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Things to Do When Bali Gets Wet

They say it’s always summer in the Island of God. The beaches are forever basking in the sun and the cheery mood never left the place. A lot of travelers from four-season area even flocks to the island to escape freezing winter, in search of warm sunshine. But alas, as the fate for all tropical island, Bali is destined to have rainy season following the our-much beloved dry season.

It takes quite an effort to love the rainy season, particularly for the tropical-sun seekers. Apart from the brief coolness from humidity and heat, it can be hard to do outdoor activities like mountain trekking, open water sport, cliff jumping, and such. There will be days with an hour of raining—leaving the rest of the days safe for beach chilling. However, there will also be days when the rain pours endlessly to the end of the day.

Things to Do When Bali Gets Wet

Raining in Bali can be a bummer. But it can open a curtain to another kind of retreat that otherwise will be looked over during the sunny days. It actually have economical benefit, too. Hotel and airlines tend to put cheaper price during the low season as well as tourist attractions, who often give off promotion discounts during these times. So, what can you do if you happened to stay in Bali during the wet season?

Next Time It’s Raining in Bali, Do This:

A Cup of Coffee for Your Soul

Nothing can be as perfect as rainy days to sip a warm cup of good coffee. Thank God (and tourism), Bali has now plenty go good coffee shops, talented baristas, and high quality coffee beans throughout the island. From Seminyak to Sanur to Ubud, you can always find worthy coffee shops to spend the day. Many of these coffee shops stands out for the unique characteristic of their house blend. Some of them also serve specialty cakes, scones, and other baked goods to accompany your drink.

Immerse in Wellness Retreat

Breath In. Breath Out. Namaste.

Have you ever realise the sheer peace that hang in the air when the sky is raining? It’s time to get back into clarity and refresh your mind. Ubud is one of the best place in Bali to meditate, do yoga, or take part in Balinese purification rituals. Surrounded by lush tropical nature and strong connection to Mother Nature, Ubud has been growing as wellness mecca. The serenity feeling get even more stronger with the chilling rain—everything feels fresher and greener after the rain. Maybe cool air and wellness retreat are made to be together.

Pamper in Spa

We tend to think about curling up and pampering ourselves when the rain is pouring out. Take the advantage of moody mood to indulge in spa treatment. Escape the storm and enjoy Balinese traditional spa complete with the herbal bath and flowery steam.

Cooking Class!

Under the hot and sunny weather, we often got tempted by simple meals like pasta and soda, which are literally everywhere. But if your diet has consistently feature the signature nasi goreng, mi goreng, pasta, pizza, and beers, it’s time to get into different menus. The trapping rain wouldn’t feel so long when you are learning to cook a foreign dish. Take the chance to get into cooking class and learn how to make simple satay or the fabulous Balinese “Nasi Campur”.

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Incredible Places for Solitude in A Komodo Trip – Part II


A beautiful German words to describe feeling of having solitude, being alone and connected to nature.

Sometimes, all we want when we decide to embark on a journey into the unknown is having deep reconnection with the mother nature. To be away from any worldly business and just enjoying the rare solitude. Having the luxury of free time from external pressures; all the deadlines and expectation. To have the chance of absorbing all the beauty of nature without the need of impressing people in social media. And embarking on Komodo trip definitely is what you need if you are looking for a communal or solitary solitude.

Incredible Places for Solitude in A Komodo Trip: Part II

Imagine the jagged,  deserted hills that just rose from aquamarine ocean. No civilisation and human hands to disturb the natural setting. Imagine travelling back in time, exploring the Jurassic-looking lands. With no wifi signals, brick, and roads, the untouched landscape of Komodo serves perfect for some splendid isolation.

The previous article has discussed some best places around Komodo to have a quiet, blissful time alone, such as a secluded nook in Padar Island, Gili Lawa, and the hidden Pink beach. Here are a number of other soothing and spectacular places to enjoy a meaningful Komodo trip:

Places to get alone during a Komodo trip:

Kelor Island’s Hills

This tiny little islands sits right in the front go Flores’s beautiful hills, one of the must-visit list on many trip to Komodo. During the dry season, Kelor get strikingly beautiful. The hills turn into crips brown and yellowish savannah, standing in contrast with the glowing white beach and deep turquoise water. It’s like a scene from tastefully-edited wallpaper that makes you want to stay there forever.

