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Important Travel Lessons You Should Remember

There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to travelling. There will always be minor mishaps or hassle no matter how experienced you are with travelling. However, those little silly mistakes are not supposed to discourage you from having another travel experience.

Important travel lessons from mistakes

Instead, you can learn some lesson from them. This way, you will be able to get better travel in the future. Just because you make mistakes while travelling, it defines who you are. Don’t think low of yourself when you make some mistakes by labelling yourself as gullible or irresponsible. Even if you are, you can always try to improve.

Travel lessons you need from mistakes

There are many types of mistakes travelers make when they are travelling especially overseas such as getting lost in unknown streets, being a victim of pickpocket, separated from your travel group, etc. Those are common mistakes which you can improve by the times. Here are some lessons you need to remember from the mistakes you made as traveler:

  1. If you get lost somewhere when you are wandering around in unknown places, don’t panic. Don’t show any sign of anxiety or bad people will take advantage of your vulnerable state. Ask nicely to staff in hotel or restaurant for direction. To avoid being separated from the group, you need to clarify or announce meeting points just in case one of the member or you get lost. Thus, they will find you at the meeting spot if the case happens.
  2. Always learn basic word of the native language before you go to your travel destinations. This can save your life just in case you get lost or in emergency while travelling. Basic words in native language such as “help me” or “I’m injured” will be useful for travelling overseas.
  3. Always measure your luggage to avoid throwing your stuffs to the airport bins. This is a common mistakes traveler make. However, you can always take a lesson from this. Find out the budget airlines then weigh and measure your luggage to meet the standard. This is not a hassle and can save you from losing your stuffs.
  4. Even if you are logic person, it is sometimes useful to lean on your first instinct or feeling. If you doubt something when travelling such as when a certain person offers you something, you can just turn down the offer politely. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t feel right.
  5. Make sure to bring cash whenever you go and put them in different places such as in your pocket, wallet, hand-carry, etc. This is to avoid pickpocketing and even if you happen to become a victim, you still have money to save you.
  6. It is a must to respect the locals and their culture. However, you need to keep your guard. If people offer you unnatural kindness and tend to be too persistent to your liking, you need to place some distance. Make sure you keep your belongings when suspicious strangers approach you.
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Best Times to Use the Portable Double Hammock

One of the best thing you can get from a portable double hammock is that you can use it with a friend. Yes, you are capable to do it either in a camping or else, you can’t thinking about doing it alone. Invite your best friends and ask them to do the same, enjoy the moment together at the beach, your house backyard, or even inside your bedroom.

Best times to use portable double hammock

While your home can be the best place for hanging the portable double hammock with your friend to enjoy the end of the day, this is not the case I am going to talk about.

You can take the portable and lightweight double hammock to anywhere, but for some seasons and reasons, they may not the best decision to enjoy the leisure trend of hammocking. There are always the best times and places where you can really enjoy hanging out, resting, relaxing, napping, sleeping, or swinging together.

Think about using your portable double hammock at the beach in summer

A season where the longest holiday exists, can be months. The best thing most of us are doing to welcome the summer is go to the beach together. Enjoy a picnic with your friends or family. Think about what to do besides swimming and other common beach activities? You can bring the double hammock for resting.

Surely that it will have to be tied up to the trees or poles if you don’t get your own hammock stand before.

But if that will be possible for your double hammock to be setup on the beach, then your holiday can be even better. Now, at least you have one more option for laying your head down besides on your beach blanket or even on the sands.

The next thing the double hammock will benefits you is you can sleep with your friend the whole day and night at the beach inside it without thinking about rent an accommodation if you have to stay overnight. You can save the money for the foods or drinks for later or it can be as your affordable holiday where you can keep the money inside the pocket.

Hiking will be great if you are bringing the double hammock, too!

Many people are love hiking, either the mountain or just a couple of hours to the peak of the hill. The question is, how many friends that you know were hiking alone? It will be safer to do it together. We can share the luggage, saving one another in a sudden dangerous situation, and of course – having more funs. As the portable accommodation, don’t you think that you should bring the double hammock to be used with the one you are bringing with!?

The more lighter of the shelter you can setup, the better. And the double hammock is capable for that because of its lightweight.

