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Recommended Places to Visit When Travelling in Seminyak Bali

Bali has unlimited places of interests you can visit during your vacation. Thus, choosing Bali as your next travel destination will be a good choice since there are many things you can do to have fun in the Island of Gods. For recommendation, Seminyak is great for your stay in Bali. There are various accommodation to help you stay comfortable during your holiday in Bali. Seminyak also grants you great access to various places of interest including Ngurah Rai international airport, beaches, restaurant, cafes, spas, and many more.

Where to go when venturing in Seminyak Bali

Choosing in Seminyak means you can leisurely walk around to several places especially for tourists. It is inevitable to get out of your room and star venturing around Seminyak to discover interesting places. Here are some recommended places of interests you can visit during your holiday in Seminyak Bali:

  • Ku De Ta – This place has no extraordinary thing to boast around. However, this is like a must to go place when you are in Seminyak. It is essential to visit this restaurant at least once when you are in Seminyak. This beachfront restaurant offer you the best foods made from fresh local ingredients. This is not only a simple restaurant because it has bar and beach lounge to help you loosen up.
  • Bali Gift Spa – Holiday in Bali is not complete if you don’t pay a visit to one of its spas. Bali Gift Spa is located in Seminyak offering Balinese traditional massage technique fused with Western methods. There are various menu you can choose such as facials, pedicure, manicures, or relaxing massage.
  • Nyaman Gallery – For art lovers, visiting this gallery while in Seminyak is a must. This is where you can find contemporary art of local and international talents displayed. The collections include glassworks, clothes, jewelry, photographs, sculptures, and paintings. It is highly possible for you to lose track of time while indulging your artistic soul.
  • Pura Petitenget – Seminyak is not only about high end bars or luxury villas. You can also trace ancient Balinese culture through Pura Petitenget. This is a beautiful sea temple built in highly artistic architecture. There are things you can enjoy while visiting this temple such as dragon-shaped staircase, large courtyard, fabric adorned shrines, and pavilions. This ancient sea temple was founded in the sixteenth century.
  • Seminyak Night Market – If you think darkness can stop Bali from being attractive place to venture then it is wrong. At night you can visit this market and indulge your appetite with the finest culinary creations. Satay, nasi goreng, mie goreng, and other authentic Indonesian dishes can be found here.
  • Potato Head – This is a perfect place to chill and hang out with your friends. Tropical atmosphere, delicious foods, and best views are what you can enjoy when you stop by this place. This place consists of three on-site restaurant, three bars, and infinity pool. All are overlooking the ocean, giving you the best taste of the finest of Bali.
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Ubud Villas with Best Access for Your Serene Retreat

It is common to spend your holiday at peaceful place closer to nature. That way you will be able to absorb positive energy and empty your mind. You will feel recharged and filled with good spirit. However, staying at completely secluded place sometimes can be boring as well because you want somehow visit popular places once in a while during your peaceful retreat. To answer your need of this kind of holiday, you need to book one of Ubud villas with best access. Ubud is the best place to have silent retreat because most villas are situated in the middle of villages and beautiful nature. However, it is not hard to reach nearest restaurants, beaches, or other attractions as well.


Ubud Villas


Ubud villas with best access


Ubud is a place of art and beautiful culture of Bali. This is where you can find artisan galleries and workshops. The place is also peaceful surrounded by nature which makes your holiday even more enjoyable. If you are looking for peaceful accommodation granting you easy access as well, here are some recommended villas to stay in:

  • Villa Splendid – This villa has five bedrooms. Each bedroom is surrounded by full-length glass window allowing you to enjoy the best view over the valley. One of bedrooms is equipped with balcony completed with two hanging chairs. There is also tropical garden overlooking the jungle valley. This family-friendly villa is also completed with swimming pool attached by the garden. There is also basketball and badminton area in the garden to let you have some fun with your kids. The location of this villa is only 15 minute walk away from the center of Ubud, granting you easy access to popular places.

