What the Differences of Komodo Cruise Than the Others?

What can be better than living while sailing the sea, visiting some islands and meet with the dragons literally? Surely that there will be some interesting adventures than that, but, traveling with the cruise is always the dream for most of us. Komodo cruise is one of among many living onboard packages for travelers and adventurers who want to look closer to the tropical breeze of islands in Indonesia, located at Flores Islands, East Nusa Tenggara.

Komodo cruise to sail over the Flores Islands

There are many of the empty islands without residents over the Flores Islands. Many of them are also still get no name to be called. Hundreds of islands are ready to be visited. No crowd will disturbs your peaceful traveling and any kind of pollutions. You are likely back to the ancient age where nature is at its best. No doubt that I will call the Komodo cruise package as one of the best you can get in Indonesia. But, since meet the komodo dragons is the only experience you can get over there, this can be one of the best travel package in the world, as well.

One of the most visited island for the Komodo cruise package is the Komodo Island. It is a must visited island. You can get there from Bali by the ship. If you are decided to go on a flight, then you have to landed at the city of Labuan Bajo first. From there, you can continue your journey to the island by boat for hours.

There are at least 3 important differences between the Komodo cruise package with the other liveaboard packages especially in Indonesia. One of them have been mentioned above about to see and meet the dragons. And the other differences will be explained below why it so much special to be shipped.

Exploring some islands along with their attractions with Komodo cruise

Since the East Nusa Tenggara is the archipelagic province, then there will be many of the islands to be visited. So with the islands located at this Lesser Sunda Islands that also being part of the Komodo National Park. Some of the world’s popular islands at there are the Komodo Islands, Padar and Rinca.

Most of those islands are perfect for the sea and the land attractions such as meet the dragons, enjoy the pink beach that are rarely existed in the world, diving with the beautiful coral around and various of sea fishes such as shark, manta, whale, etc. You can also hike the hill through your stop at the island to see the beauty from the peak.

Most of the cruise designs are inspired by the local wisdom

Did you know that one of the most popular sailing boat design in Indonesia called as phinisi? The ship design can be easily found in eastern of Indonesia, including at the province of East Nusa Tenggara itself. The design is the original one so it should has also help you experience the authentic journey through your sea adventure.

The rooms, the deck, along with the other helpful onboard facilities are the great deal to enjoy the moments together with your friends or family you are brought with. In fact, this can be the perfect deal for the honeymooners.

Itineraries; You won’t worry about what you can do with the Komodo Liveaboard package

The best thing I know about the Komodo liveaboard package is, it is easy to find the Komodo cruise agent or package providers that also provides us with the itineraries. Things to do along your sailing while visiting the islands. Itineraries are important especially when this can be your first visit. So that, you have to be accompanied with the experienced travel agent that will be possible to be hired the experienced team before.

There is also the tour agents where you can plan your own itineraries. They will give you the brief information about the islands along with the things to do at the interesting destinations you are possible to visit. And that should be the best news for all the travelers and adventurers who are planning to visit.

There will be more differences between the Komodo cruise compared with the available cruise packages in Indonesia. But for now, since the dragons can only be met at Flores, don’t you think that they should worth your visit?

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