Hiking requires the excellent body condition, while the items, tools and gears you are bringing can give you more weights and make you exhausted. That’s why the lightweight and portable double hammock somehow a must.

Being on the plateau is also the best thing you can get for enjoy the better nature view or sceneries. I am thinking about drinking a hot coffee with a friend while hanging in a hammock and the beautiful scenery displayed in front of our eyes.

In case you’re into the forest for certain reasons

There are at least 3 reasons that I know why some people are going into the forest. They can be needs to get the different camping experiences, researching about the plants, animals, or the forest itself, and the last one reason is there’s some relations with their own job (mining, logging, etc).

On above reasons, half of people will at least doing their activities for a half or full day as minimal while the others may continue to end their activities at the next day or even some more. If you are alike them, then you have to prepare where you will sleep, right? Or at least thinking about the tools and gears that will help you to sleep in a safe and comfortable condition with your partner.

You have known that the double hammock is always your choice for that. While you are in the forest with your friend, in the day or night, both of you can be bitten by the small animals and insects, the rain can suddenly falls down from the sky, etc. So that, if you have the double hammock, you can find the resting spot and make your shelter faster.

You may have also got the hammock accessories before such as underquilt to make you stays warm, the tarp to make you safe from the rain and snow, or the mosquito net to avoid the small bugs and mosquitoes.

You can be more safer inside the portable double hammock that you will setup between trees in the forest rather than sleeping on the ground inside the tent.

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IC Cards for Seamless Travel in Tokyo

If you’re planning to go to Tokyo in the near future, then you’ve probably heard of the public transportation that has a consistently excellent reputation during your planning trip. You’d most likely take the trains one way or another when you’re in the heart of the metropolitan.

IC Cards for Seamless Travel in Tokyo

The railway companies have issued IC cards that can be used by basically anyone. IC cards are prepaid cards and you can choose between either PASMO or Suica. What’s the difference between them? Not much. Both of them have the exact same use, with only minor differences as they’re issued by different companies. Whichever you choose, it won’t affect the everyday use of the card. With these IC cards, you’d essentially have an electronic money that can be used in most places you’ll go in Tokyo. IC cards are extremely useful and are live savers. Seriously, don’t travel in Tokyo without these cards.

Less hassle overall

With IC cards in your pocket, there’d be no more working out places for several minutes in front of the ticket machine. No more remembering station names as you fiddle with the buttons to purchase the ticket, every time you’re going to go somewhere. Also no more looking for small papers of ticket stubs, easily forgotten, as you walk out of the trains onto the ticket gates. No more clutter as well as fiddling with bills and coins, getting the bills out and the changes inside your wallet. It would literally make your life easier.

Saves you so much time

You won’t have to spend more time more than necessary every time you want to go somewhere. There’s also the fact that there’s generally always a queue on major train stations, therefore, not having to go to purchase tickets every time would save you so much time that you could be spending doing more important things. All you have to do is swipe the card at the ticket gate, you hear a beep, then off you go

Use your card for shopping

All of convenience stores in Tokyo commonly accept IC cards as payment methods. Most, if not all supermarkets in Tokyo also accept PASMO/Suica. A lot of major stores, as long as they have the machines or signs would accept the cards. Take Matsumoto Kiyoshi for example, a general drugstore and beauty shop, that you’re going to take notice sooner or later, is one of the most common examples of the many shops accepting the card.

Less to no coins

You’re likely going to learn this lesson only after you’ve visited Tokyo. There’s just going to be coins, so much coins. Every time you spent a 1,000 Yen, you’re going to end up with coins as change if you use cash as a payment method.  Not all money changers back home are willing to exchange coins, and you end up with a pile of coins that you wont be able to use back home. With IC cards, purchasing everyday needs at the convenience stores or the supermarket as well as some restaurants won’t contribute to your piles of coins.

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Small Towns in Europe You Should Visit for Your Romantic Getaway

Romantic vacation doesn’t have to be fancy. There is no obligation in what kind of places you should visit for romantic getaway. Even small towns in Europe can be great destination for your next romantic trip. Well, Europe is basically romantic destination and it has become default that when you think of romance, Europe is a great escape.

Small towns in Europe for romantic getaway

Europe is nowhere small. There are many places you can explore. However, you can go exploring small towns instead of already popular tourist destinations. There are many benefits you will earn by having a romantic getaway to small town in Europe such as less crowded, slower pace, less pressure, etc.

