How to Treat a Cold while Travelling

Falling ill during travel is inconvenient. Nobody likes this feeling and it can ruin the entire mood of your travelling. However, catching a cold is sometimes unavoidable especially while travelling overseas. Your body may need time to adjust with new environment so that it is prone to virus.

Treat a cold while travelling

However, don’t let a cold ruin the fun of your travel. It is recommended that you know how to treat a cold while travelling just in case you suffer from it. You can catch a cold anywhere while travelling. It could be while on the plane, or when you arrive at your hotel room.

Treating a cold is not only meant to reduce your suffer but also to avoid spreading germs to others. Being a courteous traveler is great so you won’t put others in danger even when it’s simple a cold. Here are some tips to treat a cold while travelling that you need:

  1. Make yourself clean and sterilized so you won’t spread the germs to others. This is also the right way to avoid further damage or sickness to yourself. If it’s too burdensome washing your hands with water, you can purchase hand sanitizer so you can clean your hand anytime. It is recommended to wipe any surface you are going to occupy such as when you are on plane. You can use wet tissue to wipe it.
  2. Make sure to stay hydrated during your travel. When you are dehydrated, your body will act up. Then it is prone for your body to be infected by bacteria or virus. Thus, you need to make sure to drink enough water during travel. If you feel uneasy or sick, you can opt for lemon water to boost up your immune system. Lemon is a source of vitamin C which is great to fight free radical. If you are on the plane while feeling the symptoms of cold, you can order greet tea, or herbal drink.
  3. Pack vitamin you always consume when you are at home. There shouldn’t be any difference in the matter of vitamin intake even when you are travelling. Any supplement you always consume, you can always carry them for travelling.
  4. Pack your personal medicine. You must have experienced a cold while you are at home and you take certain medicine to ease the symptoms and cure it. Thus, you can bring the medicine just in case you catch a cold while travelling. This is efficient since you don’t have to look for drug store while traveling.
  5. It is recommended to use a mask so you won’t spread the germs to others. Make sure you pack some disposable mask for travelling. Then, it is also highly suggested that you don’t over exert your body. You need to give your body a proper rest. You can take a nap during your flight. You don’t need to overwork your body just because you don’t want to waste any minute while travelling. Sleeping is the best medicine when your body started showing symptom of a cold.
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