Best Travel Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Celebrating your sixth years wedding anniversary can be done in many ways. Some couples choose to go for a fine dine in high-end restaurant or give each other gifts. However, you can do unconventional thing which is going for a travel. Travelling is always exciting even for those who are not really into it. Anniversary travel can be the best idea to spend your anniversary to visit your bucket list. This can be more memorable for your anniversary. There are many places to go if you consider this idea. It is not easy to decide destination especially when you don’t have particular bucket list. However, you can decide your destination for anniversary travel by choosing the theme. For example, you can decide to go for romantic, adventure, leisure, or thrilling travel. All choice is yours.

Best Travel Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Destinations for anniversary travel you may like

Anniversary travel destination doesn’t have to be overseas though. However, you must want something extraordinary about this travel. Thus, you may be interested in some of anniversary travel destinations in the following:

San Juan

San Juan is a great idea for you to spend relaxing time with your partner surrounded by mesmerizing view. You will enjoy you time strolling around soft sand beaches. It is also a great idea to stroll around the Old San Juan and pay a visit to San Juan Bay. To add the vibe of romantic and adventure travel, you can rent a kayak for two at bioluminescent bay. You will be able to watch how the waters light up with glow in the dark critters while kayaking.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a great place to spend your anniversary travel. This is a favorite place for lovers because it has everything they want started from graceful architecture, lively nightlife, good foods, and sensual tango that need to be mentioned when it comes to this great place. You and your partner can wander around interesting places such as Recoleta Cemetery. After enjoying your dinner, don’t forget to enjoy the lively nightlife as well where you can freely enjoy the locals dance the tango.


Munich, Germany is an attractive place you can’t miss especially when it comes to couple travel. This place is special especially in October when there is Oktoberfest. This is a popular and awaited festival in Munich. It is started from the third week of September and ended into the beginning of October. You don’t have to buy ticket since the admission is for free. However, you need to remember that you will be in the crowds so be prepared to bumps into many people while enjoying your time.


Asheville is like another place in different universe because it is so picturesque. This is the best destination if you look for serenity, romance, and adventure. The climate is favorable and the sight is magnificent. You can explore the hiking and biking trails with your partner. You can also please your eyes by visiting cultivated gardens and bonsais. Not to mention that National Historic Landmark is worth to visit.


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