Here are recommended small towns to explore in Europe for your romantic getaway:

  1. Bruges in Belgium is a home to the Lake of Love. In this peaceful tiny town, you can visit the gorgeous water with your partner in slow pace. There is no need to rush since there is no tourist crowd around. This place attracts tourists but still in comfortable measure. There are cafes and shops you can visit as well. If you want more romantic experience, try cruising on a boat to explore the canals.
  2. Poolewe, Scotland is also beautiful small town that deserves your visit especially when you are looking for romantic destination. You can enjoy your time in Pool House, a family-owned place which provides you with great hospitality. Spend your time with your partner by lounging in the house while warning up your body near the fireplace. This house has six different guest rooms with different theme. In the evening, you can enjoy your dinner and trying Scottish whiskies in different varieties.
  3. Balestrand, Norway is a great place in a form of tiny town. There is the infamous Kvineks Hotel where the guest rooms are designed in special setting and style. In this hotel, you will find unique furniture and art collections. It is recommended to choose a room facing the lake so you will wake up with fresh air and ray of sunshine. The scenery of this tiny town is peaceful and perfect for romantic getaway.
  4. Positano, Italy is a tiny town built on a cliff. It sounds dangerous but in reality, this place is beyond words. When you go higher, you will be presented by more breathtaking view. This is a coast stretches down to the beach on Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the view from the cliff is so scenic that you don’t even want to climb down once you go to the higher cliff.
  5. Cesky Krumlov- Czech Republic is a small town consisted of scenic view and breathtaking narrow lanes. People even claim this place as miniature of Prague. Don’t miss visiting The Vltava River when you are in this tiny town. There are many romantic things to do such as canoeing, tubing, or rafting. You can also go to the observation gallery atop the Chateaux Tower to enjoy romantic view with your partner. Or, you can take your time leisurely enjoying pieces of arts in local gallery.
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What the Differences of Komodo Cruise Than the Others?

What can be better than living while sailing the sea, visiting some islands and meet with the dragons literally? Surely that there will be some interesting adventures than that, but, traveling with the cruise is always the dream for most of us. Komodo cruise is one of among many living onboard packages for travelers and adventurers who want to look closer to the tropical breeze of islands in Indonesia, located at Flores Islands, East Nusa Tenggara.

Komodo cruise to sail over the Flores Islands

There are many of the empty islands without residents over the Flores Islands. Many of them are also still get no name to be called. Hundreds of islands are ready to be visited. No crowd will disturbs your peaceful traveling and any kind of pollutions. You are likely back to the ancient age where nature is at its best. No doubt that I will call the Komodo cruise package as one of the best you can get in Indonesia. But, since meet the komodo dragons is the only experience you can get over there, this can be one of the best travel package in the world, as well.

One of the most visited island for the Komodo cruise package is the Komodo Island. It is a must visited island. You can get there from Bali by the ship. If you are decided to go on a flight, then you have to landed at the city of Labuan Bajo first. From there, you can continue your journey to the island by boat for hours.

There are at least 3 important differences between the Komodo cruise package with the other liveaboard packages especially in Indonesia. One of them have been mentioned above about to see and meet the dragons. And the other differences will be explained below why it so much special to be shipped.

Exploring some islands along with their attractions with Komodo cruise

Since the East Nusa Tenggara is the archipelagic province, then there will be many of the islands to be visited. So with the islands located at this Lesser Sunda Islands that also being part of the Komodo National Park. Some of the world’s popular islands at there are the Komodo Islands, Padar and Rinca.

Most of those islands are perfect for the sea and the land attractions such as meet the dragons, enjoy the pink beach that are rarely existed in the world, diving with the beautiful coral around and various of sea fishes such as shark, manta, whale, etc. You can also hike the hill through your stop at the island to see the beauty from the peak.

Most of the cruise designs are inspired by the local wisdom

Did you know that one of the most popular sailing boat design in Indonesia called as phinisi? The ship design can be easily found in eastern of Indonesia, including at the province of East Nusa Tenggara itself. The design is the original one so it should has also help you experience the authentic journey through your sea adventure.

