Practicing Self-Love During Your Adventure

Practicing Self-Love During Your Adventure

Lots of people are hurting from self-esteem due to many different reasons such as the pressure from the society. Hence, it is hard to feel confident of who you are and the outcome from it is you hurting more and more. The best solution is not to change how the society works but to love yourself. Self love is about accepting and loving who you are no matter what. Travelling can help you  alot to practice self-love. You have time for yourself so you know what you really want and discover more about yourself.

Practice self-love using these tips

Going on a trip doesn’t mean you try to escape from your problems. In fact, you may encounter more problem during your adventure. However, it can also help you to build your courage and confidence until you thrive. Learning to love yourself is being proud of who you are you give yourself support, care, and respect without relying too much to get those from others. However, self-love is not something that miraculously happens. It may take time, but the most important thing is to keep practicing it. Your trip can be the perfect time to practice it, and here are some ways to do it:

Practice simple self-care exercises during your trip

Simple self-care is simple and everyone can do it such as brushing your teeth, taking a bath, eating fruit salad or ice cream, having enough sleep, drinking more water, enjoying relaxed time, etc. Those sound simple and but you need to make it enjoyable not making it feels like a chore. Try these exercises during your trip and see how it affects your well-being. The point is to keep your body happy so that your mind is healthy as well. 

Create a routine during your trip

A routine is not to make only in a familiar place. You can find routine even in unfamiliar place and it is highly recommended to build a sense of staying grounded. Also, travel can be so fast-pace that you end up feeling overwhelmed. A routine can help center yourself better, so that your inner compass won’t get frizzled by all the chaos caused by travelling such as time zones, changing locations, unfamiliar environment, etc. 

Try to fight back

Even when you practice self-love exercises diligently during your trip, there will be times when you feel like giving up, and end up listening to negative voices in your head. During this time, center yourself and try making a conversation with yourself. When the inside of you telling negative words, counter it with factual evidence your conscious-self have. It helps in keeping yourself in check while finding your way back to your confident-self.

Practice gratitude 

Practice gratitude for the experiences you gain from the trip. Through the adventure, you get to learn more about yourself as well as the world around you. Also, acknowledge how amazing you are and congratulate yourself for the accomplishment and personal growth you have earned from the trip. It will serve as confidence booster for you. 

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