3 Things to Know Before Getting Your Labuan Bajo Tour

If you have a chance to reserve for the Labuan Bajo tour even for a day, then you will have chance to experience the remnant of Jurassic age. It is because the fame of thousands of Komodo dragons at Labuan Bajo region along with the other islands such as Padar, Komodo Island, etc.

Thing you must know before getting Labuan Bajo tour

Labuan Bajo can also be considered as the main entrance for all the exotic animals, islands, diving attractions and many more tourist activities since it has the airport so the tourists can access all the surrounded areas. Many of the traveling stories at the province of Flores are started from here. That can also be one of the reasons why you may need to get the Labuan Bajo tour for the future vacation.

As well as traveling to other destinations in this world, you will also need to prepare many things and items. If your tour to Labuan Bajo will be the first time, then you have also need to know many things to make your traveling more safe, comfort, easier and even needn’t to spend more money for the unexpected things to happen.

Few important things you need to know before getting your Labuan Bajo tour

For every new destination and tour package you want to reserve, you don’t have to be the “Mr. Know-it-all.” You have to question everything comes to your mind for ensuring that you have choose the right Labuan Bajo tour plan. So that, I will tell you a bit about that and hopefully will really help you a lot.

  • Finding the tour and travel agent is important, even though it’s not for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are the solo traveler or even visiting Labuan Bajo in a group. We can always depending on travel agent for some of vital parts in our journey, especially when it comes to our security. Most of the travel agents will really helpful in this. Be it you are disturbed by the strangers or accidentally hurt yourself for any reasons. If you find the trustworthy agent for that, you are in luck.

If you haven’t found one, you can start by searching for the local people or agent who can help you with that. If you are guided by the local people, your tour will also feels a bit authentic. But even the Labuan Bajo tour agent is held by the foreigners, I think that will not a problem as well.

For they who don’t need the travel agent, then they must have experienced many things at the same destinations as you will go and may get some skills they need to have. But if you are an amateur and feels like you need to be accompanied all the time, then find an agent you can hired the services.

  • Where to stay after your flight landed up to the end of your Labuan Bajo tour itineraries

We have known that most of the tour packages will included with the accommodation. But it can be different at Labuan Bajo tour package. This is because of you may not only stay in one place. From Labuan Bajo, your travel package may offering to visit Komodo Island to view the dragons and it will takes hours to get there. There is also the travel package that makes the traditional ships as the main accommodation. Mostly, it will be called as the Labuan Bajo or Komodo Liveaboard package. So you will visit the islands while living on the boat for certain period of time.

  • Ask more about the itineraries your tour package is about to provide

If you are usually reserving the tour package by visiting the travel agent’s official site, sometimes we don’t get much information. So that, we have to make sure that the agent can be reached easily through email, mobile phone contact (call or texting), or even fast response from the social media. It is important to ask about the itineraries because the scheduled activities will also affect the items you have to bring.

For example, if you are required to hike the hill to find and meet with the Komodo dragons, don’t you think that you need to bring your hiking shoes and maybe need to wear the t-shirt as well!? You will know that and the others if you are asking more and more about the itineraries.

Those are 3 things to know just before getting your Labuan Bajo tour package from a travel agent or even if you are as the solo traveler.

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