The rooms, the deck, along with the other helpful onboard facilities are the great deal to enjoy the moments together with your friends or family you are brought with. In fact, this can be the perfect deal for the honeymooners.

Itineraries; You won’t worry about what you can do with the Komodo Liveaboard package

The best thing I know about the Komodo liveaboard package is, it is easy to find the Komodo cruise agent or package providers that also provides us with the itineraries. Things to do along your sailing while visiting the islands. Itineraries are important especially when this can be your first visit. So that, you have to be accompanied with the experienced travel agent that will be possible to be hired the experienced team before.

There is also the tour agents where you can plan your own itineraries. They will give you the brief information about the islands along with the things to do at the interesting destinations you are possible to visit. And that should be the best news for all the travelers and adventurers who are planning to visit.

There will be more differences between the Komodo cruise compared with the available cruise packages in Indonesia. But for now, since the dragons can only be met at Flores, don’t you think that they should worth your visit?

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Things to Do before Leaving Home for Travelling

Travelling is everyone’s favorite because it i the time when you feel so carefree about your hectic life. It is not a secret that life forces you to keep working hard. However, human is prone to stress so taking trip to somewhere nice can be the solution for it. Travelling is stress reliever and energizer. After travelling, you will likely get more spirit to work harder energetically. However, leaving your home for travelling should be prepared though. If you are taking long vacation, you need to do the right things before really leaving your home.

What you need to do before travelling?

Your holiday is stress reliever. However, don’t make it sounds like you are dodging a bullet. Instead of using vacation as a way to run out of responsibility, it is better to finish your task properly at work before taking vacation. Travelling while having pile of works waiting for you when you get home will not make it as stress reliever. You will feel restless during travel because you keep remembering your unfinished works. Thus, make sure you finish your works before taking vacation to avoid more hassle when you’re back later.

Next thing to do is booking all necessities such as flight, hotel, car rental, etc. From some studies, it shows that the best time to book flight for vacation is 3 months prior. At that time, you likely have more opportunities for cheaper price. Aside from getting lower price, booking early helps you to ease your mind before travelling because you will likely be panic to do it in a rush.

Next, you need to make sure every document you need is prepared especially when you are travelling overseas. Check your passport’s expiration dates as well. Aside from passport, make sure that you also prepare other necessary documents. It is recommended that you make copy of them just in case you need them while travelling.

Research more about your destination and find out the do’s and don’ts. For example, there are some countries which require you to get shot from certain vaccine before visiting. This is very important because you don’t want to get caught some diseases during or after travel. If you travel with your family, make sure all members are up to date on their shots as well, especially children who are prone to diseases.

Plan your itinerary thoroughly to set up all our necessities such as hotel, transport, and everything in details. Some people say that spontaneous travelling is more fun to do instead of thoroughly prepared one. However, travelling with family requires you to be prepared in details because you have more responsibilities to make sure everything will be fine.

Make sure that you leave home safe before travelling. For example, you can ask your neighbor to monitor your house when you’re away. You can also pay all bills before leaving so that you don’t have to do it while travelling. Make sure that your other families know when you are going to travel for emergencies.  

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3 Amazing Nusa Penida Diving

Nusa Penida is a favorite place for domestic or foreign divers. A pure natural environment that has not been touched by humans is the advantage of Nusa Penida. There are 3 best dive spots you can explore. Nusa Penida is not only popular with diving spots but also best for snorkeling, sunbathing or just enjoying the natural scenery.

Nusa Penida Diving

Nusa Penida diving is famous for rare and large species such as sunfish, manta rays, or sharks. You can enjoy beautiful and colorful coral reefs while exploring underwater.

Given the location of Nusa Penida diving quite far from Bali, finding a dive center long before you arrive is a great idea. Generally, tourists come and vacation to Bali, then continue to Nusa Penida using a speedboat. To be more organized, you can search for Nusa Penida dive packages from dive centers in Bali.

The Nusa Penida diving package includes a drop-off and picks up, from or to the hotel to the speedboat. There are a number of Nusa Penida diving spots that dive centers usually offer for 1 dive package.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay includes Nuda Penida diving spots that attract divers. In the crystal bay, you will be invited to see an underwater cave located 10 meters away. To see the underwater scenery, you have to dive at a depth of 20 meters. Unique and beautiful fish variations and beautiful coral reefs. When the current is not strong, you can enjoy the underwater view from the bay.

