Dangerous Cities You Should Consider before Visiting

There are many places to go if you want to explore the world to the fullest. There are many spots you can visit to satisfy your adventure spirit. However, choosing safe place does matter as well. Even if you are prepared with anything you need physically and mentally, there are some places you should not visit. Of course, travelling is supposed to be chill and fun. However, your safety is the first priority if you want to really gain memorable experience in a good way. Some parts of the world are safe to explore while some others are not. Therefore, it is essential to always research your travel destination before you go. Thus, you can guarantee your safety while travelling later in the location.

Caracas, Venezuela

Some dangerous cities you might want to avoid for travel plan

The world is absolutely full of wonder. However, it is also full of danger if you are not careful enough to keep your safety. Dangerous cities that will be mentioned in the following are not necessarily closed off. However, these cities tend to have higher level in the matter of gang attacks, taxi scams, pickpocket, assault, robbery, terrorism, etc. These cities are not safe for solo traveler because they are not really welcome foreign tourists. here are some of dangerous cities all around the world you should not travel alone to:

  • Mexico city, Mexico is one of dangerous cities you should be careful of. This city is famous for violence against solo travelers specifically. The violence includes assault, mugging, kidnapping, etc. It is not recommended to travel to this city alone especially for women. The risk of gangs during night is higher so you’d better not be alone when you are in this city.
  • Caracas, Venezuela is considered dangerous due to unresolved political issues as well as violence. It is recommended not travel to this city due to its danger. In fact, some airlines have stopped operating to this place. Violence between police and protesters are quite often to happen in this city. It can escalate rather quickly so travelling in this city is positively dangerous. The rising number of gangs operating in this city is also concerning and it has been proved by frequent violence against individuals.
  • New Delhi, India is considered dangerous due to he rapid grow of threats specifically in sexual assault to women. Therefore, it is not recommended for women to travel to this city especially alone. If there is no choice to visit this place then it is highly recommended to travel in group and never wander around the city alone.
  • Bogota, Columbia is located in the heart of the nation. Along with all attractiveness presented by the city, there are also dangers looming around this tourist destination especially for western travelers. Dangers appearing in this city include drug cartels, insurgency, kidnapping, terrorism, etc. This city is indeed full of attraction but also dangers so it is better to plan your visit thoroughly to guarantee your safety if you have to travel around the city.  
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