Kanawa Island

Kanawa island is one of few island around Komodo with a touch of human civilization. This lovely little green paradise features phenomenal coral reefs which circle the island and strikingly clear shores with starfishes and sea urchins lying around. Kanawa lets out chill vibes that’s perfect for some downtime after all the hikes and dives. A number of beach huts and small bars has begun selling snacks, beers, and cold beverages. It’s time to grab some drinks and cool down.

Wae Rebo Villahe

When you have the time, we highly recommend you to include the wondrous Wae Rebo village in the mainland Flores in your Komodo trip. Sits in top of Porocoko Mountain, this atmosphere of this traditional village is thick with spirituality and strong ties to nature. Thin haze hangs all around the village, creating the famous epithet—“A town above the clouds”. If Wae Rebo cannot bring you a sense of tranquility and blissful seclusion, we don’t know what else.

In Your Komodo Boat, In the Middle of the Ocean

After all those Komodo trip to the unknown places, your own Komodo boat can be the last—and the first—perfect place for peaceful solitary moment. Le down in one of the deck’s lounger. Head to your private balcony. Find the comfiest spot for your personal space. It’s time to unwind everything and let it disperse in the blowing wind as you are staring to the endless sea. Isn’t it the best?

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Urban Glamping Destinations You Can Choose

Glamping or glamour camping has become more and more popular. People are not tied to conventional camping in the forest or suburban area anymore. Urban glamping is a new trend in travel world these days. Thus, you might as well starting to research about urban glamping destination to pick for your next camping plan. Glamour camping is a more fun and luxurious way to camp. This type of camping offers luxury and irresistible facilities. Urban glamping is another level of just a mix of luxury and camping. The atmosphere of the city is what makes this glamping is different. You can camp under the stars at night and enjoy the world-class attractions to the fullest.

Pick the best urban glamping destination to your bucket-list

Since urban glamping is still new, there are only few places which are suitable for this type of camping. Even though the term is urban camping doesn’t mean the camp can be built in random streets of a city. There are some criteria to be fulfilled so the camping will be called urban glamping such as the view, the luxury, and the location. Here are the best sites for urban glamping you can try:

  • Notel, Melbourne, Australia is one of the most unique pots for urban glamping. The location is on the roof top of a parking lot. In this place, you will find six chrome airstream trailers. Those are refitted to become perfect accommodation for camping. There are facilities you will enjoy during your glamping here such as Wi-Fi, iPad, and queen sized-bedding. Ensuite bathroom along with cooling and heating system are also available to accommodate your comfort during your stay.
  • Vintage Caravan, Oakland, California is urban glamping destination you won’t regret to try. Even though the camp is made up of vintage caravan, you will receive luxury in the form of modern convenience including mini kitchen, Wi-Fi, full bathroom with separate shower, and many more. The vintage caravan is painted with lively colors which make your camping experience more fun to do.
  • Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles, California is the next recommended urban glamping destination you can pick. This spot is located at Veranda Suite. It is more like studio-style complemented with European decor. If you are seeking for not only urban glamping but also the private one, this spot is the best to choose. There are luxurious amenities you can take advantage of such as comfortable bed, soaking tub, and mesmerizing view of the city.
  • The Urban Yurt, Austin, Texas is one of urban glamping spots you can try. It is located at the heart of the city. Facilities you will enjoy while urban glamping in this site are private outdoor shower, communal fire pit, HD projector, and many more. It is easy to find the best restaurant, bars, as well as attraction while glamping in this spot. This urban glamping destination is also the best place for stargazing. The greenery around the site is enough to make you feel connected to nature even when you are at the heart of the city.
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Property For Sale In Ubud Bali, A Great Investment With Grow Value

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Balinese nightlife, there are still amazing 360-degree views in every corner of the house in Ubud. There are almost no other properties in your view because when buying property for sale in Ubud your Bali member is more than just a vacation home. Property for sale in Ubud Bali, whether the villa or house is a place to immerse and blend with nature. This is a good opportunity to get to know a unique Hindu culture, rich in traditional and religious ceremonies with complicated processions that occur every day.

