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Travel Ideas to Shark-Seeing

Travel Idea to Shark-Seeing

Most people are terrified to see shark or even just to hear its name. However, for those who like to test their adrenaline and a thrill seeker, the idea of shark-seeing for their travel plan is the best. Sharks are indeed scary creature living in the sea. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot approach them. Today, people are less scared of this sea creature because lots of travel organizers start to provide shark-seeing as one of the main attraction to their travel program. If you consider this as best idea then why not meet those powerful sea creatures?

Why you should consider shark-seeing for your travel plan

Travelling is not always supposed to consist of mediocre activities like stargazing or strolling down the town. You can do more interesting activity such as seeing how the sharks in a closer distance. This sounds terrifying but it is not that bad. Lots of travelers have proved that this activity is fun aside from thrilling. The sharks you are going to meet won’t hurt you if you follow the guide direction and instructions very well. If you are bored of usual activity in travelling and consider going shark-seeing instead, these reasons might be able to convince you to just do it:


  • There are over 400 shark species all around the world and majority of them are harmless. Most of them are in fact smaller than what we humans imagine. Based on some studies, only three of the species are considered dangerous to humans. Those are tiger shark, bull shark, and the great white shark. For shark-seeing program, those sharks are not involved for human safety of course.
  • If you think you will be eaten when you face a shark in the ocean then you are wrong because human is not natural shark food. Sharks often hunt smaller species as their food. For size wise, human is off the menu. Most sharks even the most predatory ones tend to hunt tuna or seals which have high fat. So what about some incident when a shark attacks human? Most of them are mistakes due to how the silhouette of person looks like while they are in the sea.
  • Sharks are intelligent creature and even their sense and ability have developed through the times. They can smell their prey and as mentioned earlier that their favorite preys are smaller sea creatures containing high fat like tuna or seals. Thus, they won’t be able to mistaken human smells as tuna or seals smell.
  • When you are shark-seeing, you will be protected by safety gears. Some shark-seeing program even offer to make you stay in a cage fr protection so you won’t be attacked by sharks. Besides, sharks have more to fear from human. There are sharks hunting in some places around the world. This fact alone has made sharks fear from human. Cruel activities to hunt them down have caused in endangering the nature itself including habitat loss, climate change, and many more bad impacts.


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A Selection of Best Komodo Liveaboard for Your Next Trip

Picture this. You are lying lazily in the deck of best Komodo liveaboard around, don your sunglasses, while the boat glides effortlessly across the crazy blue sea. The sun bathes you with abundance of tropical warmth, and the open landscape displays an ever-changing Jurassic-looking islands. Life cannot be better than this.

A Selection of Best Komodo Liveaboard for Your Next Trip

In the perfect Komodo Liveaboard, even an ordinary vacation can feel extraordinary for the vibes that it gives. When you are venturing to the awesome landscape such as Komodo National Park, of course you would want the best boat to complete the experience. You don’t want to miss the picturesque surrounding in a crappy boat, aren’t you?

Don’t settle for the average. You deserve for comfort and indulgence while enjoying every hidden beach and bays of Komodo National Park. Take the right boat for your frontier exploration. from budget to luxury, here’s the best Komodo liveaboard to choose for every level.

Best Komodo Liveaboard For All Range of Preference

Royal Fortuna — Best for Budget


Royal Fortune — Best for Budget
Look at that super chic bunkbed!

If you think budget needs to forsake creature comfort, you haven’t seen Royal Fortuna. With only USD $159 per person for each night, Royal Fortuna is easily the best Komodo Liveaboard on its class. Say goodbye to thin mattress and make-shift dorm on deck. This boat gives you a typical themed cabin for you and your travelling partners. It doesn’t only gives you an actual bed, but also complete basic amenities such as clean towels as well. Two of the cabins have double bed while two others have bunk beds (and a cute one on that!). The last cabin has both single and double beds, perfect for family or a group of three. And when you are not busy diving, you can relax on loungers on the upper deck. Though it’s not necessarily big, Royal Fortuna is certainly concepted with simplicity in mind and thoughtfully designed.

Best for Value — Maki

Best for Value — Maki
All teakwood master cabin. Super stylish

The newly renovated and completely overhauled Maki just entered the liveaboard market recently in May 2018. She’s still shining and smoothly polished, and you can enjoy her beauty with USD $250 per night. If you are looking for a touch of luxury without breaking an arm and leg, then Maki is your best bet. It has 4 private ensuite cabins with bathroom, wardrobe, double bed, and of course, air conditioning against the hot, sticky air.