  • Villa Lora – This villa is perfect for private and romantic getaway because it only consist of one bedroom. Spending your time in this villa allows you for serene retreat. Either you spend your holiday alone or with your partner, this villa gives you peaceful vibe to make the most of it. The interior design is complimented by tribal artwork and wall paintings. It is located in quite village in Ubud, Bali. It is situated 2km away from Ubud Monkey Forest. However, you can still reach popular places in Ubud with ease. There is private plunge pool and completed with Balinese daybed. It is attached to the garden filled with beautiful greeneries. And rattan reclining chairs.

  • Villa Lanka – This villa has three bedrooms king size beds and reading chairs. Each bedroom is completed with private bathroom and rain shower. It is designed with open-plan living concept. The swimming pool is surrounded by luscious greeneries perfectly, making it looks like a hidden paradise. The interior design of dining and living room is elegant completed with oriental artwork and handmade textiles. This one of Ubud villas with best access is situated only 2km away from Ubud Monkey Forest. This villa has great access to fine restaurants, Ubud Market, Ubud Palace, and many more interesting places to visit.

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Tips for family trip to Bali

Bali is not only for those who are looking for romantic getaway or adventure seeker. It is only a paradise for family who want to enjoy spending time together without so much hassle. There are many destinations that are also kid-friendly so that all member of your family can make the most of family trip. It is kind of boring to have a simple road trip for family bonding. Having a short break by visiting Bali with family is good idea to release all stress due to works or school tasks. Planning family trip should be done in advance to avoid more stress and hassle. Without preparation, family trip will only lead to severe headache and your kids throwing tantrums.

How to make of the most family trip in Bali

Family trip should be planned ahead because it involves people from different ages. Thus, you need to find travel destinations which can provide fun for all members of your family. However, Bali has many kids-friendly destinations to visit and there are many kid-friendly activities as well to enjoy. Thus, you don’t have to worry too much. Here are things to pay attention to when you have family trip in Bali:

  • First, you must think of the right hotel to accommodate all your family. Instead of gambling, you can play safe by choosing Hard Rock Hotel Bali. This is kid-friendly hotel providing everything you and your family need for delightful experience during your stay in Bali. There are indoor and outdoor playing areas for your kids. As for adults, there is spa to help you relax all the knot of your muscle. Both interior and exterior of this hotel are well-designed which is far from boring. However, you can also choose hotel based on your main destination to make everything easier.
  • Next thing to consider is the transport. There are many attractions to visit so it is recommended to rent a family car with private driver. It is safer and you won’t get so much hassle. There are many reliable car rental to help you and your family move from one place to another easily. Taking public transportation will be less practical especially when you come with big family. If you have difficulty finding reliable car rental, just ask hotel staff for recommendation.
  • During your travelling in Bali, it is highly advised to avoid drinking from tap water because it is not safe to drink. It is more recommended to buy bottled mineral water. Or, it is better to bring your own bottle so you can refill from hotel before exploring various places in Bali.
  • About the places to go, there are many options you can choose. If you are looking for more laidback seaside with less crowd, Sanur is the best option. There are kite-flying festivals to indulge your kids. If you are looking for a place to do watersports, Nusa Dua is perfect destination. The water are shallow and safe for kids. There are many activities to do here to for family bonding.
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The Best Local Or International Seafood Restaurant Bali. Where To Go?

This one tourist destination is not just about the beauty of nature, tradition, or culture. Culinary is as popular as tourist destinations in Bali. In fact, Balinese cuisine is always included in everyone’s planning list. Balinese cuisine is inseparable from seafood. Starting from North Bali to South Bali. there are many restaurants serving seafood menus. No matter you stop at a local diner or international restaurant, seafood is the main menu.

