4 Cheap Diving Bali Packages To Explore The Unknown

Bali as one of the world’s most popular destinations represents all elements. You can feel the true spiritual atmosphere, the pleasure of vacation and at the same time calm. Activities in Bali not only offer an unforgettable holiday experience. You can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while enjoying challenging activities while on vacation. Diving is a popular challenging activity. The best row of dive spots in Bali brings you to explore the world that you don’t get on land.

Diving Bali Packages

Diving Bali packages are always the best way to enjoy underwater. List of dive center offers many Bali scuba diving packages with attractive offers. Discount promotions or various benefits offered by dive centers with varying prices. Bali diving spots are perfect for micro photographer lovers. You can take advantage of promos in the summer because there are many interesting offers to explore underwater Bali.

The selection of diving Bali packages can be adjusted according to your vacation schedule. The types of packages offered are very diverse. You can enjoy daily diving or diving safaris. For more challenging dives, you can enjoy a package of Aurora liveaboards to tour Indonesia’s best dive spots. Starting from Komodo, Alor, North Maluku to Raja Ampat.

You don’t need to worry about diving schedules. With the daily diving Bali packages, you can place an order at any time. The best daily diving spot Bali packages offered.

Amed Day Trip

Amed has 4 favorite dive spots which are a haven for divers. You will amaze to see a Japanese shipwreck at depths of 2-5 meters. In addition, you can find species such as pigmy seahorses, leaf fish, scorpion fish, and others.

Jemeluk Bay is one of the Bali diving spot packages where you can enjoy seahorses, frogfish, crabs, shrimp, turtles and white tip sharks. You can see the underwater temples in Jelemuk Bay, which is currently used as a playground and hiding place for fish.

Pyramids are another spot in Amed which is inhabited by many species such as Kura Kura, sharks, napoleon wrasse, many nudibranchs, and other macro lives. This is the best spot for underwater photographers.

Bunutan is included in the favorite spot in Amed which has a depth of 10-40 meters. You can see thousands of eels in Bunutan. In Bunutan, you can see species of a white tip, black tip, tuna, barracudas, giant trevally and others.

Sanur Day Trips

Sanur daily diving Bali packages are perfect for beginner divers. Dive spots in Sanur have calm water and clear visibility. Sanur is the best place for other training packages such as divemaster, Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, or specific Specialty Diver courses.

Padang Bai Diving Bali Packages

You can enjoy 2 diving spots in Pandang Bai through diving Bali packages. Blue Lagoon and Japan offer 2 amazing underwater views. Actually, there are many more dive spots on Padang Bai. Fish species such as anemone clowns and fish, napoleon wrasses, trevallies, jackfish, tuna, Moorish idols, crocodile fish, lionfish, frogfish, octopus, cuttlefish, sharks, and turtles can be found in dive spots on Padang Bai.

Best Tulamben Diving Bali Packages

USAT Liberty is a favorite spot for professional divers, easy to reach. Diving at Tulamben has its own sensation. This one dive spot promises perfect beauty and experience. Tulamben can be said to be a popular spot that many Bali dive centers offer you.

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