How to Get to China’s Great Palace Museum

The complex of establishment is only a “Museum” in name, however it is nothing like it. You won’t find rows of glass case enclosing historical items. The complex that’s referred to as the Forbidden City in the past is an ancient cultural phenomenon that boasts impressive architecture and style.

How to get to China's great palace museum

A visit to the National Palace Museum would easily take a full day. It’s something to be soaked in and thoroughly enjoyed if you have the luxury of time.

You’ll find yourself walking extensively, as the museum was known as the world’s largest palace as well as the world’s largest surviving wooden structure, as declared by UNESCO.

The Chinese National Palace Museum was home to China’s ruling imperial family dating back to the 15th century. The forbidden city was surrounded by walls of approximately 10 meters in height, and the moat is 52 meters long. The Forbidden City is our 72 hectares in size.

So be prepared to walk long distances for long hours. Not simply because of the size, but because there’s just a sheer wealth of what to see. It’s heaven for those who love ancient Chinese architecture style.

Since you can easily spend a full day in the Forbidden City because of its sheer size as well as the wealth of cultural items stored in the individual museums, it’s recommended that you block at least four hours of your time to explore the Forbidden City and all of its ancient grandeur.

Make sure to get to the right entrance, which is the South Entrance or the Meridian Gate. It’ll cost you one kilometer of walk if you get to the wrong entrance. The North Gate is called the Gate of Divine Might, a translation to “Shenwumen”.

For public transportation access to get you to the Forbidden City, you can take the metro and stop at Tiananmenxi, as well as Tiananmendong. Booking a ticket requires you to present an identification. The citizens of China are required to buy tickets online, though until today at the time of this writing, foreign tourists are allowed to buy tickets onsite.

Make sure to bring your passport. Children under the height of 120 cm is free of charge, but must always be accompanied by an adult. The entrance fee costs 40 Yuan, while the price for high season is 60 Yuan, which lasts from April to October.

There are also separate ticket required for you to enter the individual museums, such as the Treasure Gallery and the Clock and Watch Gallery, where each museum entrance fee is priced at 10 Yuan

The peak hours of visit for the Forbidden City is from 10 am to 1 pm, during which you will see tour buses with hordes of people, and it’s common that the attendance rate stay high until at least 3 pm. It’s recommended to go during the morning before the peak hours.

Keep in mind that the Forbidden City only allows entrance of maximum 80,000 people each day. During the weekends or Chinese Public Holiday, the tickets are quick to sell out.

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Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Services in Bali

Online business owners are thinking and trying so hard to make their sites ranked better for any of targeted keywords. They are trying to be on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If there will be a chance, being on top 3 will be great. Surely that it will needs more efforts just to be on the first page. But you don’t have to work alone, since I’d like to introduce you about why you should use the Bali SEO services.

Reasons for hiring Bali SEO services company

If you are the traveler, then you may think that Bali is one of your destination. But if you are the businessman, then you know that Bali will provide you the widely open market where you can combine the local and Indonesian people in general along with foreigners (businessmen, travellers, scientists, etc) as your targeted market. Many of the foreigners in Bali are staying for months and even the whole year for vacation and other activities. So that, there are bigger chance that the business you are running will be as great as you have targeted.

In term of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you will deal with many things, including the technical things such as preparing the well structured site, preparing the meta tags, title for each pages and their descriptions, research the high volume keywords you can compete with along with their phrases, optimizing the images, etc related to the site performance and make sure that the site is accessible for all major search engines.

The problems are, you have no time, less knowledge and experiences, but thinking that you can be at the first page of Google? You are dreaming! Your competitors have also done the same works as yours and even have been dealing with building some quality backlinks for months or even years. Theirs sites may have even generates thousands of visitors everyday and their pages have also been shared by the customers. Somehow, it is impossible for your site for even appears on the top 100 searches. That’s why you will need the Bali SEO services.

Why Bali SEO services?

Now you have to think that the SEO services aren’t only the work that can be done in a week. While that can also be possible, but since your rank can be go up and down within days, your weekly schedule for hiring the Bali SEO services is not something make sense. Simply hire an agency for at least 3 months for helping you with your SEO campaign, but I’d like to suggest you to do it for the next 6 months as minimal period of your digital campaign.