Property For Sale In Ubud Bali

New studies on a real estate show a sharp increase in land purchases and property for sale in Ubud Bali. The trend in property values continues to rise and it would be wise to invest in property. Bali cannot be separated from high tourist visits every day. This is one reason investors invest their money in buying property for sale in Ubud Bali.

There are many hotels for all budget travelers. Even villas, which have recently been favored by tourists, are increasingly seen popping up. This situation is very favored by domestic and foreign investors. Don’t be confused if it’s increasingly difficult to find property for sale in Ubud Bali at a low price. Ubud does offer a different atmosphere with comfort and high relaxation for tourists.

Bali has attracted investors to property from all corners of the world. Investor competition is certainly a property for sale in Bali on a large scale. You can also invest. If you believe your monthly finances are stable, investment is a smart way. Property for sale in Ubud Bali is indeed of high value. There are several reasons why investment property for sale in Ubud Bali is a smart move.

Bali Arts and Dance Center

Ubud thrives amid changing times and modernization. Where other areas have been crushed by development and modernization, Ubud retains its uniqueness and beauty. The green expanse of rice fields and a “Subak” irrigation system that is recognized as a world heritage is a real attraction in Ubud. Art events continue to be held in Ubud every year and attract the interest of world artists.

A Friendly City for All

This is one reason why foreigners are increasingly interested in investing or living in Ubud. The hospitality of local residents makes tourists more comfortable to decide Bali as a second home. Real estate agents are increasingly aggressively offering a property for sale in Ubud Bali and little help foreigners to process the law of a property.

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Healthy Snacks You Should Bring for Travelling

Being on a long-haul travel is not so convenient even for seasoned travelers. Thus, snacks can be a good distraction for boredom during your travel. Besides, snacks can save your life when you are starving yet you cannot find a place that serves foods. You can make your own snacks at home before going to travel. Or, you can also buy healthy snacks from convenience store. Well, convenience store also provides healthy snacks that you can choose based on your taste. If you think convenience store only has chips or chocolate bars then you need to visit the nearest convenience store right now and see what you can find. Packing healthy snacks for travelling is important so they won’t ruin your stomach. Besides, your body tends to be prone to get sick while on a long-haul travel.

Healthy Snacks You Should Bring for Travelling

Healthy snacks you can pack for travelling to save your life


Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are good option but you need to keep in mind that you cannot store them in your bag for too long or else they will be rotten. Fresh fruits are good to eat when you are waiting for your flight for example. Thus, you don’t need to go to a dine just to fill in your not-so empty stomach. Banana, orange, or apple is easy to pack.

Fresh fruit cups from convenience store are also good choice for travelling. You can store them in your carry-on bag so you can eat them whenever you feel hungry. There are different varieties of fruit cups that you can choose according to your personal taste. This healthy snack can boost up your immune system, thanks to vitamin C and antioxidant contained in them


Yoghurt is one of the healthiest foods which benefit your body. Besides, it is easy to carry everywhere. It is a source of calcium and vitamin that you need. Besides, it tastes great that it is hard to find people who dislike it. You can buy your favorite yoghurt to be packed for your travelling.


Nuts are a great for travelling and more importantly, they are healthy. It is recommended to choose unsalted nuts packed in bags. You can find them in convenience store. There are different varieties of nuts you can pack for travelling such as cashew, almond, etc.


Trail mix is a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. This is a great combination of snack that you can bring for travelling. The nutrition is great and the taste is even greater. The crisp from nuts and sour taste from the fruits can help lifting up your mood while travelling.


Granola bars are everyone’s favorite. You can find them almost everywhere. They are efficient to pack that you can put them in your carry-on bag. There is a variety of flavor you can choose. Granola bars are healthier than candy. If you want snacks to kill time, you can pack sunflower seeds. These are fun to eat especially for kids. This snack is recommended especially for a road trip.


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Perfect Place to Get Alone in A Komodo Trip

Capturing the hearts of many, the Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, Flores, shines as one of the brightest pearl of Indonesia. Worldwide travelers were lured with the pure beauty, embarking on multiple days of Komodo trip to explore the region. This UNESCO-protected park boats a stunning landscape with fantastic scenery that was blessed by Mother of Nature. Dozen of rolling hills rise from aquamarine water, flaunting jagged texture that emits raw Jurassic park impression. Rounding the islands is endless fresh clean sea, which openness will enchant anyone’s mind with inevitable relaxing feeling.

