How Kids Club at Bali Family Resorts Save Your Holiday

How Kids Club at Bali Family Resorts Save Your Holiday
The kids club in Holiday Inn Bali Benoa

They says family who travel together stays together. But nobody tells you how much it takes for parents to maintain their sanity during their family trip to Bali. While it’s the dream of parents to see the kids happy and make precious memories to cherish for a lifetime, Mom’s and Dad’s patience can quickly run thin with all the drama and shenanigans at every unexpected times. It’s difficult to travel with children under the age of five, and no one likes to be outnumbered by little children at the airport, on a plane, or at the beach. This is why finding a Bali family resorts with kids club can be your saviour. We’ve seen many families haven’t use this service for years and asking where on earth they’ve been upon trying the kids club for the first time. 

Kids Club Give Parents A Necessary Time-Out

Resorts often advertise a kid’s club as a place where kids can have all the time to themselves. While it’s true and kids do have fun, what kids club actually gives is time for yourself. So you can breathe and actually relax while you’re on a well-deserved, hard-earned vacation. The kids club at Holiday Inn resort Bali, for example, is a happy place with lots of things to do. For parents, however, it’s a valuable perk that they can drop off their little, beloved trouble-makers from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. During that time you can try riding a waterski, bike around the Nusa Dua, getting pampered in Balinese spa, sip a cup of coffee, and reading in peace. 

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Maintaining the Perfect Balance for Your Vacation in Bali Family Resorts

Kids Club Give Parents A Necessary Time-Out
Just enjoying time being an adult in Nusa Dua family resort

Holidays are great for family time, and we had plenty of that, but being able to balance it with time alone to sunbathe without having to keep half an eye on the kids, read your book without interruption, or simply sit and have lunch with your spouse/ parents while knowing the kids were having a good time was such a revelation. It turned out that spending some time separately turned out to be the perfect balance we needed from our vacation in the Nusa Dua family resort.

It maintains a fair level of balance. Holidays are a great time for families to reconnect and spend time together. However, let’s be real; it’s impossible to do this every year. Separation time is still essential. Parenting is the most difficult job in the world, and taking a few hours to yourself to refuel may make a huge difference in your family’s life. We parents are re-charged and ready to play in the pool, spend hours making sandcastles at the beach, or spend the evening playing cards and giving our children and family our entire attention since we have the luxury of being able to relax when the kids are in kids club. It’s the best of both worlds.

Dropping the Kids to the Club 

It’s almost a rite of passage for kids to resist the kids club. Experts recommend making a compromise with your little skeptic—they must at least try a half-day—and then planning a fun activity together later. However, a lot of kids leave the kids club feeling good about themselves. Some parents also note that they become more social and bump into new friends at the resorts’ restaurants during the vacation. 

The Professionals at Kids Club Keeps Kids Happy 

The Professionals at Kids Club Keeps Kids Happy

The staff is always in ‘fun mode,’ which is more than a tired mother and father can say. The staff are always so full of energy and put so much effort into ensuring all of the kids have a great time and are happy. There are so many activities to choose from, and most of them are free. You can find ranges of activities from bouncy castles, wall climbing, face painting, drawing, mini car riding, crafts, movie time, and many more. For the kids, it’s something thousand times more fun than what their parents can do. 

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Managing the Guilt About the Kids Club 

If you feel guilt about leaving the kids at the club, frame is as a necessary and constructive break for the whole family. Sometimes you spend too many times fighting with your own kids and that’s because you’re with each other all the time, 24/7. The time away from the kids and quality times with yourself will make you a better parent. Then, both you and the kids can enjoy a happier family vacation in the Bali resorts together.

Some parents were also pleased to notice that their children were making new acquaintances at the dinner buffet. 

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Targeting Domestic Travels to Your Villa Seminyak: A Strategy

Targeting Domestic Travels to Your Villa Seminyak- A Through Strategy

The spread of coronavirus that makes all abroad tourism halted from 2020 to 2021 makes domestic travels more popular than before. The closed international borders bot only put highlight on local destinations to travelers, but also bring vacation rental owners to realise the importance of domestic travelers to sustain the travel industry. Focusing on domestic travelers, both for Indonesian and Balinese locals and foreigners that lives in Bali is super-important to keep your villa Seminyak business going during this challenging years. Follow our tips and learn on how to market your vacation rental to domestic travelers. 

