Important Travel Lessons You Should Remember

There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to travelling. There will always be minor mishaps or hassle no matter how experienced you are with travelling. However, those little silly mistakes are not supposed to discourage you from having another travel experience.

Important travel lessons from mistakes

Instead, you can learn some lesson from them. This way, you will be able to get better travel in the future. Just because you make mistakes while travelling, it defines who you are. Don’t think low of yourself when you make some mistakes by labelling yourself as gullible or irresponsible. Even if you are, you can always try to improve.

Travel lessons you need from mistakes

There are many types of mistakes travelers make when they are travelling especially overseas such as getting lost in unknown streets, being a victim of pickpocket, separated from your travel group, etc. Those are common mistakes which you can improve by the times. Here are some lessons you need to remember from the mistakes you made as traveler:

  1. If you get lost somewhere when you are wandering around in unknown places, don’t panic. Don’t show any sign of anxiety or bad people will take advantage of your vulnerable state. Ask nicely to staff in hotel or restaurant for direction. To avoid being separated from the group, you need to clarify or announce meeting points just in case one of the member or you get lost. Thus, they will find you at the meeting spot if the case happens.
  2. Always learn basic word of the native language before you go to your travel destinations. This can save your life just in case you get lost or in emergency while travelling. Basic words in native language such as “help me” or “I’m injured” will be useful for travelling overseas.
  3. Always measure your luggage to avoid throwing your stuffs to the airport bins. This is a common mistakes traveler make. However, you can always take a lesson from this. Find out the budget airlines then weigh and measure your luggage to meet the standard. This is not a hassle and can save you from losing your stuffs.
  4. Even if you are logic person, it is sometimes useful to lean on your first instinct or feeling. If you doubt something when travelling such as when a certain person offers you something, you can just turn down the offer politely. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t feel right.
  5. Make sure to bring cash whenever you go and put them in different places such as in your pocket, wallet, hand-carry, etc. This is to avoid pickpocketing and even if you happen to become a victim, you still have money to save you.
  6. It is a must to respect the locals and their culture. However, you need to keep your guard. If people offer you unnatural kindness and tend to be too persistent to your liking, you need to place some distance. Make sure you keep your belongings when suspicious strangers approach you.
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