Best for Luxury — Ocean Pure

Best for Luxury — Ocean Pure
Ocean palette inside the boat

More like an art hotel than a boat, Ocean Pure can impress anyone with its grandeur. The 4o meter   yacht evoke a thick nautical feeling from the blue-white-teak palette composition. If you have quite a budget to spare, Ocean Pure will not disappoint you. The 12 crew members are committed to help you to make the most of your trip. They have their own chef to prepare delicious international meals. Unlike most liveaboard on the area, dishes are far from stale. You can have a peace of mind knowing that you wouldn’t eat nasi goreng or mie goreng for three days is a row. They even have massage service for those tired feet onboard. Ocean Pure is definitely the best Komodo liveaboard with strong characteristic that worth the price tag.

Best for Fancy Honeymoon — Alexa

Best for Fancy Honeymoon — Alexa
Honeymoon cannot be any better in Alexa

No honeymooners can resist Alexa. Built as the most romantic boat on earth, this once a space trade ship had completely undergone a face lift and appear as the most stunning Komodo liveaboard in the neighborhood. With only 2 people onboard, Alexa is the perfect place to relax in high style. The expansive main cabins has one queen size bed inside, balcony, and wraparound windows with 270º degree view. In places where cabins were usually built are a library and luxurious indoor living room complete with flat screen tv. The best part about Alexa, however, is the daybed loungers in the sundeck where you can relax or succumb to massage from onboard masseuse.

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How to Travel with Only a Carry-On Luggage

Travelling only with a carry-on is a major milestone for those who travel a lot. It is something that grants a great deal of ease throughout your trips. From the walks you’re going to do from the airport to you destination, until the time you’re going to go back. The less your luggage, the less your burden, literally and figuratively.

Travelling with only carry-on luggage

This is also extremely important especially considering luggage prices that rise and not decline. Therefore, less luggage means less expenses on your part.

Although you’re going on longer trips for over a week, going with just a carry-on is something that is essentially very doable. A lot of travelers have managed this and it’s not something miraculous that only a select few can achieve.

Everyone can given the knowledge, and the practice. Yes, it takes practice, but you’ll get there.

Create a packing list

Creating a packing list is going to make your work so much easier. This step does not simply serve as a reminder of what you’re going to need to bring, but you’ll also become more aware of what you’re thinking of bringing, and making you more aware of your travel belongings in general. The process is easy, and will make your trip easier.

Make sure to list the stuff you need. You can categorize them into basic categories such as toiletries, tops, bottoms, underwear, electronics, etc., depending on your needs.

This way, you also would consider before throwing random clothes into your luggage, clothes you’d think you will wear, just because. Packing list helps lessen the “what ifs” tendencies every traveler has experienced. So make sure to note, note, note, and note some more.

Think in outfits

And not individual clothes. Often times, a piece just does not go together with the rest of the clothes you’re bringing. You’re lucky if it’s just a piece. Have you ever experienced that annoyance (and maybe even frustration) that you didn’t get to wear a number of clothes you’ve packed? That could be very well avoided by thinking in outfits. Pack combinations of tops, accessories, and other stuff that you know you have worn. Don’t slip in individual pieces that you stuff in without thinking what other piece you’d wear it with.

Travel compartments

These game-changers are more than just a fickle trend among frequent travelers. When used right, they’re going to be super helpful tools that give you more than just organizations, but also a sense of comfort provided by the stress-free and rummage-free environment of your luggage.

Some travel compartments also save to compress your clothes. This allows for more space and a less bulky luggage in general, contributing to the ease of access travel compartments provide. You can choose from a large range of organizers or travel compartments; packing cubes are some of the most popular ones.


If you haven’t already, having travel-sized amenities is worth the investment, especially if you travel a lot. Chances are, you’re going to need them again in your future travels.

Things such as toiletries and makeup are stuff that often sold in travel sizes as well. When not available, a lot of small bottles that enable products to be taken in travel sizes are widely available, so make use of these convenient tools.

You can also avoid bringing toiletries altogether if that’s not an issue for you, because likely you’re going to be able to obtain toiletries everywhere.

