Travel Ideas to Shark-Seeing

Travel Idea to Shark-Seeing

Most people are terrified to see shark or even just to hear its name. However, for those who like to test their adrenaline and a thrill seeker, the idea of shark-seeing for their travel plan is the best. Sharks are indeed scary creature living in the sea. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot approach them. Today, people are less scared of this sea creature because lots of travel organizers start to provide shark-seeing as one of the main attraction to their travel program. If you consider this as best idea then why not meet those powerful sea creatures?

Why you should consider shark-seeing for your travel plan

Travelling is not always supposed to consist of mediocre activities like stargazing or strolling down the town. You can do more interesting activity such as seeing how the sharks in a closer distance. This sounds terrifying but it is not that bad. Lots of travelers have proved that this activity is fun aside from thrilling. The sharks you are going to meet won’t hurt you if you follow the guide direction and instructions very well. If you are bored of usual activity in travelling and consider going shark-seeing instead, these reasons might be able to convince you to just do it:


  • There are over 400 shark species all around the world and majority of them are harmless. Most of them are in fact smaller than what we humans imagine. Based on some studies, only three of the species are considered dangerous to humans. Those are tiger shark, bull shark, and the great white shark. For shark-seeing program, those sharks are not involved for human safety of course.
  • If you think you will be eaten when you face a shark in the ocean then you are wrong because human is not natural shark food. Sharks often hunt smaller species as their food. For size wise, human is off the menu. Most sharks even the most predatory ones tend to hunt tuna or seals which have high fat. So what about some incident when a shark attacks human? Most of them are mistakes due to how the silhouette of person looks like while they are in the sea.
  • Sharks are intelligent creature and even their sense and ability have developed through the times. They can smell their prey and as mentioned earlier that their favorite preys are smaller sea creatures containing high fat like tuna or seals. Thus, they won’t be able to mistaken human smells as tuna or seals smell.
  • When you are shark-seeing, you will be protected by safety gears. Some shark-seeing program even offer to make you stay in a cage fr protection so you won’t be attacked by sharks. Besides, sharks have more to fear from human. There are sharks hunting in some places around the world. This fact alone has made sharks fear from human. Cruel activities to hunt them down have caused in endangering the nature itself including habitat loss, climate change, and many more bad impacts.


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