So, why hiring the Bali SEO services and not the other regions in Indonesia? On the other hands, you can always find the relevant company in your own country. What’s special about it?

Experience in dealing with international market

Is there any other luxuries in business better than experienced the international market? The bigger the customers your business is dealing with, the better strategy you will need to prepare. So with the SEO campaign for your business site.

Since Bali is an island for all of us and visited by many foreigners everyday, the Bali SEO projects handled by the digital agency can also be vary. From small market for local people up to the bigger ones that are offering for the foreigners in Bali and also people in their country. This is happening because there are some of the foreigners that are also the businessmen.

So that, the search engine competition for most of the products and services are pretty much high. Many businessmen are doing the same ways and strategies for their sites. If you are doing the same, you can be left far behind. Therefore, you will need the Bali SEO agency.

Great for travel related products or services

Bali SEO company is also great for certain products and services that are related to travel field or tourism. Be it the diving package, providing the accommodations such as hotel rooms, luxury villas and condos, restaurants or clubs, tour destinations and attractions and many more.

If you are running the business that is at least have the relevant niche to travelling, then you are on the great hands. Your products or services will be served by the specialists. At least, in dealing with preparing your site contents can be easier since the international market experiences can also helpful for that. You are possible to get a better for your on-page contents along with better copywriting.

Both are the main 2 benefits your online business can get when hiring the Bali SEO company at least for the next 3 or 6 months. If you find this article helpful, please kindly share this post.

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Getting to Know China’s Great Forbidden City in Brief

The iconic Palace that now has became one of the most popular tourist destinations in China boasted over 15 millions visitors annually. A number that seemed to only rise; as in 2016 and 2017, the number of visitors amounted to 16 millions. A lot of people toured to China with a visit to the Forbidden City as the main itinerary, or even its sole purpose. This sparks little wonder, as the impressive palace complex is evidently the largest surviving palace complex in the world, and it houses the last of emperors and empire reigns in China.

Getting to know China's great forbidden city

The Chinese characters is read as “Zijin Cheng”, which literally means “Purple Forbidden City”. It’s home to 24 emperors before China became a Republic as we know now. Every inch of the palace complex is a testament to culture and ancient heritage. The Forbidden City is undoubtedly the largest palace complex in the world, comprised of approximately 74 hectares and rectangular in shape. The Forbidden Palace was the center of China’s political and governmental scene for half a thousand years.

Today, the Forbidden City is known simply as the “Palace Museum” in English. The locals refer to the Forbidden City as “Gugong”, which translates to “Former Palace”. The palace complex is located North of the Tiananmen Square, and a ticket needs to be bought in advance or on the spot before entering the establishment. The Forbidden City is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection in the world that preserved ancient wooden structures.

The Palace got its name “Forbidden” because of the simple fact that no one could enter, nor leave the palace without the emperor’s permission. This includes even the imperial families, with the exception of the Emperor himself.

The Forbidden Palace was home to the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty; the two last ruling Chinese Dynasties. The palace was built during the reign of Emperor Chengzu of Ming Dynasty, in which construction began in the year of 1406. The construction of the Forbidden City took approximately 14 years to complete. It’s been said that over 1 million workers constructed the place. The Ming Dynasty ruled for 276 years from 1368 to 1644. Ming Dynasty is the last of Han Chinese to rule over China before it was taken over by the Qing Dynasty.

Qing Dynasty ruled for almost three centuries, where the Dynasty reached its golden era during Emperor Qianlong reign. Qing Dynasty was the last empire to rule China proper, from 1644 to 1912, before the establishment of the Republic of China. Qing Dynasty is also largely characterized by its many conquest, notably by Qianlong. The Qing Dynasty has largely shaped the territorial base of what is known as today’s modern China. The Qing Dynasty is also known to be multicultural, with Manchurians, a Chinese minority as the ruling clans, Mongolians, Tibetans, and Chinese Han, that comprises most of Chinese population. A lot of the Forbidden City’s treasures are from Qianlong era, when arts, poetry, and many kinds of literary works thrived and prospered.

