How to Travel with Only a Carry-On Luggage

Travelling only with a carry-on is a major milestone for those who travel a lot. It is something that grants a great deal of ease throughout your trips. From the walks you’re going to do from the airport to you destination, until the time you’re going to go back. The less your luggage, the less your burden, literally and figuratively.

Travelling with only carry-on luggage

This is also extremely important especially considering luggage prices that rise and not decline. Therefore, less luggage means less expenses on your part.

Although you’re going on longer trips for over a week, going with just a carry-on is something that is essentially very doable. A lot of travelers have managed this and it’s not something miraculous that only a select few can achieve.

Everyone can given the knowledge, and the practice. Yes, it takes practice, but you’ll get there.

Create a packing list

Creating a packing list is going to make your work so much easier. This step does not simply serve as a reminder of what you’re going to need to bring, but you’ll also become more aware of what you’re thinking of bringing, and making you more aware of your travel belongings in general. The process is easy, and will make your trip easier.

Make sure to list the stuff you need. You can categorize them into basic categories such as toiletries, tops, bottoms, underwear, electronics, etc., depending on your needs.

This way, you also would consider before throwing random clothes into your luggage, clothes you’d think you will wear, just because. Packing list helps lessen the “what ifs” tendencies every traveler has experienced. So make sure to note, note, note, and note some more.

Think in outfits

And not individual clothes. Often times, a piece just does not go together with the rest of the clothes you’re bringing. You’re lucky if it’s just a piece. Have you ever experienced that annoyance (and maybe even frustration) that you didn’t get to wear a number of clothes you’ve packed? That could be very well avoided by thinking in outfits. Pack combinations of tops, accessories, and other stuff that you know you have worn. Don’t slip in individual pieces that you stuff in without thinking what other piece you’d wear it with.

Travel compartments

These game-changers are more than just a fickle trend among frequent travelers. When used right, they’re going to be super helpful tools that give you more than just organizations, but also a sense of comfort provided by the stress-free and rummage-free environment of your luggage.

Some travel compartments also save to compress your clothes. This allows for more space and a less bulky luggage in general, contributing to the ease of access travel compartments provide. You can choose from a large range of organizers or travel compartments; packing cubes are some of the most popular ones.


If you haven’t already, having travel-sized amenities is worth the investment, especially if you travel a lot. Chances are, you’re going to need them again in your future travels.

Things such as toiletries and makeup are stuff that often sold in travel sizes as well. When not available, a lot of small bottles that enable products to be taken in travel sizes are widely available, so make use of these convenient tools.

You can also avoid bringing toiletries altogether if that’s not an issue for you, because likely you’re going to be able to obtain toiletries everywhere.

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