Island Hopping on Labuan Bajo Tour and How to Choose Them

No one can deny the fun of Labuan Bajo tour excursion! You are going into an adventure in a remote Indonesian frontier which land is overflown with beauty. Your days will be filled with voyaging in the sea, hopping from one island to another, diving around beautiful corals, and have beach galore more than you can count. This trip will take you from what’s left from paradise to the remnant of Jurassic age.

Island Hopping on Labuan Bajo Tour and How to Choose Them

With more than 20 islands to choose, however, it can be quite overwhelming to arrange the Labuan Bajo tour itinerary. Especially when you only have 3-4 days to enjoy everything Flores has to offer. Eyes on! We got you covered. If you haven’t made up your mind, here we have comprised all the popular islands based on their ultimate offer.

A Mini Guide to Tailor A Labuan Bajo Tour Itinerary

1. Are You Going to See the Dragons?

When you are going to the Komodo National Park, it’s only logical to arrange a meeting with the Komodo Dragons. The NP is named after them, after all (though they are not living in all of the islands, thank God). These ancient creature only live on two biggest island in the NP; Komodo Island and Rinca. Within this island, the dragons are roaming free whenever they wish; no fence to limit their move. Worry not, you have rangers to guide and protect you from the dragon’s deadly jaws. Most of the time, though, these beasts are just enjoying their time lounging in the shade from the scorching sun.

Both Komodo Island and Rinca are great to spot the dragons. If you are going for easy sighting with relatively short trek, go for Komodo Island. But if you want to trek with a view and casually meet the dragons on the way, Rinca is your option.

2. Are You Chasing for A View?

Travelers craze about Komodo National Park as one of the most stunning location in the world, and they’re damn right. With all uniquely curved islands, endless blue ocean, and undulating hills that turns from lush green to auburn as the season change, Flores is a dream of neverland that just too good to be true. Having a Labuan Bajo tour without immersing ourself in these otherworldly atmosphere is just plain boring.

The best place to enjoy Flores’ magnificent scenery is from elevated land. As you guess, Padar islands is the best and most popular place for that. After Padar, go for another trek in the small Kelor island and Gili Lawa Darat. Their panoramic view will transport you into another world altogether.

3. Looking for Islands for Quick Snorkel?

It’s been widely known that the Komodo National Park is a diving heaven for divers and snorkelers. In their preserved status, the ocean is blooming with healthy corals, fishes, sea critters, and marine creatures. Head to Kanawa, a tiny island with turquoise water as clear as mirror. Their shallow shores are dotted with starfishes and line of reefs that are highly visible above the water. Around the reefs live the ocean stars; dolphins, turtles, and stingrays.

If diving (or snorkelling) is your passion, make sure to stop on Manta Point. It’s the popular place where dozens of Mantas hang out regularly! The Padar Island is also a good spot to snorkel—the wildlife marine will keep you busy for hours.

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Be Ready with Emergency Preparations before Travelling Abroad

When you travel abroad, you will not only experience fun and exciting experiences. It is also possible that you encounter emergencies. That is why, it is better to be ready with emergency preparations before travelling abroad. There are many types of emergency you need to learn more first such as medical emergencies, assault and robberies, borderline emergencies, and money emergencies. Those can be mild but also life-threatening. It doesn’t mean that travel abroad is dangerous. It is safe to travel overseas. However, emergencies can happen anytime anywhere.

Be Ready with Emergency Preparations before Travelling Abroad

Emergency preparations before travelling abroad you need to know

There is always danger whenever you go. However, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying your trip or vacation overseas. There are many types of emergency you may encounter while travelling but you can make yourself be ready to handle them with thorough preparations as followed:

  • Insurance is one of the best solutions you can get to be ready with emergencies. Health insurance is important for you to handle medical emergencies well. You need to make sure you have coverage for international travel insurance. Having health insurance while travelling abroad will assure the hospital that you have sufficient resources. Thus, the hospital won’t hesitate to give you medical care you need even if you have no money on you at that time.
  • Saving important numbers is one of emergency preparations you need to do before travelling abroad Finding out emergency phone numbers of your destination. Aside from saving the numbers on your phone, you can also write them down on your notes just in case you lose your phone or something. Make sure you save your embassy phone number as well as your bank account’s issuer.
  • Place your money in different places such as on your pocket, wallet, bag, etc. It is not recommended to place all your cash in one place because when someone picks your wallet then you are over. If you place your cash in many different places, you still have backup to survive. It is also recommended that you carry your money in wise amount. Having multiple financial resources is much better when you travel abroad to be prepared just in case emergencies happen.
  • Doing research about the country you are going to visit is a must. You need to find out whether your destination is a safe place or not. If the country has many war zones which make you uncomfortable, you’d better find another destination to go to.
  • Learn some phrases in local language to express when you need help such as ‘i need help’ or ‘i get injured please help me’ or ‘please call my embassy’. Those short phrases will be helpful for you when you face emergencies you cannot handle yourself. Thus, you can ask some help from the local and if the local don’t speak English, at least you have learned those phrases to make them understand that you need help. This is one of the most important emergency preparations before travelling abroad you need to know.
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What to Do to Have Meaningful Travel

People travel to new places for various reasons. Some of them try to get a piece of peaceful moment. Others try to feed their adrenaline needs. Some people travel to just experience things they desire for a long time. However, it is possible that you get meaningful travel which can make you see the world in new point of view. Meaningful travel is not always about enjoying cocktail, sandy beaches, and the most famous attractions. It is about how you can learn and find new things about the world and how they can make your own life better.

