Simple Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

No-nonsense ways to stay healthy as you travel the globe? Don’t worry. Staying healthy on the go shouldn’t be a headache. Everyone should be able to stay fit as long as they follow some of the basic principles. Here’s how:


Simple Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Get enough sleep

It’s just so easy to lose sleep during vacation. Whether it’s jetlag, the body’s slow adaptation in a new environment, or any other factor, losing sleep is not something that you can afford during your travel. Without enough quality sleep, you won’t be able to function at your best. During travels, you’re going to need more energy compared to during your regular days. If your sleep is messed up, the rest will follow. So in your travels, make sure to cut yourself some slack and get the sleep you deserve!

You have the option to bring melatonin to help you with your sleep. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by your body, and they are responsible for your circadian rhythm and everything related to regulating your sleep. Melatonin reaches the peak level during the night. But it’s common that during travels, the production or distribution of melatonin is messed up. Don’t take it every day, only take them when you need to restart your circadian rhythm.

Don’t skip on exercising

It’s probably already included in your daily activities if you have to walk at least 2-4 kilometers each day (to the train station maybe?) or if you get to walk throughout the day. However, doing a 5 – 15 minutes warm-up after you wake up is ideal. If you don’t already have a preferred method of exercising each day, have an app or a video ready to help you during your travel. Exercising will not only make you more awake—it’s also been proven to help improve your moods considerably.


Eat nutritious food, and eat them often

One of the easiest ways to be on track with what you’re eating is by bringing your own food. Not only you would save money by doing this, but you are also able to control what you’re taking into your body. Bring a pack of instant oat or an oatmeal kit. Pack them in a jar and don’t forget to bring a small spoon. You’re good to go now! Another delicious and quick option is to prepare a granola bar. They’re super good for snacking in between meals! It can also serve as food to sustain you if you have a particularly busy day on your travel so that you don’t skip meals.


Bring a water bottle with you

Having water always at the ready is super important. Whether it’s a thermal water bottle or an ordinary one, make sure to bring it! This is so you won’t have excuses such as not finding a convenience store. Staying hydrated is an integral part of staying healthy. Being on a plane is also extremely dehydrating for you, so make sure to drink loads of water throughout your journey.


Know your destinations

Research the diseases or illnesses that you may just catch in your destinations. For example, in tropical destinations, mosquitoes-related diseases are very common. An exotic tropical island known for their elite resorts, Sumba, an island just an hour of flight from Bali, is known as one of the places where Malaria spread is high. Aside from illnesses, it’s also important to be prepared for the weather. Even a rainy season can put you under the weather if you’re not careful about maintaining your health. So make sure to be prepared.


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