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Test Your Adrenaline by Visiting Extreme Destinations

For adrenaline-junkies, going for extreme travel is absolute choice. However this type of traveling is not for everyone. Some people have different level of thrill when it comes to extreme travel. However, you can also test your own bravery by visiting extreme destinations.

Visiting extreme destinations for test your adrenaline

Who knows if you find yourself thrill-seeking traveler. Seeking a high level of thrill doesn’t mean you visit dangerous places carelessly.

Instead, you can visit extreme destinations which are meant to be explored by adventurous travelers. Thus, it means the places are safe to visit but still offer high level of thrill and excitement you cannot find in other places.

Visit these extreme places to test your adventurous side

If you consider this type of travel to try, you might as well prepare your heart since the places that will be listed in the following is not for the weak-hearted people. Here are extreme destinations you can visit to test your adrenaline limit:

  • As mentioned earlier that even some people are willing to go to the depth of the Earth just to seek the thrill. Well, if you consider this option, you can try to visit the Dead Sea in Jordan. This is said to be the lowest place on Earth. It sits 418 meters below sea level. Aside from exploring the depth of the sea, you can also enjoy mud masking that is said to be great for skin and contain healing properties.
  • Another extreme place you can visit to test your adrenaline is Russia’s Vostok research station in Antarctica. It is claimed to be the coldest place on Earth. You can explore the place by cruise or other alternatives available. Remember that this place is extremely cold so you’d better be prepared with it.
  • Atacama Desert is another extreme destination for thrill seeker and adrenaline-junkies. This place is claimed to be the driest place on Earth. You can even visit some areas where rain never touches them in history. Aside from the extreme dryness, this is the best place for stargazing since the sky is so clear at night.
  • If you have proved yourself as thrill seeker, you might as well try exploring Mt. Everest. This is the highest place on Earth you can visit. The incredible height is what challenges people to their limit. Thin air and extreme cold temperature are obstacles the traveler should conquer to prove their bravery in travelling. For your information, this travel costs a lot and you need to prepare your physical strength to the best level.
  • Travelers like breeze sweeping their hair while exploring their favorite place. However, it is not the case for thrill seekers though. If you want to try the most extreme wind on Earth, try visiting Barrow Island in Australia. The wind speed in this place is at 255.5 mph. The nature of the island is the best. However, the extreme of the wind make this place off limits to visitors. You will need special permit to really explore the place.
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The Lightweight Hammock Camping Is a Wonder in Traveling

If there will be one of the wonder in this world related to the world of adventure, I think that will be the lightweight hammock camping. I am actually tired of being fed up by the 7 wonder things, so that, I will make or determine my own better thing I’ve found i life.

The lightweight hammock camping is a wonder for traveling

Being at outdoor, camping at far away from your home and seems that there won’t be anyone around but yourself and your shadow, can be frightening. It may for your own escape that you think can be better for you, but it doesn’t mean that something could happen to you. I don’t mean to scare you, but i hope it will really helps you to be always careful.

The traditional way of camping can be tiring, challenging, and also dangerous. You would carried many of weights and the level of security can be threatened when you were resting in a tent at night. Thankfully that there is the lightweight hammock camping where you can sleep whether on the ground, a bit above of it or more higher, and even on the steep cliffs, etc.

When you are camping at the new lonely forest alone, there are at least two of the most reliable things which are yourself and what’s inside your backpack (tools and gears you are bringing). And now, bringing the lightweight hammock camping can be so vital for your safety.

It is because of choosing the spot to sleep is so important for all the campers rather than only choosing where the best spot with the better view. At where you have no idea about your surroundings, ignorance and selfishness may arise from your heart. You can be watched by wild animals or poisonous ones.

But when you have found the better spot that it can’t be happen to you and then setting up the lightweight hammock camping before the dark, I think that 90% of where you are at the moment can be considered as safe. Let the rests are mentioned as the unexpected factors or variables that pretty much out of your control.

That is why I am calling it as the wonder where the lightweight parachute hammock can’t only be the shelter but also your own prevention from many things including when the weather is suddenly changing extremely.

This magic and wonderful camping tool is foldable since it made of parachute nylon fabric and you can get all the wonders it provides anytime you need. just by spend few of dollars, then you can create and feel your own wonder and sharing it with the other if possible.

Using the lightweight hammock camping will also add an “extra star” to your adventure or holiday experience since it is also really enjoyable. Absolutely an essential way to experience the ultimate holiday.