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Staying in the Heart of Seminyak at 3 Bedroom Villa

For some people, when they are thinking about the holidays, they may will associate it with the tropical paradise island they have been dreaming of, sunbathing under the sun at the lonely beach while getting a relaxing massage. Those are impossible if you are spending your holiday in Bali. And apart of the high and big hotels as your accommodation, there is also the 3 bedroom villa seminyak that is available and you can rent all the years.

The 3 bedroom villa Seminyak is pretty much a big deal for you who need the more bigger spaces and rooms to enjoy the holiday at your own level. You are the one who decided how big the accommodation will be. Moreover, if you are visiting and bringing your own family, the villa will be great for that than a condo.

The advantage of renting the 3 bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak is its proximity to the beach and all the destinations and attractions that happen there. You are staying in one of the center of Bali’s favorite spot where many of the travellers and guests are trying to. That’s one of the luxury as well that you can get while sleeping in this kind of villa. I don’t think it’s too much to say that many will be jealous of you.

The Seminyak villa with 3 bedrooms is also known as the Three Bedroom Penthouse, so I simply called is the villa penthouse. It is provided by the Hu’u Villas Bali, the villas provider that can make your imagination be the true.

Staying in a luxury 3 bedroom villa Seminyak

If you have ever dreaming of the stay that can provides you the dramatic scenes of sunrise and sunset in the tropical Bali paradise, then you have came to the right place. The 3 bedroom villa penthouse in Seminyak is here for you as your best accommodation in the heart of the tourism’s world.

You can’t only get the bigger bedrooms for all the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak, but you are also have prepared with the long-enough private pool to swim and enjoy the cool atmosphere. If you need to go to the beach for sunbathing or getting the massages from the local people, you will only need more or less than 2 minutes within walking distance. There are also many delicious restaurants around the beach for tasting the great foods and refreshing drinks. But be aware of the little devil drink because the night life is also tempting.

Bars, cafes, and night clubs can easily be found. Even if you are staying in a luxury and private 3 bedroom villa Seminyak, you are possible to visit the night club without any kind of transportations but your foot. The hot and cheerful night is about walking distance as well.

See! You are possible to enjoy the wonderful destinations, interesting attractions including the religious rituals if you are in luck since the beach has the important temple, never-ending night life to gathering with your friends, and more. All started with only your choice to stay in a luxury 3 bedroom villa Seminyak. You can even make you own party after the mid-night club visiting if you want.


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What Can You Cut From Your Daily Expenses for Travel

Observe how you use your money. Note down your expenses. Don’t try to limit your spending first thing. Just start by keeping track of your finance. If you’ve been doing this for awhile, good. Realizing is the very first step you can do for yourself that will benefit you in the long run.

Cut daily expenses for travel

Knowing what you’re spending on is extremely important, as everyone is different and no two people’s spending is the same. Just having a vague idea won’t help.

You need to have a clear idea and have those ideas poured into an actual form that you can always go back to. Be aware of your financial behavior.

Really can’t stress enough the importance of realizing your financial state first and foremost. More than just your income and the general idea of your spending.

Have a clearer detail, it’ll help you better. From then on, you’ll have a much clearer idea on where you can cut

Less eating out

This one is an obvious step, one that you’ve probably heard a million times on other articles already. There’s a reason people are keep talking about how eating out less can greatly reduce your spending. Eating out can seriously skyrockets your expenses by a significant amount, compared to when you don’t. However, there’s the fact that eating out is more than just that.

It’s largely a social activity. Meeting people over lunches or dinners is simply commonplace, and cutting that out altogether from your life is basically nigh on impossible, and not to mention, impractical. So, how can you go about this?

You can change your usual cafe for a meeting at your place instead. Cook for your friends. Better yet, have a cooking session together—ask your friend how to cook if you don’t consider yourself savvy.

Not only it will be an excellent bonding activity for those involved, it’s also highly economic.

Being cooped up at your home simply won’t do your health any good, though. So when you you need to get outside, make sure to bring your lunch with you.

Meet up with your friends at public spaces such as parks. Again, make sure to bring your lunch, or at least, bring some snacks with you.

Shop smarter

Shopping is everyone’s favorite past time, no matter the gender, or lack thereof. Splurging hundreds of dollars in one night is just so easy.