Gamat Bay

Gamat bay, one of Nusa Penida diving spots that have clear water with steep sinks. Domestic or foreign divers really like this spot because it has a beautiful underwater panorama. When you go under the sea, you can find sharks, big pelagic fish, mola-mola fish, big Pari fish, and unique and beautiful turtles.

Manta Point

This is a popular spot for Nusa Penida diving in the world. You can enjoy manta points, manta rays with wings of more than 3 meters and have a variety of motives. Other views of underwater biota that you can see are an octopus, porcelain crabs, moray eels, soft and hard corals. To see the manta point, you have to dive at a depth of 7-20 meters. It is recommended that you have a certificate that matches the depth level of your dive level. Capturing under the sea is a must. This is an amazing diving experience at Nusa Penida for every moment.

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Road Trip Destination Ideas for Gem Enthusiasts

Road trip destinations for gemstones enthusiasts

There are many types of travel you can choose for your liking. Besides, here are many destinations you can go to. There is no problem in choosing the most ideal travel destination. If you have certain interest in your life, you may want to choose travel destination based on it. For example, if you like fishing, your travel destinations might be dominated by lakes, rivers, beaches, etc. If you are adrenaline junkies, your travel destinations must be around extreme places like mountain, canyon, etc. If you are gem enthusiasts, there are many places you can go to as your travel destinations. It is like treasure hunting. Gemstones are beautiful and lots of people love them.

Road trip destinations for you to hunt gemstones

Well, it is not actually gem hunting but the idea is interesting enough for you to try for a road trip. You and your travel buddy can have fun with treasure hunt so that the trip is not so plain. You can rent an RV to help you go for the road trip. Remember that it is not pure gem hunting in a way. However, you may experience and learn something while enjoying beautiful scenery along the road. Here are some travel destination ideas for you gem enthusiast:

  • Gem Mountain in Montana specifically Philipsburg is a remote area. Along the way, you can try finding sapphires, one of the most favorite gemstones. Aside from sapphire hunting, this destination is great because you can also take a visit to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park as well. After finding some gems, you need help form the local staff to find out which gem is worth keeping and which one is not.
  • Emerald Hollow Mine in North Carolina is also a great travel destination for road trip especially gem hunting. This is located in Hiddenite, North Carolina. Emerald itself is precious and valuable gemstone with distinctive and beautiful color. However, it is not only emerald you can find from the mine. You can also find other gems such as topaz, amethyst, and aquamarines if you are lucky.
  • Herkimer Diamond Mines is located in New York and one of the most favorite locations for a road trip between gem enthusiasts. If you think you will find diamond here then you need to hold back because they are not actual diamond instead quartz crystal which resemble diamond a lot in many ways. They are well hidden within the ground and caves around the location. Aside from gem hunting, you can also enjoy other activities around the area.
  • Cherokee Ruby and Sapphire Mine is located in Franklin, North Carolina. Your road trip will be find since you are allow to search for rough gemstones like ruby, moonstones, sapphire and garnets. This mine is open only from May to October so this is the best time before it is close. After finding the gems, the staff will screen them. You can also hike, go fishing, or simply watch bird in the Nantahala National Forest.
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How to Travelling Safely for the Pregnant

Travelling is not only for youth because even pregnant women can do it if they can. However, it might not be so easy for women to go travelling during their pregnancy. There are many factors to be considered to travel during pregnancy and it is not only for the sake of the mother but the baby as well.

There are risky times when pregnant women are not recommended to go for travelling. There are also some places which are not recommended to visit by them in the first place for safety reason. In addition, the condition of women in normal situation and during pregnancy is different.

There are many times when pregnancy cause some discomfort even without travelling as the excuse.

How to travel safely even during pregnancy?