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Best Travel Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Celebrating your sixth years wedding anniversary can be done in many ways. Some couples choose to go for a fine dine in high-end restaurant or give each other gifts. However, you can do unconventional thing which is going for a travel. Travelling is always exciting even for those who are not really into it. Anniversary travel can be the best idea to spend your anniversary to visit your bucket list. This can be more memorable for your anniversary. There are many places to go if you consider this idea. It is not easy to decide destination especially when you don’t have particular bucket list. However, you can decide your destination for anniversary travel by choosing the theme. For example, you can decide to go for romantic, adventure, leisure, or thrilling travel. All choice is yours.

Best Travel Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Destinations for anniversary travel you may like

Anniversary travel destination doesn’t have to be overseas though. However, you must want something extraordinary about this travel. Thus, you may be interested in some of anniversary travel destinations in the following:

San Juan

San Juan is a great idea for you to spend relaxing time with your partner surrounded by mesmerizing view. You will enjoy you time strolling around soft sand beaches. It is also a great idea to stroll around the Old San Juan and pay a visit to San Juan Bay. To add the vibe of romantic and adventure travel, you can rent a kayak for two at bioluminescent bay. You will be able to watch how the waters light up with glow in the dark critters while kayaking.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a great place to spend your anniversary travel. This is a favorite place for lovers because it has everything they want started from graceful architecture, lively nightlife, good foods, and sensual tango that need to be mentioned when it comes to this great place. You and your partner can wander around interesting places such as Recoleta Cemetery. After enjoying your dinner, don’t forget to enjoy the lively nightlife as well where you can freely enjoy the locals dance the tango.


Munich, Germany is an attractive place you can’t miss especially when it comes to couple travel. This place is special especially in October when there is Oktoberfest. This is a popular and awaited festival in Munich. It is started from the third week of September and ended into the beginning of October. You don’t have to buy ticket since the admission is for free. However, you need to remember that you will be in the crowds so be prepared to bumps into many people while enjoying your time.


Asheville is like another place in different universe because it is so picturesque. This is the best destination if you look for serenity, romance, and adventure. The climate is favorable and the sight is magnificent. You can explore the hiking and biking trails with your partner. You can also please your eyes by visiting cultivated gardens and bonsais. Not to mention that National Historic Landmark is worth to visit.


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A Taste of Breezy Journey with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Gently cruising through the azure sea of pristine Flores, our Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo looks like coming out straight from Pirate of Caribbean film set. The ship, entirely made of wood, was gleaming from the scorching hot sun. The sail above us was flapping from breezing winds—we can expect Jack Sparrow to jump anytime from captain’s cabin. Instead of shabby pirates with worn-out vests, the neatly dressed crews come to to greet us, offering drinks. This is a story of my journey to Indonesian frontier, the Komodo National Park, with Ocean Pure.

A Taste of Breezy Journey in Komodo Cruise Labuan Bajo

I sipped my ice cold mango juice and look out on a vast seascape before us. With no vessel in sight, it was easy to dwell in a dream of lost paradise. It was in the middle of August, when we made the decision to sail through Flores’ golden savannah hills. My travelling buddies and I had goals in mind; hiking, diving, and Komodo hunting. While we got everything we wanted, the life in the boat was certainly worth a separated story.

Sailing with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Meet The Chic Ocean Pure

Ocean Pure, our Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo was a pleasant surprise. We initially had no idea that such bespoke luxurious experience exist in far-flung Flores. This area was practically located in the middle of nowhere! Our journey started form Labuan Bajo, a little port town in Flores before we launched to Komodo National Park. We got to see dozens of wooden boats in the harbor, but nothing stole the eyes as our Ocean Pure did. At that moment, we got the feeling that it was gonna be an awesome journey. And damn we were so right.

A Charming Phinisi

Life in Ocean Pure was like a travelling dream. It’s difficult to imagine that this polished phinisi was once a shabby spice boat. Our Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo just undergone major transformation back in 2016—that was just 2 years ago!

Just like the name spoke, Ocean Pure carried a thick blend of coastal living and nautical feeling through its decor. And oh boy the furnitures were certainly above the standard. One could easily mistaken her 5 cabins for stylish hotel rooms. Four were located in the main deck—and that’s where my cabin was—were furnished with queen size bed, hot shower toilet, air conditioner, and dressing room. Anytime we felt tired from all the hike and dive, we could easily relax in our warm-lighted cabins. Everything in the room were caramel-colored teak wood with a splash of deep blue and white palette.