Seafood Restaurant Bali

Looking for seafood restaurant Bali is very easy. Now it depends on you, whether you want to find a local place to eat or enjoy the best dinner at an international restaurant. Looking for the best international seafood restaurant in Bali, you can visit the Seminyak area. Seminyak area never dies and are always a favorite of tourists. You can sample seafood menu with various tastes in the Seminyak area. Price?

If you are looking for the best seafood restaurant Bali then you have to prepare more budget. The price is certainly comparable to the deliciousness. But, the taste of local Balinese seafood restaurants is equally delicious. Beautiful plating cannot be found at local restaurants. Enjoy a Balinese seafood restaurant, whether it’s an international level or a local restaurant offering a different sensation. Tasting both will be a pleasant experience if you are on vacation in Bali.

Best Local Seafood Restaurant Bali At Jimbaran

For food lovers, the view around is not important. The most important thing is the taste. One of local best restaurant in Bali, Jimbaran which is very popular is Warung Mami. The menu offered is 3 types, shellfish, fish and shrimp. The taste offered is very sensational. Warung Mami is not only enjoyed by domestic tourists but also internationally. This is a recommendation if you want to enjoy a Balinese seafood restaurant with local flavor. Don’t forget to visit Warung Mamik, for the experience of enjoying the best seafood restaurant in Bali

Sea Vu Play, Seafood BBQ Seminyak

Not complete if you don’t visit Seminyak. Enjoying one of the best seafood in Bali with a comfortable atmosphere, then you must visit the Sea Vu Play. A restaurant with a pirate theme takes you on an adventure like riding a pirate ship. BBQ seafood is not only a special one, but there are also many other menus that you can order to pamper your tongue. The price offered is not too expensive. Sea Vu Play is one of the best seafood restaurant Bali recommended for you and your family.

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Best Mountains to Visit for Your Next Travel Plan

There are many places you can go to when it comes to travelling. There are no limits whatsoever. For those who like adventure and getting their adrenaline pumped up, mountains are great destinations to visit. Well, travelling is not always about spending your time in foreign countries in leisure pace. It can be adventure full of thrill. There are many mountains in the world which are intimidating, challenging and inviting. However, you shouldn’t have to travel to the highest mountains to get the thrill. There are also famous mountains in the world where almost anyone can summit.

Recommended mountains to explore

There are many fun activities you can do while travelling to the best mountains in the world. It is not always about challenge and exhaustion from climbing and hiking. Climbing up mountains, you can get closer to the nature. It is a great way to relax your body and mind. Getting closer to the nature will also help you to regain more energy. If you are interested to explore mountains for your next travel plan, find out these most recommended mountains in the world to summit!

  • Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular mountains in the world, especially in Africa. It is indeed Africa’s highest mountain after all. It is challenging but still affordable to try to. The high altitude is challenging enough. The hike is also not that easy to conquer. However, it is not impossible mountain to challenge. It can be accessed even by unprofessional hikers. This is one of the most accessible mountains in Africa that thousands of people attempt summit every year.
  • Mount Fuji, Japan may have been so familiar. It is iconic mountain in Japan where almost everyone can summit. The vision of this mountain is beautifully perfect. One of the most attractions is the snow-capped standalone peak. People attempt to summit during peak season in July to September. It is the most ideal climbing season since it lacks of snow at that time.
  • Mount Kosciuszko is one of the most famous mountains in Australia, recommended for almost everyone to summit. This mountain has no extreme high of peak but it is indeed the highest mountain in Australia, considering it is a continent more known for its desert. Therefore, it is accessible for nearly anyone. It stands 7.310 feet and often used as ski slope during winter. Thus, you can choose short route where you can ride the chairlift or take longer route which takes about 7 hours.
  • Cerro Cirripo is the highest mountain in Costa Rica. Climbing this mountain will give you priceless rewards such as the front seats of the Pacific, the Atlantic, and Panama views. Aside from the best views you get after tiring hikes, you will also be rewarded throughout your journey with distinct ecological zones. The hike can take a day to finish if you fit for that. However, you can also take your time and spend the night at one of the climber’s huts.
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Scuba Diving For Beginners To Learn And Have fun In Beneath The Sea

