Experience Flores with Komodo Liveaboard

Anyone who have ever set their feet in Flores agrees that Komodo liveaboard is the best vessel to enjoy what Flores has to offer. Flores is known for its extraordinary Komodo National Park. A place where ancient gigantic lizard live side by side with colourful, critter-packed ocean. Sure, you can stay at one Labuan Bajo’s comfy lodging, but who want to make a day trip to the surrounding islands each day?

Experience Flores with Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo liveaboard will be your both accommodation and vessel to explore the area during your period of travelling. Be it a regular 2D3N or the prolonged 5D6N, the boat will take you into places you never know it’s exists before.

A Home in The Sea

Prepare to leave the solid lands and welcome the floating life. For the next days  of your tour, the boat will be your home. Sometimes, this means sleeping in little bed and having thin streams of water to do all the bathroom business. Some Komodo liveaboard lives up to its expectation, like the ones in Hello Flores. Their boat might be the closest definition of a home in the sea. You will be entitled to your cabins—where you can freely trash yourself after a long hike or dive. There’s also private bathroom for every cabins, so you don’t need to worry about bathroom queuing. Everyday, the ship’s chef will prepare delicious dishes, three times a day, to fill your tummy before starting each adventures. Well, of course with a good boat come a well-match price. In the end, it’s really up to your budget and preference.  

Colourful Diving Vistas

One thing that makes liveaboard so special is its ability to take you into various diving spots at one trip. Given to its geography, Flores has abundant of diving sites spread along the Flores Sea. With Komodo liveaboard, you can visit hidden diving destination like Sebayur Kecil, where the current is gentle and the water clear. Here is a place to meet hundreds of garden eels, leaf fishes, and huge cuttlefish in a beautiful coral garden. And when you get closer to the critters, you might even encounter the tiny pigmy seahorses perfectly camouflaged among gorgonians.

Endless Beach Supply

Beaches in Bali has become overcrowded with beach club’s patio and streams of tourists. If there’s any secluded beach in Bali, it might be as good as a private property. But the rule doesn’t apply in Flores. Protected by its UNESCO Heritage and National Park status, the Komodo National Park is blessed with more than a dozen of untouched beaches. More than 20 islands are making up the region, leaving pristine and virgin beaches for everyone. And this beach fiesta is only made available with Komodo liveaboard. 

Do you have any better idea to explore the mesmerising Komodo National Park than going with a liveaboard?

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