Be Ready with Emergency Preparations before Travelling Abroad

When you travel abroad, you will not only experience fun and exciting experiences. It is also possible that you encounter emergencies. That is why, it is better to be ready with emergency preparations before travelling abroad. There are many types of emergency you need to learn more first such as medical emergencies, assault and robberies, borderline emergencies, and money emergencies. Those can be mild but also life-threatening. It doesn’t mean that travel abroad is dangerous. It is safe to travel overseas. However, emergencies can happen anytime anywhere.

Be Ready with Emergency Preparations before Travelling Abroad

Emergency preparations before travelling abroad you need to know

There is always danger whenever you go. However, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying your trip or vacation overseas. There are many types of emergency you may encounter while travelling but you can make yourself be ready to handle them with thorough preparations as followed:

  • Insurance is one of the best solutions you can get to be ready with emergencies. Health insurance is important for you to handle medical emergencies well. You need to make sure you have coverage for international travel insurance. Having health insurance while travelling abroad will assure the hospital that you have sufficient resources. Thus, the hospital won’t hesitate to give you medical care you need even if you have no money on you at that time.
  • Saving important numbers is one of emergency preparations you need to do before travelling abroad Finding out emergency phone numbers of your destination. Aside from saving the numbers on your phone, you can also write them down on your notes just in case you lose your phone or something. Make sure you save your embassy phone number as well as your bank account’s issuer.
  • Place your money in different places such as on your pocket, wallet, bag, etc. It is not recommended to place all your cash in one place because when someone picks your wallet then you are over. If you place your cash in many different places, you still have backup to survive. It is also recommended that you carry your money in wise amount. Having multiple financial resources is much better when you travel abroad to be prepared just in case emergencies happen.
  • Doing research about the country you are going to visit is a must. You need to find out whether your destination is a safe place or not. If the country has many war zones which make you uncomfortable, you’d better find another destination to go to.
  • Learn some phrases in local language to express when you need help such as ‘i need help’ or ‘i get injured please help me’ or ‘please call my embassy’. Those short phrases will be helpful for you when you face emergencies you cannot handle yourself. Thus, you can ask some help from the local and if the local don’t speak English, at least you have learned those phrases to make them understand that you need help. This is one of the most important emergency preparations before travelling abroad you need to know.
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