What to Do to Have Meaningful Travel

Simple ways to have meaningful travel

Meaningful travel makes you more focus of your visit to new places. You will become more aware of where your steps lead you to. It also heightens your sense to contribute some positive points to the places you visit. Here are things you can do to make your travel more meaningful:

  • Find a purpose or reason why you want to visit the place. Finding a real reason should not be difficult though. For example, you can focus on something you like. If you have interest in education, you can visit a place where education is rare thing to get. Thus, you have reason to visit the place because you can find out more about the education there. You can even volunteer to teach the locals of simple things they don’t know about.
  • Another way to make meaningful travel is to be supportive to the local business. This is small thing you can do but give big contribution to the locals. Instead of shopping in huge mall, you can visit local markets to buy your necessities. You can also hire local guide to show your support. When lunch time arrives, you can east at small local restaurants instead. This will make you feel connected to the new environment and people. This can give your life lesson you might not expect before.
  • To make your travel meaningful, you can focus on your environment. Instead of exploiting your surroundings, you can help them to sustain. For example, throw the rubbish in the right place, use only reusable water bottle, switch off the lamp when you are out of your hotel room, and many more. Being aware of the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly concept will contribute to our planet. You don’t need to do big things such as holding a ‘go green’ campaign. Taking care of your surroundings by doing those small things is enough to make your travel more meaningful not only for yourself but also the environment.
  • Visiting a charity while travelling can also be a good way to make your travel more meaningful. Instead of wasting your money in something you don’t necessarily need, you can give your money to those in needs. Raising fund is small thing you can do to help the local and make their life feel less miserable. This meaningful travel will make you appreciate your life more.
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Understanding More about Emergencies While Travelling

Travelling is the time for you to seek fun and happiness moments. However, the moments you experience during your travel are not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, you experience emergencies while travelling. There are many types of emergencies you need to be able to handle. For the first experience, any emergencies might make you overwhelmed while trying to find out the best way to handle them. Travelling abroad makes you more prone to emergencies because there are differences you might not familiar with. That is why, it is better to understand more about type of emergencies that might happen to you while travelling especially when you travel abroad.

Understanding More about Emergencies While Travelling

Types of emergencies while travelling

While travelling, you encounter with many new things which makes yourself not quite ready to face them. Those can lead you to encounter emergencies. However, you will get the better hang of it if you know at least what kind of emergencies you might encounter while travelling.

  • Medical emergency is the most common type of emergencies. It is possible that you get injured while travelling due to many reasons. They can be mild or life-threatening. It varies from a paper cut to severe relapses. You need to handle it thoughtfully. The first thing you need to do while facing medical emergencies is to not panic. Seek help from any way you can reach. You can call for emergency services or summon the local for help.
  • There is also type of emergencies while travelling involving assaults and robberies. This type of emergency is also varied by the level. However, it can also be traumatizing for the victim especially because it happens when they are away from their safe place. If you experience assault or robbery while travelling, you have to call the police to report it. If the situation is much worse you can seek help from your embassy. They will help you in many ways possible and provide services you need to feel safe.
  • There is also money emergency, the type of emergency you can encounter with. There are many reasons why you might experience this type of emergency. It might be caused by miscalculated budget travel plan, pickpocketed while travelling, and many more. However, you need immediate solution so you won’t sleep on the street because you are money-deprived. There are many ways to solve this problem such as asking your friends at home to make direct deposit, use Western Union service, use your credit card, etc.
  • There is also borderline emergencies you need to know about. There are many examples of this such as spotting someone tagging you, spotting large obstruction in the middle of the road, finding valuable items, witnessing fight or huge accidents, and many more. You just need to call for the nearest Police Office to seek for help. If the situation is dangerous, you should not get involved in it. It is better to seek help from people who know how to deal with situation better than you when you experience these emergencies while travelling abroad.
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What You Need to Know About Green Travel

Green travel is not something new. Indeed, people start getting interested to try this type of travelling. We have been used to many types of travelling such as solo travelling, group travelling, family travelling, short getaway, and many more. However, not many people are willing to do green travel especially when they don’t really understand the concept yet. Therefore, it is better to find out more about this kind of travelling which is not only meant for finding pleasure but also paying attention more to the environment.

What You Need to Know About Green Travel

What are green travel and its purpose?