Traveling safely for the pregnant

Pregnancy is a blessing for women even when it sometimes limits them from doing activities they can do while they are in normal situation. However, it doesn’t mean pregnant women cannot go travelling at all. They can still go travelling by paying attention more on important things as the following:

  1. First, it is important to choose the time to travel wisely. The first and third trimesters are the time when emergencies are likely to happen so it is not recommended to go travelling in those periods. It is more recommended to travel during 14 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. That is when morning sickness is less and the size of the belly is not big yet. So, it is better to travel during this time for convenience and safety.
  2. Travel comfortably is recommended during pregnancy. It means that seat choice is important especially when the destination is quite far from home. Choosing an aisle seat is more comfortable for pregnant women because they tend to go to the restroom more often than normal people do.
  3. Keeping pregnant women hydrated is essential during travel. The cabin of transportation tends to be narrow and makes pregnant women less comfortable. It can cause to cramp, nausea, and fatigue. Cabins also have low humidity level which is the major cause of dehydration. To prevent from serious effect, it is highly recommended for pregnant women to drink water regularly, and have healthy snacks to keep blood sugar in healthy level.
  4. It is not recommended for pregnant women to carry heavy weight especially during travel. Thus, it is highly suggested that they pack light instead. Minor toiletries such as toothbrush or toothpaste can be purchased at destination so it is better to pack only the most essential things. Carrying too much weight can cause some complications to pregnant women.
  5. Pregnant women should plan travel thoroughly ahead of time. This includes checkup entire health condition with doctor and consults potential risks, research destination to know where emergency options are, prepare budget properly, etc. During travel, it is also highly recommended to take a break once in a while. Travelling during pregnancy can cause extreme exhaustion and stress. Thus, having proper rest by taking breaks or napping is highly recommended.
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Parachute Camping Hammock Is Best To See The Scenery

For me, there are similarities regarding to the purpose of camping and traveling in general. They are to experience the adventure and also to discovery something through exploration. To make you enjoy both of the activities, you will need the best but simple way of resting where the parachute camping hammock can be the first in the list.

It’s not just about the traveling, life itself can even best viewed from the parachute camping hammock you are using.

The moment you are planned to go out for camping even though at your house backyard, it will be hard not to thinking about using the parachute hammock you have bought before. Your life may have been going noisy and crazy so far, so that you may will need its simplicity.

As simple as swinging under the trees at sunset while listening to your favourite singer.

The parachute camping hammock should be one of the travel and pleasure manifesto you should have in your life.

Swing often in your parachute hammock even if you’re not camping!

Parachute camping hammock for better scenery and me-time moment

Let’s say that you won’t consider that using the hammock at your backyard is not part of the camping. You need to go out somewhere just to takes it as the camping activity. Swinging at your yard may only takes it as to rest for awhile. No problem.

Life can be shocking, sometimes. If something doesn’t going well as you have planned, take your moment and be calm to think about it again. Sometimes, ourself need the “me-time” by simply being alone at peaceful place with the beautiful sight. That’s where the parachute camping hammock is offering us.

It is so portable and lighter than most of the other camping tools with the same usage, so you won’t need to get some exercises just to brings it everywhere. Sitting or lying down in a hammock are also the best way to see the scenery and may contributes in clearing our mind. Look above to the blue sky with the clean white clouds, the sunburst is going through the green leaves from the trees around while hearing the sounds of the birds in the distance. Those should the best way to really enjoy your life, shouldn’t them?

There are no tasks to be done and no demands that exceeds your ability, simply just your own me-time to enjoy the best scenery of nature from around 1 meter above the ground to the infinity of the blue sky.

We all need to swing often in a parachute hammock at our own backyard, even at the bedroom or living room if possible, or dragging ourselves occasionally  for camping.

You don’t have to do it alone especially to experience the camping with a parachute hammock. Bring along your best partners if that will be possible. Let’s not just focusing on our me-time, there should also “our-time” for the warm of togetherness.

If you have shopped the parachute camping hammock before, you have known that it comes with various size. You can even get the double hammock that can be enough to swing with two adults inside, and there are even some of the sizes that are fit for more than two person.

Hammock camping with the children is also interesting thing to be considered. Knowing that they will love to be at outdoor, they are in love with the swinging so the activity can be more happier. If you are taking 2 or 3 child, the fight to claim right as the owner of the parachute hammock may will begun sooner. I would love to see that happen in the days to come. One good thing can be happen is, the hammock’s room that the children are using is enough for them. So, they may still playing some fun or even sleep together inside it.

So, have you been have fun, see the best scenery, enjoy your me-time, etc in a parachute camping hammock? If not, don’t you think that you have to give it a try?

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