When you hear the word diving, what do you think? Swim in the depths to see amazing scenery? Afraid to meet sharks? Is diving safe? Many people think about scuba diving. Not a few people are interested in trying to dive. Dive for something easy to do. A lot must be prepared before deciding to explore diving. Scuba diving for beginners must be taken to get a certificate. Without a scuba diving certificate, it is not possible to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery.

scuba diving for beginners

 Diving For Beginners Guides

Scuba diving for beginners allows you to become an unforgettable experience for you. This also becomes the beginning of someone to decide to become a master. Then where can you get an unforgettable experience of scuba diving for beginners?

Many sources of inspiration for learning scuba diving for beginners, ranging from magazines to television shows. This allows one to have a stronger desire to learn scuba diving. he main thing to do is find an instructor and find the right course.

Scuba diving for beginners are provided by many dive operators in various dive destinations. They help you learn diving skills and get a certificate. To complete scuba diving for beginners you need 4-5 days. Usually dive operators have designed a schedule during training. Can the training schedule be adjusted to our empty time? Dive operators offer scuba diving schedules for beginners who are flexible and adapted to potential divers.

In general, diving must begin with understanding the basics and slowly study diving until it is declared pass and deserve a diving certificate. Do beginner divers need to buy diving equipment? Since scuba diving for beginners is the first step as a diver, it’s a good idea to use equipment from a dive operator. Dive operators offer scuba diving packages for beginners including diving equipment inside.

In fact, dive operators not only offer training packages for scuba diving for beginners. For this reason, diving training depends on your needs and abilities. Do you want to be a professional diver or just to be an amateur diver. One of the requirements for scuba diving for beginners is the minimum age of 12 years to 70 years. It’s never too late to learn diving. Before deciding to do scuba diving for beginners, what is important and you must understand is having responsibility.

The fact is you will mingle with many people, sooner or later. Complying with training rules is a responsibility. Maintaining each other when diving is very important. Sometimes water can become irregular and endanger you. Being responsible for what you have to learn from the dive instructor is the main thing. A sense of responsibility for your beliefs in diving is important, to make you more professional in diving skills.

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Tips to Blend in with the Locals Effortlessly when Travelling

Travelling is not all about visiting various tourist attraction or local foods. There are more interesting to do while travelling and one of them is to blend in with the locals. You need to know that the locals can be just as interested in visitors as visitors are in the locals. Thus, the ideal of blending in with them is great. It will give you many benefits such as making new friends, understanding more about the culture, opening your mind about new things. And giving you more intimate look of how the locals live. Besides, it may also keep you safe during your stay because when you blend in then the risk of being a target of crimes will be lessen.

Tips to Blend in with the Locals Effortlessly when Travelling

How to perfectly blend in with the locals

No matter where you go, you have chance and ability to fit in. Blending in with the locals will earn you many benefits you may not realize you need them. As mentioned earlier, the benefits include comfort, safety and more life lessons to earn. Here are some tips you can try to blend in with the locals during your travel. You might as well try them for your next travel plan:

  • Wear simple clothes with muted colors will help you blending in perfectly. You can simple wear your plain T-shirt and a cap. However, you may also feel uncomfortable to wear trashy clothes. Therefore, you can do a little research about how the locals dress. It can be searched online so it won’t take long time. Thus, you can pack clothes which are quite similar vibe with the way the locals dress.
  • It is recommended to tone down your habit of capturing every single thing you see when travelling. Taking photos are of course necessary when travelling but if you want to blend in then you need to at least tone it down a bit. Keep yourself low profile and appreciate more your surrounding in slow pace.
  • It is safer to bring adequate amount of money. For example, you only bring money you need for a day. When you keep fumbling with money when making transaction, it will not only make you strongly look as a tourist but it higher the risk of being target for thieves.
  • Go to local store when you need to buy stuffs. You will learn many things when visiting local store. you can also buy food from a food cart. It is a good way to start interacting with the locals. You can start with the seller.
  • Don’t be afraid to encounter with the locals. It is even better when you can something in their language even for saying a simple hello. You can pay attention on how they act or dress then you can follow suit. Be confident and considerate at the same time when interacting with the locals to get to know more about their cultures. If there is local event, you can check it out and learn more about them in fun way.