Market Your Villa Seminyak as Nice Staycation for Locals in Bali

Targeting Domestic Travels to Your Villa Seminyak: A Through Strategy

The phrase “staycation” refers to the method rather than the type of vacation. It’s all about living stress-free, slowly, and within driving distance of one other. “Staycationers” are more inclined to select rentals that emphasize relaxation and slow living. 

Understand What Domestic Travelers Want in A Bali Vacation Rental

Ordinary vacationers generally have jam-packed schedules, cramming as many attractions as they can before returning home. Staycationers and domestic travelers want something different. They want to relax, recharge, and de-stress.

They may desire to travel domestically during the present pandemic for two reasons. First, to escape city centers, self-isolate, and try to keep healthy in a tranquil atmosphere. Second, they want to find a spot to get away from the weeks of anxiety and uncertainty. The distinction between staycationers and regular vacationers is one area where short term rental owners and managers can improve their marketing and listings.

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Give Domestic Travelers A Chance to Slow Down in Your Seminyak Villas

As a vacation rental owner or manager, you may market your properties as a tranquil hideaway and a great place to relax for domestic guests. You might want to put this in your listing to attract domestic travelers: 

  • High-quality bed linens.
  • How the property is tucked away from the crowds. 
  • If you operate in a city center, make the most of it. Mention how refreshing the experience is outside, yet how your property is a haven in the midst of the commotion.
  • Include phrases like “unwind,” “relax,” “renew,” and “recharge your batteries.” 
  • Try to include these phrase in your marketing lines: escape the people and reconnect with nature. 

What to Show from Your Villa Seminyak to Local Staycationers

What to Show from Your Villa Seminyak to Local Staycationers

Now that you understand what the majority of local travelers want in your Seminyak villas Bali, you know what to show on your ads, listings, and social media pages to win this market. Try to include these on your collateral photos:

  • A huge bath tub, a hot tub, or a sauna. Better if it’s fronting an outdoor view. 
  • Close-ups of any attractive amenities in the kitchen. Try to highlight the high-end coffee machine or fancy toaster. 
  • The natural environment and surroundings
  • Blankets, slippers, housecoats, and heaps of towels are all items that you should have in your holiday rental. You want to draw attention to everything that guests associate with comfort and relaxation.
  • Board games and music systems
  • Luxury toiletries
  • A nice welcome box for your visitors

Adjust the Prices for Domestic Travelers

Domestic tourists, especially local staycationers aren’t seeking for a luxury holiday abroad. Rather, they’re looking for something reasonable close by. Locals may also opt to hunt for a place last-minute or take advantage of a good price.

It’s a smart idea to raise your rates now to attract domestic customers and fill in some of the gaps left by cancellations and lack of travel. To automate price and stay restrictions, consider using dynamic pricing solutions.

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Partner Up with Local Business

Another strategy to target domestic guests to your Seminyak villa is to form partnerships with local businesses. Distributing your business cards or fliers to local stores, cafes, and other businesses will help promote your vacation rental. Depending on the company, they may even advertise your lodging on their website or social media platforms. You would recommend these places to your guests in exchange for discounts. For example, you can have “Get 50% off coffee at XXX cafe when you stay at XXX Seminyak private villa Bali. It’s a good time to start connecting with local business around you now!

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Get a Custom Hammock to Give Your Gear More Personality

A custom hammock is one of the most certain ways of giving your camping equipment more you. Personalizing your own hammock can be a very rewarding experience. What are the things you could start with when it comes to getting your very own personalized hammock?

Hammock camping is a personal choice

For hammock lovers out there who have been hammocking for a while, customizing their own hammocks are not just an option. It’s a part of injecting their personality to their choice of camping gears. Custom hammocks can come with virtually anything. From a customized hook and carabiner to one little handy hammock sleeve, it’s an endless possibility for the convenience of your hammock camping.