Perfect Place to Get Alone in A Komodo Trip

Well, it’s easy to feel a world away when you are in a Komodo trip. The pure wildness of this region doubled up with tranquil vibe of the ‘lost world’ make it just right when you want to get alone by yourself. Because, you know, sometimes we just don’t want to run into anyone and just think about life—and immerse to nature’s best creation. While some of the good spot in Komodo has take their (well deserved) popularity, some still remains in secrets.

Behold, below are five best spot in Komodo that were just perfect to get alone, take pre wedding pictures, share intimate stories with life partner, or simply lets the mind wander.

A Nook in the Hill of Padar Island

Most people come to the hot and rocky Padar Island for the peak view. Yes, that phenomenal hilltop you see everywhere in social media. A gorgeous hill squeezed by three multicoloured bays with aerial landscape in the background. The highest peak in the island where you can see 360º panoramic scenery of the whole Komodo landscape.

As you has expected, the top hill can be a bit congested by tourist—most probably your own tour companions. The island, however, prized numerous charming spots if you are willing to look further. Move a bit on the side of the phenomenal spot, cause the hillside is not short on amazing view. There are acres and acres of areas behind the bushes where you can be away from all tourist and busy photographers. Just you alone, surrounded by swaying savannah, staring at the beautiful bays beneath.

Again, Hillside. This Time It’s Gili Lawa

You will never really get the definition of wavy hills until you get into Gili Lawa. Any hillside on this tiny island is perfect for a moment to sit down and contemplate about life. Especially in moment before sunrise, when the island is gleaming red from the creeping sun, and the sky is constantly change with pinkish and purplish hue.

Pink Beach—Special Komodo Trip to The Hidden One

Do you know that THAT famous Pink Beach is not the only pink beach in the region? Thanks to the presence of red corals, Komodo region has numerous rosy tinted beaches. The best Komodo trip leader knows hidden pink beach with less tourists around. The blend of rosy sands with bright turquoise water is a perfect set to escape into illusion of wonderland.

Feeling not enough place to fulfil the gap in your soul? Worry not, we’ll be back to hidden exploration in another episode. Just stay tuned!

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What You Need to Know before Travelling to Borobudur Indonesia

There are many aspects to earn from travelling. Social, culture, and even religion are attached to each other. Thus, travelling is not simply about having fun. Learning more about the place you visit can give you many benefits. You will be more knowledgeable, you will have new point of view, you will be more open-minded, etc. Aside from excitement, there is also something positive to gain. This is why travelling to Borobudur is a great choice. Borobudur is Buddhist monument located in Yogyakarta Indonesia. It was built in 8th Century. It was then long forgotten and to be rediscovered in the 19th Century. For your information, this is one of the biggest Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

Things to know before visiting Borobudur?

There are many intriguing things when it comes to Borobudur. It holds many qualities from various aspects. Name it culture, architecture, structure, Borobudur has it all. Here is brief description about Borobudur which can make you desire to visit:

  • Borobudur is Buddhist monument and one of the largest in the world. It has Mandala shape which form series of platforms. There are five square platforms below and four circular platforms above. There is a pathway to lead pilgrims through three levels of Buddhist cosmology. There are approximately 2,672 relief panels. Each panel has its own story about Buddha’s life.
  • Borobudur consists of different levels. The lowest one is called Kamadhatu or the world of desire consisted of 160 reliefs. The next level is Rupadhatu or the world of forms. Then, there is Arupadhatu or the world of formlessness. Then there is a central stupa crown Borobudur at the very top. However, this level is not for visitors.
  • While enjoying the structure and architecture of Borobudur, you will notice that there are different statues. They are Bhumi Sparsa Mudra which represents seal of touching the Earth, Vara Mudra which represents charity, Dhyana Mudra which represents meditation, Abhaya Mudra which represents reassurance and the elimination of fear, and Vitarka Mudra which represents preaching.
  • The special event is held during Waisak where hundreds of Buddhist monks from different regions gather to make a procession which started at 2am. The procession is started from Candi Mendut to Borobudur which is 1.5 miles away. The procession consists of praying and chanting in slow mode. The monks usually reach Borobudur at 4am and proceed to the next procession which is circling the temple.
  • The access to Borobudur is easy since it is only 40 minutes away from the nearest airport, Yogyakarta. You can get to Borobudur by bus or mini bus. There are various transportations to help you get to Borobudur and the cost is quite affordable.
  • The entrance fee to Borobudur is also affordable. Itcost only about $20. You can purchase the ticket on the ticket office directly which opens from 6am to 5pm. Aside from visiting Borobudur, you can also visit the neighbor temple, Prambanan. You can buy combined ticket which cost you about $28.80 so you can visit both temples.
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Lucrative Possibility of Leasing Property In Bali?