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Going on Komodo Liveaboard Budget? Prepare These First!

So, you have been  charmed with the beauty of Komodo National Park, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and the treasured UNESCO World Heritage. And there’s no way you can enjoy everything Komodo has to offer—both in land and under the water—without hopping on one of those Komodo liveaboard trip. A wooden phinisi boat which takes every travelers exploring the national park around. These boats come in wide range of types and budget, too, with Komodo liveaboard budget becoming the most popular among travelers.  Budget liveaboard boats often offered an open-trip, where you only pay for your cabin and share the boat with dozen other people.

An open trip with budget liveaboard in Komodo can be an eye-opening experience. Many people see it as a chance to connect with new like-minded people and seek new knowledge. Before you board, here are few tips to make your Komodo sailing trip feel even more fun.

Going on Komodo Liveaboard Budget? Prepare These First!

Bring Your Own Towel

There will always be this little debate on a liveaboard trip: should you burden yourself by bringing a towel?

Some people advice that towels should not be included in your backpack. Well, that advice would be reasonable if you are sailing in a luxurious liveaboard whose hospitality service is in par with at least three-starred hotel. Low-cost liveaboard, on the other hand, while they might provide some towels, the cleanliness might not be as what you expected. So in our suggestion, better bring your own towel and keep it to yourself. After all, you gonna need it frequently after each dive in Komodo’s many dive sites.

Got Any Special Request? Talk It Early

Are you allergic to specific food? Cannot eat anything but plant-based meal? Do you prefer a smaller tank to dive due certain condition? Go tell the liveaboard crews if you have a special request, especially when it concern foods. Komodo liveaboard budget usually serve their meals in buffet style, where the crew will cook big chunks of foods and everyone will take their own portion. Give the crew enough time to prepare your special request. 

Dive Without Expectation

It goes beyond saying that Komodo’s water is home to many rare, exotic marine creatures. Pigmy sea horses, dugongs, manta rays, and dolphins are among the rare sight. Sea apples, rhinopias, sharks, and turtle are quite common, though the sighting cannot be guaranteed. If you have high expectations to see certain creature just because a diver told it over the internet, it’s best to leave it at the shore. Keep in mind that these awesome creatures are wild animals, and they will behave so.

Prepare Some Ice Breakers

On board Komodo liveaboard budget, you gotta meet a handful of divers and travelers from all over the world. And it’s not just for a few hours meeting—you are going to live with them for several days ahead. In times like this, prepare some short stories about your experience, anecdotes, and few non-creepy jokes for breaking the ice. 

Prepare Some Tip for Komodo Liveaboard Crews

Be a respectable guests and appreciate the crews that’s been working their fingers to the bone to make sure you get a safe and memorable trip to last a lifetime. It’s safe to say that liveaboard industry don’t have the best pay rate, so a few dollar of tips will mean a lot for the crews. Set aside some cash in an envelope and give it directly to the crews—credit cards is not working so well there.

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Most Recommended Places to Visit for Slow Travelling

It is true that the essence of slow travel doesn’t rely fully on the travel destination. It is more likely to be about the mindset and how you do it. Slow travel means you enjoy travelling in slower pace without frantic movement. It also means you open up your eyes and mind to see more about new things, be it new cultures, attractions, people, and many other things. However, there is nothing wrong if you choose the destination for slow travel specifically. You may prefer a place where there is less frantic pace or crowd. You may also prefer a place offering raw and beauty. After all, travel is about personal preference.