Customizing the size of your hammock

One of the most prevalent advantages of a custom hammock is that you can personalize your beloved hammock to your needs. These needs are, often times, the size of the hammock. You may not find the hammocks you wished to have. This often entails a really big hammock or a particularly small one. Whichever you choose, customizing the size of a hammock is quite versatile. The size of the hammock may or may not affect your sleep comfort considerably. So make sure that the size of your gear fit your camping needs.

Choosing the colors for your custom hammock

Having a color of choice in your hammock is an important factor for many campers. Look for manufacturers out there that allow you to customize the color of your hammock with a reasonable price tag.

Fancy a less than common hammock design? Get a patterned print hammock

If choosing your own colored hammock doesn’t cut it, whether you may want to be a little bit fancy or just a tad bit conspicuous, then there’s another option. Some manufacturers offer the option of customizing the look of your hammock beyond just solid colors. You can get many sorts of patterns for your custom hammock.

Customizing your camping hammock is not expensive

Customizing always costs more. Or so the general rule of thumb that applies to anything.

Even less than common pattern print hammock would not cost you a fortune. There are some manufacturers that give you the freedom of customizing your hammock from the get-go that costs you a very similar price compared to what they already have manufactured.

Go back to the basics

Regardless of what color your hammock is or what pattern you chose to have it made for you, the most important thing is that your hammock meets all of your needs. Start with the size, if you think customization of your hammock is in order.

Customizing a hammock is a personal reward

The first time of hammock camping, you probably just would like to try things out. Pick a custom hammock once you’ve got a hang of hammock camping. Sure customizing is very affordable, but investing on more important things such as good quality accessories for your hammock is more crucial. But if you’re ready to go, then go on and customize to your heart’s content.

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Tips to Choose the Right Bali Villas for Your Vacation

If you travel frequently, you must have known that accommodation is as important as the budget itself when it comes to vacation. Thus, finding the right Bali villas is supposed to be in your to-do list anyway. Bali is one of the most desired travel destinations especially for luxury travel or leisure trip. There are so many things to enjoy. Of course, Bali is popular amongst tourists who are seeking for romantic getaway. However, Bali is also a perfect retreat for family. Thus, there is no reason to skip Bali as your destination for a family vacation as well.

Bali Villas

Choosing the right Bali villas for your vacation

There are many types of accommodations you can pick for your vacation in Bali. However, villas are just perfect when it comes to this exotic island. By staying at villas during your vacation, you will feel more at ease. It is also easier for you to enjoy your surrounding in comfortable place like villa. Of course, villas in Bali are also varied in size, price, and location. Thus, make sure to pick the right villa for you to stay at. Here are some tips to choose the best villa:

  • Before anything, you need to decide where you will spend the majority of time in Bali. This can help you to narrow don your choice. You see, there are so many villas in Bali that it can gives you a headache to choose one of them. So, choosing the villa located in the area of where you will spend the majority of your time will help so much. For example, you can book one of villas located in Seminyak if it is where you like the most to spend your vacation. It gives you easy access to many locations without the needs to commute from one place to another.
  • Choose a villa that fits your need. If you are travelling with families (kids included) then you need to find family-friendly villas to book. There are differences between regular villas and family-friendly one. By booking family-friendly villa, you will be provided with stuffs you need for your family especially kids such as high-chairs, crib, additional dining chairs, fence for the pool, etc.
  • Another tips to find the best villa in Bali is based on facilities and amenities, as well as service. You see, different villa provides different features. Of course, most of villa in Bali has been titled as ‘luxury villa’. However, even the villas without the title often provide the level of luxury you need for comfortable living. That’s why Bali is preferable destination since the accommodation is not so much issue to worry about.

If you are planning to stay for long-term, it is best to choose villa rental providing long-term lease. Some of Bali villas offer this type of arrangement for a guest who want to stay longer in Bali. By taking this agreement, you can stay at the villa without spending too much money like what you would do if you chose to stay at hotel.