Day Dreaming in the Deck

Up in the main deck, life was as simple as lounging and daydreaming the forgotten island. We got one indoor communal deck where the kitchen and bar were set. There are some soft sofas, dining table for six, and wall display of paddles.

A few meters from the indoor deck was the sun bathing area. Anyone could lounge comfortably in the four cushion. We spend most of the days here, whether to simply absorb the scenery or waiting our turn for a dive.

Hospitality Found in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Do you know that you can request a spa massage in Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo? Hearing the opportunity, we just couldn’t miss the simple luxury! Our tired feet really appreciate the massage, especially after a long hike.

Apart from that, the service quality on board was certainly first-class. The waiters were there without us being aware, but were magically ready whenever we need it. With special chef on board, dining was far from stale—we even got the opportunity to taste various Asian cuisine. And most importantly, we got the much needed morning tea and coffee ready every days!

This is one sailing adventure we could never forget!

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Benefits of Traveling with Only a Carry-On

Traveling with just a carry-on may sound like a far cry for people who always bring large checked luggages even just for a week of travel. Almost everyone who travel had fallen victim into what is known as the “what if” trap. What if you will have a fancy dinner during your trip? What if it rains? The what-ifs go on. The urges of wanting to feel prepared is what made most people overpack. There is always that urge and that insecurity that you’re going to ‘need’ more. The more we bring, the more we feel prepared. What we didn’t prepare for, however, is the hassle and regret overpacking brings us.

Benefits of Traveling with Only a Carry-On

Sometimes, a terrible experience is what convinced, or “converted” some people into strictly bringing only a carry on. You don’t want to reach that point, and you don’t have to always bring only a carry-on either. But you certainly would want to pack lighter because face it, we actually don’t need so much. Bringing just a carry-on is a good limit anyone could start from.


Ease of transport everywhere

Crowded trains, rocky and unaccommodating sidewalks, crazy rush hours, they’re all nightmares when it comes to hauling your luggage. Limiting your luggage with just a carry-on is something that will make everything so much easier. This would be especially apparent if you’ve experienced the nightmare having too many bags or too heavy luggages bring. You’ll thank yourself for the change.


Saves you money

Extra luggage prices are getting more and more expensive by the day. It’s also something to lookout for if you’re flying with a budget airlines. Luggages might just make your budget airlines not so much of a budget option anymore. Without paying for a checked luggage, you can save the money for other things that are more important for you.


Bye-bye conveyor belt

The queue and wait for your checked bags could cut into so much of your time, especially if they arrive late. With just a carry-on that you have with you all the time, you eliminate this time-consuming and plain boring aspect of your travel. You don’t have to waste time waiting for your checked baggage


Everything becomes lighter

Especially if you’re solo traveling, bringing so many bags is around may burden you more than you can handle. You carry everything yourself and that’s probably the worst part of your travel. Things will be easier for you if it becomes less tiring without the added burden.


Forces you to be more organized

Packing lighter with just a carry-on forces you to think creatively, especially if you genuinely need a lot of items. You’d find ways to make your packing easier, and ultimately less stressful. Using travel organizers is one of the known methods in compressing your luggage, especially for bulky items. Packing cubes usually come in a few pieces with different sizes. Using them would almost automatically put the mind into categorizing intent. Have fun being more organized and creative!


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Little Guide for Choosing Best Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Secrets about Komodo National Park’s underwater is out and Komodo diving liveaboard quickly become the belle. Komodo dragons might be the main star of the upper land, Manta rays and turtles rule the world under the water. Clear water, rich diversity, large school of fishes, pelagic, mantas, and seabed full of corals make Komodo National Park as premier diving destination. And the national park has dozens of pristine diving spot across the water! Naturally, going onboard with liveaboard is the best way to experience the adventure. Plus, you got a chance to explore the amazing landscape of the neighboring islands!

How to Choose Your First Komodo Diving LiveaboardHow to Choose Your First Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Choosing the best Komodo diving liveaboard for your holiday company can be such a work. There are many Komodo liveaboard in the market and it needs good amount of attention to choose the best one. Read our complete guide to choose Komodo diving liveaboard to have a fulfilling diving holiday.