So why won’t anyone do it? Downsize your spending on shopping instead of trying to eliminate it altogether. Shop at secondhand clothes.

Snatch deals on online sales, and don’t be embarrassed to use your coupons.

Less coffee

Cut on the fancy coffee drinks. The $5 bill you spend each time adds up very quickly. Yes, coffee shops are more of a place to hangout and socialize. This would be a bit difficult if you frequent coffee shops to work or to study.

Instead of aiming to omit coffee shops from your routine altogether, you can downsize your spending. Order black coffee instead of a latte. Over time, the difference is huge as it accumulates.

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Luxury Bamboo Bedding That Keep You Cool

The quality bedding is also means the quality sleep. Investing in natural-fiber and luxury bamboo bedding, cooling sheets, covers, etc is not only to fulfill your sleeping need but also to get more comfortable and healthy sleep habits.

Luxury bamboo bedding that keep you cool

Sleeping isn’t also about how to fall asleep faster as you want, you can also considering about the next things happening while you are closing your eyes. There are many times after we were asleep and the next few hours, we were waking up in a sudden because of our own sweat in a hot bedroom at night. You won’t experience that again and again every night, right? That’s one of the benefits of the luxury bamboo bedding you can get.

How does that sleeping problem solved along with the other issues you may had?

Luxury bamboo bedding where surely made of bamboo plant has the same fiber as the other flax plants, amazingly supple and also softer than cotton at the same time. With that type of fiber, the fabric will helps us to feel warm in cold weather and so with the opposite. Sounds like a smart-bedding, huh?

That’s the true you can experience from a luxury bamboo bedding! Made out of the organic material which can be re-plant for ease, make this bedding green-friendly. No more secrets to be kept, no animals will be harmed since the first time of seeding up to harvesting the bamboo.

Its environmentally friendly side is love-able since bamboo is less in consuming the waters. You can even just plant the seeds and leave them alone for some month. Their life survival somehow doesn’t needs us after planting the seeds. When the bamboos are growing, the air will also cleared since they will also contribute in producing more oxygen.

If you are a couple that has been together for years, you can make the luxury bamboo bedding as the practical gift for both of you and uses it on the bedroom. Be it the bed sheets, duvet covers or all the bedding items you will need. They are comfortably soft and silky since they are made from the 100% organic bamboo linen.

And believe it or not, the quality of your bed linens can have big positive impacts due to the heat inside your bedroom and also as what everyone’s need; sleeping peacefully! I won’t promise you about the sleeping beauty thing since many of us may sleep while our mouth are opening, but if you require the luxury of a comfortable sleep until the next morning, then the bamboo bedding can help you with that.

Pretty much cool, isn’t it? Who would have thought that the plant like bamboo can help us to achieve the better sleep? It’s miraculously amazing!

You may are thinking that the bamboo bedding’s fabric will has the coarse texture. While that is also the true, there are also many other manufacturers that produce the bamboo bedding with softer texture you have never thought.

You may forget about the Egyptian cotton when you’ve got the best manufacturer for that. Try to visit if you want! It will provides you more soft, supple and comfort of the luxury bamboo bedding. And they are still the natural or the organic products with certificates.

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Things to Do before Leaving Home for Travelling

Travelling is everyone’s favorite because it i the time when you feel so carefree about your hectic life. It is not a secret that life forces you to keep working hard. However, human is prone to stress so taking trip to somewhere nice can be the solution for it. Travelling is stress reliever and energizer. After travelling, you will likely get more spirit to work harder energetically. However, leaving your home for travelling should be prepared though. If you are taking long vacation, you need to do the right things before really leaving your home.

Things to Do before Leaving Home for Travelling

What you need to do before travelling?


Your holiday is stress reliever. However, don’t make it sounds like you are dodging a bullet. Instead of using vacation as a way to run out of responsibility, it is better to finish your task properly at work before taking vacation. Travelling while having pile of works waiting for you when you get home will not make it as stress reliever. You will feel restless during travel because you keep remembering your unfinished works. Thus, make sure you finish your works before taking vacation to avoid more hassle when you’re back later.