Recommended places for slow travelling

It is highly recommended to research travel destination beforehand. Thus, you will know what to expect when you arrive. It also applies for when you are going to have slow travel. It is more recommended to look for the best destination so you won’t regret visiting the place. If you haven’t figured out the best destination for slow travelling then you might as well consider these recommended places to visit:

  • La Gomera and El Hierro, Canary Islands are recommended places for slow travel. You may have heard alot about Canary Island and it is indeed one of the most visited toruist attractions. However, La Gomera is perfect place to visit for your slow travel because it hasless tourists. it offers peaceful and serene vibe. Another interesting thing about El Hierro is that there is hydroelectric plant. It is the first island in the world using renewable energy self-sufficiently. The natural landscape in the islands is uniquely beautiful. There are sharp mountains, pine forest as well as marine life you can explore.
  • Alpujarra, Spain is also highly recommended for your next slow travel destination. The rhythm of Alpujjaran Village is incredibly captivating. In this place, you will learn how to cook with produce from the owner’s organic estate (finca in Spanish). You will also be able to visit silk-weavers as well as wine makers. In the evening, you can just stroll along Moorish water channels.
  • Italy is also recommended destination for slow travel. It can’t be denied that Europe has many places which are perfect for slow travel. Italy is one of them and in fact this is where Slow Food Movement was born. Thus, this is a great place for you to experience the magic of slow travel. You can try private cookery class, spa, truffle hunting, as well as chocolate and wine pairing.
  • Morocco has been famous for its nomad lifestyle. This is perfect for you to slow travelling. You will experience how to live like nomad in Morocco. You can book nomad tour program and join one of the families for seasonal migration through interesting routes. You will learn more about the cultures while having fun with the nomads. You will also have a chance to milking goats, baking bread, and setting a camp. This will give you once in a life time experience.
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Consideration Why Buying Property in Bali Is Very Valuable

What is your first impression of visiting Bali? Customs and traditions are clearly seen in everyday life when you are in Bali. Where people do offer Canang on buildings that they call “Pelinggih”. When a big day arrives in Bali, they use traditional Balinese clothing. Traditional Balinese music is heard and makes tourists feel in different parts of the world.

buying property in Bali

Many more ceremonies occur continuously in Bali. Culture, religion and community togetherness are clearly visible and have become part of the daily lives of local residents. There are times when all shops are closed without exception and everyone, locals or tourists must participate in a ceremony called “Nyepi”. This is what makes many tourists return to Bali and decide to settle down.

Local Culture, Tradition, and Hospitality Is Attractive To Buying Property In Bali

Culture, tradition, and friendliness of the locals are reasons why many people decide to buy property in Bali. When 2.5 million people visit Bali every year, surely you will understand why buying property in Bali continues to increase sharply. Certainly, the demand for accommodation is very high. Bali during high season, it will be very difficult to get comfortable, cheap and luxurious accommodations. Even 5-star hotels have been booked in advance.

Buying property in Bali is a way for those who want to have a place while on vacation without having to be confused when looking for accommodation while high season. On the other hand, when you decide on buying property in Bali, whether it’s a villa, house, or apartment, everything will be very profitable.

Impulse buying property in Bali for investors is because they see a lucrative business opportunity. But for foreigners, don’t expect much to be able to have the opportunity to buy property in Bali. Regulations and regulations in Indonesia do not allow foreigners to buy property in Bali. But don’t worry because there are several alternative solutions that are safe. The trick is to borrow the name of the local people to buy property.

Living in Bali is not easy. If you are a foreigner, study the possible choices offered by the Indonesian government. The duration of foreigners living in Bali depends on their individual needs. There are many ways to buy property in Bali. Whether you work or build a company, you should get good legal advice from experts.

Buying property in Bali is a very profitable prospect, both long term, and short term. Beneficial for property owners to be able to enjoy holidays in Bali without having to look for accommodations in advance.

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