Pay Attention to Dangerous Threats during Travel

Travelling is a safe thing to do when you want to spend your time by being in more peaceful and relaxing place. You can choose your own desired destination for your travel plan. It is personal choice either to choose local or international destination in this matter. However, wherever you go, you need to remember that there are always threats either minor or major.

There is no safest place on Earth and it is not only cause of the place but how you behave while travelling. There many accidental acts that can lead to put you in danger even in the safest place. Thus, it is safe to say that paying more attention to threats during travel is wise to do no matter how minor the threat is.

What threats can be dangerous during travel?

Lots of travelers are afraid of being eaten by sharks when they travel to maritime countries and spend their time to do water activities. However, it is reported that the number of shark attacks to human is very low. People tend to pay attention more to the headlines such as terrorism, diseases, etc.

Meanwhile, minor things can be a threat and even more dangerous than deadly sharks. In fact, sharks are the least concern while travelling. Here are common things which can become more dangerous threats during travel:

1. Drowning

It is one of the most common causes of people die during their travel. Thus, instead of afraid of sharks, travelers should pay more attention to the water because the danger is real.

One of dangerous threats during travel: Drowning

The circumstances of drowning are varied though. This case mostly happens while travelers are in coastal vacation. It is important to pay attention to local warnings and alerts about water condition before jump off the water. In addition swimming while you drunk is a very bad decision.

2. What about taking selfies?

is now has become one of the common accidents happen to travelers. Logically, it is not a dangerous activity. However, the place where you take selfies is the problem. Lots of travelers are not smart enough to differentiate which location is safe for taking selfies and which place is not.

Lots of travelers love to brag about their travel experience by taking selfies in dangerous place such as edge of the cliff, the top of unsafe tower, the edge of river, etc. Those can lead to serious accident which causes death or serious injury.

3. Keep away of drugs!

Drug use is also a common threat during travel. In any other occasion, doing drugs is a bad thing and it is even worse to do while travelling abroad. There are lots of cases reported for drug use. In fact, drug use has caused so many deaths.

Travelers who choose a country where drug law is much more liberal often involve in drug use causing major incidents from poisoning to death. Well, it is not a cool thing happens during travel. If you pay attention on wider range of threats, you will be having fun and enjoyable travelling safely.

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