Find Out These Travel Scams to Keep You Safe

It is common for first time travelers to get trapped in travel scam. First experience in traveling is both exciting and overwhelming. Sometimes you forget that there are many travel scams around because you are too absorbed to new excitement of new environment. Avoiding scams is necessary to keep you safe. However, it requires common sense and necessary suspicion. When you are too naive to think that all places are safe and all people are nice, you won’t be able to avoid travel scams.


Find Out These Travel Scams to Keep You Safe

Travel scams you need to avoid

having a healthy dose of suspicion while traveling doesn’t mean you keep on having negative thought towards others. Having a healthy suspicion means you need to keep alert to your surroundings and don’t let your guard down. Here are the most common travel scams around the world which often put tourists in misery:

  • There is a famous scam when a person friendly put a hat, bracelet or necklace on you. They do it while indulge you in friendly chat that you didn’t even notice they put those stuffs on you. Once you have the stuff on you, they will demand you money. If you refuse them, they will cause a scene and put you in public embarrassment that forces you to pay them. This scam is so common. Avoid this and don’t easily accept anything for free.
  • Overcharged taxi is also one of the most common travel scams around the world. Sometimes the driver tells you that the meter is broken. To avoid this common scam, make sure you do  a research about your destination first including ride cost. You can also ask the hotel staff to find out the real cost. When the driver charges you over normal price, you offer them the correct rate. If they deny or refuse, find another taxi. It is also recommended to get into licensed cab to avoid scam.
  • So many tricks people do to pickpocket. Sometimes, they accidently (or not so accidently) bump on you while you walk in the streets and spill on your clothes. While they are busy apologizing and wiping of your clothes, they pick your pocket. You will only realize you lost your wallet when they are long gone. Thus, you need to be careful when in the crowd and be alert when people approaching. People someone spills on your clothes clean it off yourself and don’t let them do it for you.
  • There is also motorbike scam which often happens in some countries. When you rent a bike and are going to give it back to the owner, they demand you for additional payment. They always reason for expensive repairs and state damage. You can avoid this one of the most common travel scams by taking some pictures of the motorbike you are going to rent. Make sure the owner know why you take pictures and keep the bike safe because the owner might send someone to mess or steal it so you pay for it later.
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