What You Need to Know About Volunteer Vacation

Having a dream vacation must be on your bucket list. However, you need to know that there is also volunteer vacation or people also call it as ‘voluntourism’. This is where you travel somewhere but not only to experience new place and culture but also contribute to help others especially the locals in need. People love vacation because that is the time when they can really be free from all hassle in life. They can have fun and lazing around carelessly. However, volunteer vacation challenges you to take a step further. Thus, the vacation you are going to take will make you give something meaningful back

What You Need to Know About Volunteer Vacation

Benefits of volunteer vacation

As you may have known that there are still many countries where people are living in need of other’s helping hands. Having to volunteer while travelling is not a bad idea at all. It may sound a little bit odd especially if you consider taking it for the first time. However, once you do it, you will see many benefits you can get that makes you want to do it again later.

  • You can contribute to give meaningful things to people in need while sharpening your own skill. For example, if you have skills in teaching, you can choose to volunteer at developing country with poor education. There you can teach children who have no chance to educate themselves. Or, if you are science student you can choose underprivileged communities to volunteer at. You can help with the conservation process. Thus, you gain real experience which benefits your study as well.
  • Working with the locals while having volunteer vacation will give you priceless benefit. It is an insight, the benefit you can get from working with the locals. You will be able to learn more about the different culture. Instead of taking a quick glimpse, you will get to see the real them. You are not only able to eat delicious local foods but finding out how to make them throughout the process until it’s served on the plate.
  • If you are considered yourself as budgeted traveler, volunteer travel is a great solution since it is beneficial to save your wallet. Regular travel requires you to spend money for many types of expenses such as hotel room, transport, foods, etc. By taking volunteer travel or vacation, you can share a room with other volunteers which save your money. There is also a chance for you to get sponsor for your trip. Thus, you will get your travel fees covered from fundraising while you are doing your best to help the locals in need.
  • Through volunteering while having a great vacation abroad, you can make long lasting friendship. It is because the friendship you build with other are based on sincerity and trust. You can make friends with fellow volunteers from different countries. You can even bring a friend or families to join you on volunteer vacation. This will be more fun and beneficial both for you and for the program.
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