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Let’s Get to Know More about the Photocopy Business!

Today, we have found many photocopy businesses in schools, offices, and universities because the need for photocopy services can be quite high. Almost every day, students, employees, and other people use photocopying and binding services for their work and work.

Even though the photocopy business has spread everywhere, this business still promises big profits for its business people. For those of you who are confused looking for a side business opportunity, there’s nothing wrong if you glance at the photocopy business because the market opportunity is still wide open and promises business people to reap huge profits every month.

Starting the photocopy business

Finding a strategic place to start a photocopy side business is the first thing to do. As much as possible the place used to start a business is around the campus, school or office. The size of the place for the photocopy business does not need to be too broad, at least enough for at least two photocopying machines as well as other supporting equipment such as shelves, service desks and so on.

If you as a side businessman has a large business capital, you should buy a new copy machine. However, if your business capital is still small and not enough to buy a new machine then you can buy a used copy machine but the quality is still good. If you have got the most basic machines, the most important things that should not be forgotten are supporting equipment such as cutting machines, binding machines, laminating machines, and others.

The benefits of photocopy business

This side business of photocopy services has good prospects for a long time and has created successful entrepreneurs from this business. The photocopy service business is needed by all people from students to employees, young and old and in almost all regions need photocopy services.

To start a side business does not require a large area and is simply done with simple management. The business person is left to calculate how many rupiahs will be earned each month.

The barriers of photocopy business

When you decide to start a business, there will certainly be some obstacles that you might encounter later, among which are as follows.

  • The number of business competitors who have already run this photocopy business.
  • Prices of basic materials such as paper and ink that greatly affect the price of copies of each sheet.
  • The poor quality of the copy can bring disappointment to its customers.

The marketing strategy

To bring in many consumers, there are several marketing strategies that you need to run so that in addition to your business having many customers, the profits that you will get will also be abundant.

  • The photocopy business is very dependent on the quality of the copy. Therefore, use good quality paper and photocopy ink.
  • Give friendly, fast and quality service so that customers feel satisfied.
  • Give a discount price for customers who copy more than one hundred sheets.
  • To increase customer satisfaction, you can also provide a number of copies of the shuttle facility.
  • The fifth strategy, there’s nothing wrong if you try creative marketing, one of them is by making a business around the photocopy service.
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Villa Ubud Bali for Your Relaxing Vacation

When you are under stress, the best way to do is to go travelling to places close to the nature. Avoiding busy crowd can help you sooth your hectic mind. One of the best travel destination to relax in Bali, specifically Ubud. To help you have enjoyable and relaxing vacation, you need villa Ubud Bali to book. There are many things in Ubud that can help you have a peace of mind such as artworks, distinct cultures, and of course beautiful nature in a form of rice fields, rainforest, and flowing river. Staying in Ubud for serene retreat is great idea. This is where you can recharge your drained energy from work.

Villa Ubud Bali

Villa Ubud Bali recommendation

It is not difficult to find villas in Ubud especially the one located close to the nature. You can even book a villa situated in the middle of the jungle. Staying in Ubud allows you to relax and closer to the nature. You can even hear the birds singing in the forest or breezing wind through the trees. Ubud is just a perfect paradise for you to enjoy. Here are some recommended villas in Ubud to help your accommodation during your stay in Bali:

  • Villa Awang Awang – This villa consists of five bedrooms fit for 10 persons max. This is situated in the hillside of Melayang village. The name itself has already represented the villa. Staying in this villa will make you feel like floating around because you can overlook the view from uphill. There are many interesting points you can overlook such as a steep gorge with the flowing river, beautiful forest, and wildlife. This place is perfect for you to meditate and relax. The villa is designed in traditional style complimented with antiques from across Indonesia. There is also Balinese temple near the villa. You can enjoy your time soaking in the sun at infinity pool completed with sun deck and sun chairs.
  • Villa Amrita – This villa has three bedrooms and is located in a scenic spot in Ubud. Staying at this villa, you will be able to enjoy the view of rice fields, rainforest, and volcano. You can even enjoy the outside view from the balcony attached to your bedroom because each room has private balcony. It is just perfect to relax. It is situated only 15 minute drive away to the center of Ubud. To help you more relaxed, you can enjoy your time in the tropical garden filled with flowers and other greeneries with infinity pool attached to it.
  • Villa Hutan Sawah – This villa only consists of three bedrooms and perfect for serene retreat because you don’t have to deal with crowded guests. Here you can enjoy the view of rice fields as well as rainforest. It is complimented with spacious garden and private pool. To enjoy greenery of Bali to the max, you can spend your time lounging at sunny terrace. It is located only 9km away from the center of Ubud so you still have great access to some places of interests.
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Ubud Villas with Best Access for Your Serene Retreat

