the tropical paradise island they have been dreaming of, sunbathing under the sun at the lonely beach while getting a relaxing massage. Those are impossible if you are spending your holiday in Bali. And apart of the high and big hotels as your accommodation, there is also the 3 bedroom villa seminyak that is available and you can rent all the years.

The 3 bedroom villa Seminyak is pretty much a big deal for you who need the more bigger spaces and rooms to enjoy the holiday at your own level. You are the one who decided how big the accommodation will be. Moreover, if you are visiting and bringing your own family, the villa will be great for that than a condo.

The advantage of renting the 3 bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak is its proximity to the beach and all the destinations and attractions that happen there. You are staying in one of the center of Bali’s favorite spot where many of the travellers and guests are trying to. That’s one of the luxury as well that you can get while sleeping in this kind of villa. I don’t think it’s too much to say that many will be jealous of you.

The Seminyak villa with 3 bedrooms is also known as the Three Bedroom Penthouse, so I simply called is the villa penthouse. It is provided by the Hu’u Villas Bali, the villas provider that can make your imagination be the true.

Staying in a luxury 3 bedroom villa Seminyak

If you have ever dreaming of the stay that can provides you the dramatic scenes of sunrise and sunset in the tropical Bali paradise, then you have came to the right place. The 3 bedroom villa penthouse in Seminyak is here for you as your best accommodation in the heart of the tourism’s world.

You can’t only get the bigger bedrooms for all the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak, but you are also have prepared with the long-enough private pool to swim and enjoy the cool atmosphere. If you need to go to the beach for sunbathing or getting the massages from the local people, you will only need more or less than 2 minutes within walking distance. There are also many delicious restaurants around the beach for tasting the great foods and refreshing drinks. But be aware of the little devil drink because the night life is also tempting.

Bars, cafes, and night clubs can easily be found. Even if you are staying in a luxury and private 3 bedroom villa Seminyak, you are possible to visit the night club without any kind of transportations but your foot. The hot and cheerful night is about walking distance as well.

See! You are possible to enjoy the wonderful destinations, interesting attractions including the religious rituals if you are in luck since the beach has the important temple, never-ending night life to gathering with your friends, and more. All started with only your choice to stay in a luxury 3 bedroom villa Seminyak. You can even make you own party after the mid-night club visiting if you want.


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