3 Romantic and Affordable Destinations In Bali For Honeymoon

What happening in Indonesia is that, every popular spaces, spots, and destinations will provide and serve the expensive products and services. Commonly will be like that and so with the Bali itself that is quiet expensive comparing to the other cities in Indonesia. But, if you are on a honeymoon, there are still many affordable or even cheap destinations in Bali and you can still experience the romantic atmosphere of the surround and the moment with your love.

If there will be someone telling you that spending honeymoon in Bali will be so expensive, he or she may is right. There is no lie in those words. But surely, considering it as the affordable or the otherwise will be so relative. Someone may takes it as even more cheapest, and the rest will cry after seeing their Bank.

So that, of you are now planning the romantic honeymoon getaway with your love, I’d gladly to tell you about the affordable destinations on a honeymoon in Bali without breaking your future saving. You will really happy by being romantic in the tropical island and no need to worry about anything.

Romantic and affordable destinations for the honeymooners in Bali

Precisely, I could only give you about 3 destinations as written on above title. But, there are actually dozens of cheap destinations in Bali that can make your honeymoon moments even more romantic.

I’ll try to add the other destinations for later if I’ll get more times for that. But so far, I think even if you can only know some of this destinations, that will also pretty much enough to spend the days.

Here we go.

1. Jatiluwih’s Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace as one of the romantic and affordable destination in Bali on a honeymoon

Imagine visiting the rice terraces in theĀ  morning or afternoon while seeing the farmers are doing their activities. The green landscape is also the great view you can get from this Jatiluwih rice terrace.

Even, there are many of the visitors that have made this spot as the place to take their pre-wedding images or their honeymoon photoshoot in Bali. This place is also recommended for the family vacation. If you are visiting Bali with the children, I think they will know what they want to do there.

To enjoy the atmosphere of this destination, there have been provided the paths in the middle of the rice terrace. You can walk through it and saying hello to the farmers you will meet.

2. Resto Apung, Kintamani

This is the floating restaurant at Batur lake, Kintamani. The Batur Lake itself surely will be the destination where the lake’s scene is so much dominant. And if you have not been getting your proper romantic diner before with your love, this destination should be the one that you will visit.

Even if it is called as the restaurant that mostly in Bali will be expensive, this floating restaurant will only cost you around $3 up to $10 per serving. You will have a really affordable romantic diner in here.

3. Tirta Gangga, Karangasem

If you are interested with the park that is full of water or the pools, statues with the authentic Bali’s carving patterns, then the area of Tirta Gangga in regency of Karangasem will be your spot to go.

This destination has not been popular for many so you will really enjoy the romantic moment. There is also another park besides it called as the “Taman Ujung Sukasada,” so you will be at the two destinations in one go.

The water on the pools are originally comes out from the natural springs in the ground. You can swim around in the provided pool and takes more images with your love while enjoy the village atmosphere on the air.

Those are 3 romantic and affordable destination in Bali that you can visit on your honeymoon moment. Anyway, most of the above destinations will charge you the entrance fee. But, mostly, they are only will require you to pay off about Rp. 10.000,- So much affordable that actually can’t even reach up to $1.

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