Exploring Manta Point on a Komodo Sailing Trip

If you are on a komodo sailing trip, you must visit the manta points surrounding the island; your vacation will be insufficient. Everyone’s dream vacation includes spending time on the open seas while diving or snorkeling and interacting with a manta ray, one of Indonesia’s unique and protected water species. Of course, this does not include irresponsible marine waste donors. Manta Point Labuan Bajo, in Eastern Indonesia, is the location in question.

This exotic tourist destination will showcase not only a diverse marine habitat but also a land ecosystem that is just as fascinating as the look of the Komodo dragons, the king of the lizards. Foreign tourists enjoy diving with manta fish, but watching out for big waves coming from the seafloor is important.

komodo sailing trip

Exploring Manta Point on a Komodo Sailing Trip

Manta Viewing Point

Manta Point in Komodo is the ideal location to watch manta sting rays in their natural habitat, and it will be a wonderful experience. Manta rays can be seen swimming in a variety of directions while opening their mouths widely to consume a wide variety of plankton in great quantities. Despite being a big animal, the manta ray is not dangerous. So, you can swim beside this fish. You are only allowed to see the mantas; you are not allowed to touch them with your bare hands. Why? It’s because the manta stingrays’ bodies are covered with mucus, which serves as a protective layer. It would hurt the manta stingray if you touched this mucus layer.

Manta Point is in the Labuan Bajo section of Loh Liang. It is only a 25-minute drive from Pantai Jambon or Pink Beach. It will take between four and six hours to travel by ferry boat if you depart from Bali.

Jellyfish Colony

Jellyfish must exist where manta rays do. Because jellyfish are these manta fish’s primary food source, the origin of this term is obvious. Manta fish typically look for food in groups, so if tourists observe swarms of mantas swarming, it implies they have discovered a jellyfish colony that is ready to devour.

komodo sailing trip

Underwater Panoramas

Manta Point is a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of stunning natural beauty. Additionally, manta fish, which are incredibly calming to the eyes, are swimming in these waters as their signature. With the surrounding natural surroundings, it is more finished.

This place is definitely ideal for capturing priceless moments due to the presence of fascinating photogenic locations. Through your camera pictures, you can capture the scenic beauty that exists in popular tourist destinations. Your vacation will therefore feel more complete with a school of Manta fish and the surrounding environment.

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