Little Guide for Choosing Best Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Secrets about Komodo National Park’s underwater is out and Komodo diving liveaboard quickly become the belle. Komodo dragons might be the main star of the upper land, Manta rays and turtles rule the world under the water. Clear water, rich diversity, large school of fishes, pelagic, mantas, and seabed full of corals make Komodo National Park as premier diving destination. And the national park has dozens of pristine diving spot across the water! Naturally, going onboard with liveaboard is the best way to experience the adventure. Plus, you got a chance to explore the amazing landscape of the neighboring islands!

How to Choose Your First Komodo Diving LiveaboardHow to Choose Your First Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Choosing the best Komodo diving liveaboard for your holiday company can be such a work. There are many Komodo liveaboard in the market and it needs good amount of attention to choose the best one. Read our complete guide to choose Komodo diving liveaboard to have a fulfilling diving holiday.


Tips to Choose Komodo Diving Liveaboard


Every service come with a price, and liveaboard is no exception. Prices for liveaboard in Flores and Labuan Bajo range from budget to luxury—each with facilities of its class. The cheapest diving liveaboard are usually a small boat with basic diving amenities and no cabins. Meals are often limited to fried rice, vegetables, and fried noodles. Enough to fill your belly but might be not really much for your palate. Meanwhile, medium to luxurious liveaboard give you comfortable sleeping square for resting between dives. Meals come in higher variety, though the iconic fried rice still appears on the menu.

Boat Facilities

Inspecting boat facilities is a crucial part of choosing a liveaboard. Do they have safety jackets and lifeboats on board? Will you have Wifi connection during the excursion? How many showers available on the ship? Some of these questions might seems trivial, but they can make a huge difference while you are a world away. If you are a creature comfort seeker, you might want to know complete facilities of the boat. This might include availability of air-conditioner (very important under Flores’ hot and humid weather), indoor communal area, to sundecks. Bonus point if your Komodo diving liveaboard has ‘wet area’—a special place dedicated for diving prep and in-betweens.

Dive Masters and Diving Certificates

Whether you are a beginner snorkeler or avid divers, always make diving certificate as priority. Having PADI certified dive masters to guide you in unknown water certainly feels saver that without. Most of Komodo diving liveaboard have experienced and licensed on board. However, feel free to ask for their certificate whenever you feel unsure.

Diving Facilities

Another important things to put into consideration beside boat facilities is the diving facilities itself. Good Komodo diving liveaboard usually have Nitorx enriched air, fair selection of diving gears, and rebreather diving. It’s a plus if they have rise tanks for camera—and you will want to bring your camera underwater. The rich biodiversity and vibrant marine life is too crazy to miss!

Above everything else, your preference might take huge influence upon choosing a Komodo diving liveaboard. Whichever it is, we believe that with a good boat come an enjoyable holiday. Happy venturing!

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