Next thing to do is booking all necessities such as flight, hotel, car rental, etc. From some studies, it shows that the best time to book flight for vacation is 3 months prior. At that time, you likely have more opportunities for cheaper price. Aside from getting lower price, booking early helps you to ease your mind before travelling because you will likely be panic to do it in a rush.

Next, you need to make sure every document you need is prepared especially when you are travelling overseas. Check your passport’s expiration dates as well. Aside from passport, make sure that you also prepare other necessary documents. It is recommended that you make copy of them just in case you need them while travelling.


Research more about your destination and find out the do’s and don’ts. For example, there are some countries which require you to get shot from certain vaccine before visiting. This is very important because you don’t want to get caught some diseases during or after travel. If you travel with your family, make sure all members are up to date on their shots as well, especially children who are prone to diseases.


Plan your itinerary thoroughly to set up all our necessities such as hotel, transport, and everything in details. Some people say that spontaneous travelling is more fun to do instead of thoroughly prepared one. However, travelling with family requires you to be prepared in details because you have more responsibilities to make sure everything will be fine.


Make sure that you leave home safe before travelling. For example, you can ask your neighbor to monitor your house when you’re away. You can also pay all bills before leaving so that you don’t have to do it while travelling. Make sure that your other families know when you are going to travel for emergencies.  


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Experience Flores with Komodo Liveaboard

Anyone who have ever set their feet in Flores agrees that Komodo liveaboard is the best vessel to enjoy what Flores has to offer. Flores is known for its extraordinary Komodo National Park. A place where ancient gigantic lizard live side by side with colourful, critter-packed ocean. Sure, you can stay at one Labuan Bajo’s comfy lodging, but who want to make a day trip to the surrounding islands each day?

Experience Flores with Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo liveaboard will be your both accommodation and vessel to explore the area during your period of travelling. Be it a regular 2D3N or the prolonged 5D6N, the boat will take you into places you never know it’s exists before.

A Home in The Sea

Prepare to leave the solid lands and welcome the floating life. For the next days  of your tour, the boat will be your home. Sometimes, this means sleeping in little bed and having thin streams of water to do all the bathroom business. Some Komodo liveaboard lives up to its expectation, like the ones in Hello Flores. Their boat might be the closest definition of a home in the sea. You will be entitled to your cabins—where you can freely trash yourself after a long hike or dive. There’s also private bathroom for every cabins, so you don’t need to worry about bathroom queuing. Everyday, the ship’s chef will prepare delicious dishes, three times a day, to fill your tummy before starting each adventures. Well, of course with a good boat come a well-match price. In the end, it’s really up to your budget and preference.  

Colourful Diving Vistas

One thing that makes liveaboard so special is its ability to take you into various diving spots at one trip. Given to its geography, Flores has abundant of diving sites spread along the Flores Sea. With Komodo liveaboard, you can visit hidden diving destination like Sebayur Kecil, where the current is gentle and the water clear. Here is a place to meet hundreds of garden eels, leaf fishes, and huge cuttlefish in a beautiful coral garden. And when you get closer to the critters, you might even encounter the tiny pigmy seahorses perfectly camouflaged among gorgonians.

Endless Beach Supply

Beaches in Bali has become overcrowded with beach club’s patio and streams of tourists. If there’s any secluded beach in Bali, it might be as good as a private property. But the rule doesn’t apply in Flores. Protected by its UNESCO Heritage and National Park status, the Komodo National Park is blessed with more than a dozen of untouched beaches. More than 20 islands are making up the region, leaving pristine and virgin beaches for everyone. And this beach fiesta is only made available with Komodo liveaboard. 

Do you have any better idea to explore the mesmerising Komodo National Park than going with a liveaboard?

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How to Treat a Cold while Travelling

Falling ill during travel is inconvenient. Nobody likes this feeling and it can ruin the entire mood of your travelling. However, catching a cold is sometimes unavoidable especially while travelling overseas. Your body may need time to adjust with new environment so that it is prone to virus.

Treat a cold while travelling

However, don’t let a cold ruin the fun of your travel. It is recommended that you know how to treat a cold while travelling just in case you suffer from it. You can catch a cold anywhere while travelling. It could be while on the plane, or when you arrive at your hotel room.