Tips to Choose Komodo Diving Liveaboard


Every service come with a price, and liveaboard is no exception. Prices for liveaboard in Flores and Labuan Bajo range from budget to luxury—each with facilities of its class. The cheapest diving liveaboard are usually a small boat with basic diving amenities and no cabins. Meals are often limited to fried rice, vegetables, and fried noodles. Enough to fill your belly but might be not really much for your palate. Meanwhile, medium to luxurious liveaboard give you comfortable sleeping square for resting between dives. Meals come in higher variety, though the iconic fried rice still appears on the menu.

Boat Facilities

Inspecting boat facilities is a crucial part of choosing a liveaboard. Do they have safety jackets and lifeboats on board? Will you have Wifi connection during the excursion? How many showers available on the ship? Some of these questions might seems trivial, but they can make a huge difference while you are a world away. If you are a creature comfort seeker, you might want to know complete facilities of the boat. This might include availability of air-conditioner (very important under Flores’ hot and humid weather), indoor communal area, to sundecks. Bonus point if your Komodo diving liveaboard has ‘wet area’—a special place dedicated for diving prep and in-betweens.

Dive Masters and Diving Certificates

Whether you are a beginner snorkeler or avid divers, always make diving certificate as priority. Having PADI certified dive masters to guide you in unknown water certainly feels saver that without. Most of Komodo diving liveaboard have experienced and licensed on board. However, feel free to ask for their certificate whenever you feel unsure.

Diving Facilities

Another important things to put into consideration beside boat facilities is the diving facilities itself. Good Komodo diving liveaboard usually have Nitorx enriched air, fair selection of diving gears, and rebreather diving. It’s a plus if they have rise tanks for camera—and you will want to bring your camera underwater. The rich biodiversity and vibrant marine life is too crazy to miss!

Above everything else, your preference might take huge influence upon choosing a Komodo diving liveaboard. Whichever it is, we believe that with a good boat come an enjoyable holiday. Happy venturing!

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Types of Travel Organizers to Ease Your Trips

Travel organizers are super useful and would totally change the way you travel. Before knowing what travel organizers really are, trips and suitcases are messy and that’s normal. Packing and unpacking are such a chore. These days, travel organizers are everywhere and are in a large variety. They serve various purposes and making travel even easier.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are designed to be used in compartments to make categorizing your items a breeze. The insides of your suitcases and backpacks are bound to be so much neater and so much easier to re-pack. You can categorize your belongings according your need. You can fit a lot into these revolutionary cubes. Roll or folds, packing cubes can contain them all. These types of organizer is very versatile. The smallest size of packing cubes can be used as a makeup bag when you need it.

Packing folders

Packing folders functions to keep the clothes folded neatly. These folders are especially useful for business travelers to keep clothes from wrinkling as packing folders are commonly made out of more solid materials compared to packing cubes. It prevents the insides from being squished by other items in your luggage. The flat packing style pose its own benefits.

Grid-It organizers

These Grid-It organizers are super useful to organize your electronics; charger, usb flash drive, cables, phones, you name it. A lot of people also found the use of Grid-It organizers to organize their makeup equipment on the go. If you’re an artist, the organizer is also an extremely useful makeshift artistic tool holders. It’s super versatile and the use is entirely up to your creativity.

Shoe sleeves

Separate your shoes from your belongings

Doesn’t have time to clean your heels from last evening because you’re catching a flight? Just pop them right back into the shoes sleeves and you wont have to worry about the dirt you shoes likely caught soiling your other belongings.

Ziploc bags

These plastic bags that come in various sizes are amazingly multi-purpose. You can use these ziplocs to separate your dirty laundry from your clean clothes. Often, these bags are waterproof, and therefore you can put some of your electronics inside for protection.

Toiletry kits

Water resistant toiletry kits are a must for any traveler. It makes everything so much easier and faster. All you have to do is pull your toiletry kits from your backpack and you’re off to the bathroom, instead of digging through piles of stuff to find that small bottle of shampoo, then opening another zipper for your shower cap, and so forth. These toiletry kits also ensure your toiletries won’t spill.

Compression sacks

For bulky items, compression sacks are perfect. Compression sacks are also known to be used by travelers who do certain sports. Large, space-consuming items such as sleeping bags would also benefit from compression sacks. Compression sacks suck the air out of the bag and therefore, saves so much space. These sacks are also known to be durable, so you wont have to worry whether it would survive certain climates.

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