Travelling is personal matter. You can go wherever you go without asking for other’s permission. However, you might be a little bit curious to find out what green travel is. This concept has drawn lots of attention for years. Green travel is just the same as usual travelling. However, you adopt green methods and practices throughout the process. The purpose is to help you save energy, reduce carbon emission, as well as save money. It is not even a surprise that we leave damage to the places we visit. This concept though helps us to leave nothing behind. Thus, there is no damage made and the environment of the place will remain as good as before you visit them.

For those who have been travelling around the world must have noticed that travelling sometimes is more about self-pleasuring resulted in more damaged environment. Many tourists leave trashes or marks to places they visit without purpose. This endangers the Earth. Therefore, lots of people are getting interested to practice green travel instead. Aside from getting fun and refresh mind, this travelling helps saving the Earth from more damage.

Some people are still not aware about the importance of travelling green. Some of them consider this travelling is unnecessary and others just think it is not practical to do during travel because travelling is supposed to be fun not concerning environment. However, applying green travel is not as hard as we thought. It is easy method we can do in any place we visit for vacation or even short trip. There are many ways you can apply green travel such as:

  • Opting public transportation instead of rent a car in your travel destination. It is safer and you can help reducing emission.
  • Taking a bike to explore the place you want to visit. This also helps saving the environment from emission. You will also stay fit during your travel. If the places you want to explore are near each other, you can go by foot instead. It saves your money and energy.
  • Buying products that produce less waste is also an act you can do during travel. This type of product will be less harmful to the environment.
  • Always turning off the light of the rooms you been staying during your vacation is also an act of green travel. This practice is so simple that you might have been practicing at home. This saves more energy consumption.
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Where to Find Dirt-Cheap Used Clothes in Shibuya & Harajuku

The center of the youth fashion scene of Tokyo is without a doubt, Shibuya–and Harajuku, for its concentrated subculture fashion phenomenon. Harajuku is a district located in Shibuya, and more famed for its quirky fashion with bursts of never-before seen styles and unique fashion items. Simply being in the midst of the pulsing, vibrant, and ever-evolving vogue can be quite overwhelming—in a good way. Just by existing in the midst of the crowd of Shibuya is an experience in itself.

Where to Find Dirt-Cheap Used Clothes in Shibuya & Harajuku

The most popular one-stop shopping when it comes to youth fashion in Shibuya would be the iconic cylinder-shaped building, Shibuya 109 (read: Shibuya Marui) with its Shibuya 109 Men counterpart. A huge number of fashion brands own their headquarters in Shibuya and the area could be your one-stop shopping location the whole time you’re in Tokyo. By walking, you can reach Harajuku fairly quickly—in fact, the borders between Shibuya and Harajuku is often blurred. You don’t go running to the Shibuya Marui for the cheapest of the cheap deal you can find, though. If you love a good hunt for good quality clothes with a dirt cheap price tag, then make sure to give these shops a visit.


BINGO is a part of the Book-OFF franchise, and it’s one of the most

The ambience of the store is calm, with warm light and warm-hued wall paint encompassing the whole store located in the basement of the Book-Off building. It has an impressive collection of secondhand items of both your everyday fashion items as well as some luxury goods. They have a pretty solid men section—the men shoes are particularly a collection one should take a good look at. For the price range, short skirts and shorts are anywhere between 300 JPY to 1,000 JPY, while the long skirts are approximately in the range of 700 – 2,000 JPY. Jackets and coats start from 800 JPY and up. Most of the item looks as if they’ve barely been used. BINGO is an excellent place to shop for used clothing, whether you’re looking for an emergency change of clothes or simply looking for a couple of new cardigans.


390 Mart (Sankyuu mart)

Just as the namesake suggests, this shop has most of their items priced at 390 JPY. The 390 Mart is located at the famous Takeshita Dori. The name is a play in the word “thank you”, where “3” is pronounced “san” and “kyuu” is the short for 90 (kyuuju), exactly how the Japanese pronounced thank you with their accent. It’s a good place to shop for accessories as they have a corner for chokers, cute necklaces and bracelets, quirky thigh-highs and pantyhose, hats, and many others.


Kinji Used Clothing

Kinji is another used clothing store that’s one of the favorite options of both locals and tourists alike. This store is spacious and boasts over 20,000 items in its Shibuya store. The price is from 960 JPY and up—definitely not as dirt cheap as Bingo, but still very affordable. Unlike Bingo, Kinji also has a large section of accessories (a lot of them don’t seem to be secondhand). There are also pieces for lolita getups such as the sweet lolita blouses. The opening hours for Kinji is 10 am – 9 pm. There are also a number of teddy bears and character toys for sale lining up the walls. Kinji Used Clothing is only 10 minutes walk away from the south exit of the Shimokitazawa station.


Don Don Down on Wednesday

The name of the store is reflective of the store’s business model, where “don don” is an onomatopoeia that means “steadily”, in this case, steadily dropping of prices. The prices of each item drops each week every Wednesday depending on how long they’ve been sitting at the store. They could go for as low as 105 JPY—that’s less than $1, which is a pretty big deal for the super cheapos.

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