How to Prepare for Your First Solo Road Trip

Solo road trip sounds exciting especially if you are road enthusiast. You can spend your whole weekend to have this getaway alone. Travelling solo is not a bad idea. Indeed, it can help you stay away from unwanted noise cause by loud people. You can enjoy your own trip alone peacefully. There are also benefits of having road trip solo such as enhancing your sense of adventure, explore your hidden potential, increase the awareness of surrounding because there is no one to watch your back, and many more. If your daily life is surrounded by lots of people, this type of getaway is the right choice to pick. The fun and thrill will stay there even though you do it on your own.

Preparations for solo road trip

Even though you are already used to travelling solo doesn’t mean you are immune to any risks or threats. That is why it is highly recommended that you prepare everything well. You will have the road trip on your own. It means you have no backup for driving your car when you are tired. Thus, you need thorough plan to cover all your needs during the trip. Here is what you can do to prepare for your first solo road trip:

  • For your own safety, make sure that you inform someone about your plans. You can tell your friend or family about your plan for road trip. Thus, they know where you are about to go. It is also important that you keep updating your whereabouts so they know that you are okay. They will notice immediately if you don’t reach your point of contact.
  • If you can spare your time to play with your pet, you can bring it to your trip. It can be your good companion. You can bring your dog to keep you company throughout your solo road trip. You can play along with your dog while you pull over to take some rest. That can be healing moment because you have something to take care of. However, it is not recommended to bring your pet if you are easily distracted when driving.
  • Make sure to bring your necessities such as foods, drinks, backup batteries for phone, charger, etc. It is also important that you pack your toiletries as well as emergency kit. Thus, you don’t need to search for them when needed.
  • Make sure to check your car before heading on your road trip. Make sure licensed mechanic checks your car and get it serviced if needed. It is important to make sure that your vehicle is in the best condition for your road trip so that you won’t face any hassle.
  • Bring your source of entertainment such as podcast, CD, etc. Remember to take a rest if you feel tired. It is not recommended to drive for more than 12 hours without a break. Don’t overdo yourself and have a little fun while taking a break. Thus, you will have fun and safe solo road trip to remember.
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