Targeting Domestic Travels to Your Villa Seminyak: A Strategy

Targeting Domestic Travels to Your Villa Seminyak- A Through Strategy

The spread of coronavirus that makes all abroad tourism halted from 2020 to 2021 makes domestic travels more popular than before. The closed international borders bot only put highlight on local destinations to travelers, but also bring vacation rental owners to realise the importance of domestic travelers to sustain the travel industry. Focusing on domestic travelers, both for Indonesian and Balinese locals and foreigners that lives in Bali is super-important to keep your villa Seminyak business going during this challenging years. Follow our tips and learn on how to market your vacation rental to domestic travelers. 

Market Your Villa Seminyak as Nice Staycation for Locals in Bali

Targeting Domestic Travels to Your Villa Seminyak: A Through Strategy

The phrase “staycation” refers to the method rather than the type of vacation. It’s all about living stress-free, slowly, and within driving distance of one other. “Staycationers” are more inclined to select rentals that emphasize relaxation and slow living. 

Understand What Domestic Travelers Want in A Bali Vacation Rental

Ordinary vacationers generally have jam-packed schedules, cramming as many attractions as they can before returning home. Staycationers and domestic travelers want something different. They want to relax, recharge, and de-stress.

They may desire to travel domestically during the present pandemic for two reasons. First, to escape city centers, self-isolate, and try to keep healthy in a tranquil atmosphere. Second, they want to find a spot to get away from the weeks of anxiety and uncertainty. The distinction between staycationers and regular vacationers is one area where short term rental owners and managers can improve their marketing and listings.

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Give Domestic Travelers A Chance to Slow Down in Your Seminyak Villas

As a vacation rental owner or manager, you may market your properties as a tranquil hideaway and a great place to relax for domestic guests. You might want to put this in your listing to attract domestic travelers: 

  • High-quality bed linens.
  • How the property is tucked away from the crowds. 
  • If you operate in a city center, make the most of it. Mention how refreshing the experience is outside, yet how your property is a haven in the midst of the commotion.
  • Include phrases like “unwind,” “relax,” “renew,” and “recharge your batteries.” 
  • Try to include these phrase in your marketing lines: escape the people and reconnect with nature. 

What to Show from Your Villa Seminyak to Local Staycationers

What to Show from Your Villa Seminyak to Local Staycationers

Now that you understand what the majority of local travelers want in your Seminyak villas Bali, you know what to show on your ads, listings, and social media pages to win this market. Try to include these on your collateral photos:

  • A huge bath tub, a hot tub, or a sauna. Better if it’s fronting an outdoor view. 
  • Close-ups of any attractive amenities in the kitchen. Try to highlight the high-end coffee machine or fancy toaster. 
  • The natural environment and surroundings
  • Blankets, slippers, housecoats, and heaps of towels are all items that you should have in your holiday rental. You want to draw attention to everything that guests associate with comfort and relaxation.
  • Board games and music systems
  • Luxury toiletries
  • A nice welcome box for your visitors

Adjust the Prices for Domestic Travelers

Domestic tourists, especially local staycationers aren’t seeking for a luxury holiday abroad. Rather, they’re looking for something reasonable close by. Locals may also opt to hunt for a place last-minute or take advantage of a good price.

It’s a smart idea to raise your rates now to attract domestic customers and fill in some of the gaps left by cancellations and lack of travel. To automate price and stay restrictions, consider using dynamic pricing solutions.

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Partner Up with Local Business

Another strategy to target domestic guests to your Seminyak villa is to form partnerships with local businesses. Distributing your business cards or fliers to local stores, cafes, and other businesses will help promote your vacation rental. Depending on the company, they may even advertise your lodging on their website or social media platforms. You would recommend these places to your guests in exchange for discounts. For example, you can have “Get 50% off coffee at XXX cafe when you stay at XXX Seminyak private villa Bali. It’s a good time to start connecting with local business around you now!

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