Treating a cold is not only meant to reduce your suffer but also to avoid spreading germs to others. Being a courteous traveler is great so you won’t put others in danger even when it’s simple a cold. Here are some tips to treat a cold while travelling that you need:

  1. Make yourself clean and sterilized so you won’t spread the germs to others. This is also the right way to avoid further damage or sickness to yourself. If it’s too burdensome washing your hands with water, you can purchase hand sanitizer so you can clean your hand anytime. It is recommended to wipe any surface you are going to occupy such as when you are on plane. You can use wet tissue to wipe it.
  2. Make sure to stay hydrated during your travel. When you are dehydrated, your body will act up. Then it is prone for your body to be infected by bacteria or virus. Thus, you need to make sure to drink enough water during travel. If you feel uneasy or sick, you can opt for lemon water to boost up your immune system. Lemon is a source of vitamin C which is great to fight free radical. If you are on the plane while feeling the symptoms of cold, you can order greet tea, or herbal drink.
  3. Pack vitamin you always consume when you are at home. There shouldn’t be any difference in the matter of vitamin intake even when you are travelling. Any supplement you always consume, you can always carry them for travelling.
  4. Pack your personal medicine. You must have experienced a cold while you are at home and you take certain medicine to ease the symptoms and cure it. Thus, you can bring the medicine just in case you catch a cold while travelling. This is efficient since you don’t have to look for drug store while traveling.
  5. It is recommended to use a mask so you won’t spread the germs to others. Make sure you pack some disposable mask for travelling. Then, it is also highly suggested that you don’t over exert your body. You need to give your body a proper rest. You can take a nap during your flight. You don’t need to overwork your body just because you don’t want to waste any minute while travelling. Sleeping is the best medicine when your body started showing symptom of a cold.
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Luxury Villas at Seminyak With Many Bedrooms Possibility

What if I tell you that there is the possibility to find the luxury villas at Seminyak – Bali with many bedrooms? Not only 1 to 4 bedrooms, but possible to accommodate up to 13 bedrooms. You may wondering around about what I just told you and ask yourself “How that could even possible?”

Luxury villas Seminyak with many bedrooms posibility
Preview of the living room and the private pool at outside of the luxury villas at Seminyak.

The truth is, I am telling you no lies. Thanks to the functional and the conceptual design where what I have told you can be as one of your best accommodation while traveling in Bali. The villas I am talking about located at Seminyak where we all know as one of the center for the world’s traveler. If you need to find the villas that are so luxury and enough to bring your friends, group or family, then you have came at the right place.

Luxury villas Seminyak with such design is called as the interconnected villa. For example, there are 1 and 2 bedrooms villa that you can combine into one where the villas can become 3 bedrooms. At least, it will enough for around 6 person. You don’t have to make such configuration if you want, the villa’s team will do that for you.

This type of design will be a good news for more affordable accommodation at the crowded area.

But, since you may traveling alone or only accompanied with one or two other person, not in a group or even without the family members, you can still enjoy the luxury villas Seminyak. This is because the villa itself has the 3 different villas according to the number of the bedroom. You can get the 1 bedroom loft which is perfect for the honeymooners, 2 bedroom villas for small group of travelers or the 3 bedroom penthouse for a bigger rooms and luxury services.

All the above luxury villas Seminyak are presented by the Hu’u Villas Bali, including the one with the interconnected rooms. Feel free to enjoy which type of the villa’s design you’d like to reserve and suits you.

They luxury villas are located at the heart of Seminyak where almost everything your needs will be easily to be found. Accessing the shopping galore only within minutes, the beach is only within the walking distance, restaurants and bars are closer and even the Hu’u itself has been specially provided for their customers and guests.

By the end of the day or night when you are getting back to your luxury villas after some fun and tired by your own travel activities, the private pool for each villas will always ready to be used to refresh yourself. After that, you can calmly heading to your luxury bedroom to get some comfortable sleep on the loft while enjoy the beauty of the Bali’s sky.

Of all what you need and dream about the best accommodation during travel or your business trip, most likely will be fulfilled by the luxury villas Seminyak I am talking about. For your next visit to Bali, it can be better to bring along your lovely family and experience the interconnected rooms. But if that can’t be possible, you can always choose the 1 bedroom loft for your own.

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