Undoubtedly that there is money around the rental property. This is a good investment for passive income or increases monthly income. Especially if investments are placed in popular tourist destinations such as Bali. There is no need to wait for a high season because Bali always has a high tourist visit chart throughout the year. However, building a property takes months and costs a lot before it can truly provide benefits. It would be very good if hard work and waiting to bring maximum benefits for the long term.

leasing property in bali

Property investment means you are ready in financial terms. Changes to the property development budget can jump 2x of the actual calculation. There are many changes in material prices in the implementation. Is your financial ready? Especially in Bali, property prices show a stable chart and tend to rise. Leasing property in Bali is another way to help your finances for long-term investments. The period of leasing depends on the ability to calculate your monthly income.

Leasing Property in Bali For A Great Passive Income

The decision to take a property in Bali lease should not even impose your monthly finance. After paying your mortgage in full, you might think of selling property instantly for greater returns. But if you really want to invest long term, you can pay your mortgage from monthly rental income. This certainly requires good maintenance. One to two months of emptiness will have a negative impact on your finances. You should consider leasing property in Bali. Rental marketing can be a way to help make your monthly income smooth.

One thing that must be ensured is that ensures the quality of tenants. Ensuring tenants are reliable and paying on time is very important so you don’t race against a mortgage. Leasing property in Bali is the best investment opportunity at this time. Make sure your property is secured by an insurance company to protect against unexpected damage and accidents. After positioning everything well, you can calmly rely on tenants to pay for your mortgage. Communication with tenants or visiting occasionally asking what is needed to repair the slightest damage. This will help you spend a big budget for a big damage.

Another way to smoothly pay property leasing in Bali is to hire a property agent. Property agents help find tenants both short and long term. Especially in Bali, there are many expats who need a place to live while they work. It is possible for them to rent a property for years. This will greatly help your ability to smooth property leasing. Leasing property in Bali is the best investment way to pay for your mortgage using income from tenants.

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Why You Should Consider Bandung as Your Next Travel Destination

Why You Should Consider Bandung as Your Next Travel Destination

If you know Indonesia as Bali or Jakarta only then you need to reconsider the thought. Indonesia has Bandung as one of the most popular travel destinations. This is even preferred as travel destination than Jakarta since the place has cool temperature, hilly places, as well as local foods worth to try. One of the most attractions in Bandung is its cheap clothing outlet store. This is also why Bandung is dubbed as Paris van Java. This is a place where you can find the latest fashion trend. Bandung i dominated by Sundanese culture. For those who seek for romantic and peaceful travel, Bandung is a great destination to visit.


What you can do while travelling in Bandung


There are many places you can do while travelling in Bandung, Indonesia. The diversity of culture is intriguing. The people are also kind and always welcome visitors both from different region or country. Here is what you can do when you travel to Bandung:


  • Learning more about Sundanese culture by watching angklung performance. You can visit Saung Angklung Udjo to watch impressive and interactive performance. Most performance is expressed musically using musical instrument called angklung. It is made of bamboo and you can even try to play it. The performers not only perform local music but also worldwide music such as pop. The performance is always along with dance performance as well.
  • Bandung is home to volcano called Tangkuban Parahu. It is located 15 miles north of Bandung city center. There is Kawah Ratu, the biggest crater in the volcano. For your information, the volcano is still active until today. The last eruption was in 2015. This volcano is one of the most visited travel destinations in Bandung. Visitors can also go trekking this volcano.
  • Kawah Putih or White Crater is a must-visit when you come to Bandung.  It is located in the south side of Bandung. Even though the name is ‘white’, the original color of the ash around the crater like is more of blue-greenish. Though the water looks so inviting, it is not for swimming activities. It is recommended to wear a mask when you enter the location since the smell of sulfur is quite strong. However, the view is satisfying.
  • If you travel with family, it is recommended to visit Dusun Bambu family Leisure Park. This place is built in 15 hectare. You can enjoy various foods at Cafe Burangrang while enjoying the scenic view of Burangrang Mountain. Aside from cafe and restaurant, there are also playground, garden, villa, and souvenir shop in this park.
  • As mentioned above that Bandung is famous for its fashion outlet store. You can get yourself great deals on branded clothing which can be spotted in every outlet store around the city. For your recommendation, you can go hunting for cheap branded clothing in main streets such as Jalan Riau, Jalan Setiabudi and Jalan Juanda. It is recommended not to go for factory outlet hunting on weekend since it is the busiest time.


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Photographer Guide to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

With the overflowing beauty of Labuan Bajo archipelago, camera gears are definitely something your don’t want to miss. Both worlds—the land and underwater—continue to give endless supplies of breathtaking sceneries. Every corners are a perfect setting to fit afor a frame. Without questions, this place draws photography enthusiasts to stay and spend quite a long time exploring the pristine nature. It can be quite a challenge, however, to find a suitable liveaboard Labuan Bajo to support photographer traveler.

Photographer Guide to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

Whether you are a professional photographers, travel blog/vloggers, avid instagrammers, or simply love to take your camera anywhere you go, you definitely need a little guide to find the perfect liveaboard for you. Because you know, camera gears always need a special attention, don’t they?

Charging Stations Onboard

Embarking on a Komodo trip gonna be easier when your liveaboard Labuan Bajo has built in charging station on the dive deck. This is especially helpful if you are also a divers and underwater photographer. Charging the camera on dive deck allows you to charge the cameras without getting out from your wetsuit. Ask the operators if they have air blower in the station. The blowing air helps to dry the camera rigs faster before opening them up. Each stations usually have plenty of charging outlets; enough to accommodate the camera, strobes, flash, and other gears.

Camera Storage

Before signing the deal, ask whether your liveaboard Labuan Bajo has desgnated camera storage on board or not. Specialised dive boat and better-deal liveaboard usually have this facility. Camera storage is very beneficial to extend the longevity of your camera gear. It protect cameras from straight bump on the surface chop. Neatly arranged storage also gives significant contribution on incidental accident prevention. No more tangled sync cords on the floor twisting on slippery fin when divers roll back to the boat.

Vast and Spacious Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Every professional underwater photographers knows just how much spaces camera gears need. Add the diving gears to that, and you would need more than a couple of square meter on the ship. It goes without saying that spacious Liveaboard Labuan Bajo make a better, suitable choice for your Flores trip. Of course you can always pick up the smaller and more ergonomic boats around. But that means you need to set up all the complex camera gears in quite cramped space with other 10+ passengers. But hey, if a couple more dollars can give you better comfort and stability for gear set up, why not?

Photo-friendly Itinerary

You come for the good pictures. It’s the subject-rich destination that you are after. Try to learn all destinations in Labuan Bajo that potentially offers amazing scenery or interesting object to behold. The famous Padar Island is phenomenal among photographers for its breathtaking aerial background. The Komodo dragons in Komodo island are fairly easy to capture—sometimes are almost too easy. These man-eating, fearsome dragons are usually spotted lying languidly beneath the shades, enjoying the slow living. However, this can be deceptive to photographers, thinking that they can go as close as possible to the chilled dragons. Always remember to take photos with caution—and within protection from rangers.

Underwater photographers will love Flores’ marine world. From macro critters to big animal hotspot, Labuan Bajo has it all. You can hunt for the ever-graceful Mantas in Manta point, see the rare pigmy seahorse, or get immersed in massive dance of school of fishes in Batu Bolong. Dozens of diving spots scattered around the archipelago, each with its own dive characteristic. Back home, you will have tons of superb screensaver-worthy pictures enough to last for a lifetime!

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