It is common to spend your holiday at peaceful place closer to nature. That way you will be able to absorb positive energy and empty your mind. You will feel recharged and filled with good spirit. However, staying at completely secluded place sometimes can be boring as well because you want somehow visit popular places once in a while during your peaceful retreat. To answer your need of this kind of holiday, you need to book one of Ubud villas with best access. Ubud is the best place to have silent retreat because most villas are situated in the middle of villages and beautiful nature. However, it is not hard to reach nearest restaurants, beaches, or other attractions as well.


Ubud Villas


Ubud villas with best access


Ubud is a place of art and beautiful culture of Bali. This is where you can find artisan galleries and workshops. The place is also peaceful surrounded by nature which makes your holiday even more enjoyable. If you are looking for peaceful accommodation granting you easy access as well, here are some recommended villas to stay in:

  • Villa Splendid – This villa has five bedrooms. Each bedroom is surrounded by full-length glass window allowing you to enjoy the best view over the valley. One of bedrooms is equipped with balcony completed with two hanging chairs. There is also tropical garden overlooking the jungle valley. This family-friendly villa is also completed with swimming pool attached by the garden. There is also basketball and badminton area in the garden to let you have some fun with your kids. The location of this villa is only 15 minute walk away from the center of Ubud, granting you easy access to popular places.

  • Villa Lora – This villa is perfect for private and romantic getaway because it only consist of one bedroom. Spending your time in this villa allows you for serene retreat. Either you spend your holiday alone or with your partner, this villa gives you peaceful vibe to make the most of it. The interior design is complimented by tribal artwork and wall paintings. It is located in quite village in Ubud, Bali. It is situated 2km away from Ubud Monkey Forest. However, you can still reach popular places in Ubud with ease. There is private plunge pool and completed with Balinese daybed. It is attached to the garden filled with beautiful greeneries. And rattan reclining chairs.

  • Villa Lanka – This villa has three bedrooms king size beds and reading chairs. Each bedroom is completed with private bathroom and rain shower. It is designed with open-plan living concept. The swimming pool is surrounded by luscious greeneries perfectly, making it looks like a hidden paradise. The interior design of dining and living room is elegant completed with oriental artwork and handmade textiles. This one of Ubud villas with best access is situated only 2km away from Ubud Monkey Forest. This villa has great access to fine restaurants, Ubud Market, Ubud Palace, and many more interesting places to visit.

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Canggu Villas Wedding For the Most Magical Moment

Everyone must agree that wedding is one of the most magical moments in life. It is when two people vow to be each other’s soul for the rest of their life. This is the moment when everything is about love. Thus, this magical moment needs magical setting. Canggu villas wedding is the right thing you can choose for your special moment. Canggu has the best sunset to enjoy. This particular area in Bali is one of the most favorite destinations amongst international and domestic visitors who are seeking for romance. Thus, this place is a great location for you to gather your immediate families and close friends to celebrate your marriage.

Canggu Villas Wedding For the Most Magical Moment

Canggu villas wedding for best celebration

Lots of people choose Bali to hold wedding ceremony and private party consist of close friend and family. It is more private and intimate. You can hold any type of wedding party. Some couples choose simple wedding party where they gather with the guests and enjoy the scenic view of the ocean and delicious Balinese cuisines. Some couples choose to go all out and make a blown-out celebration by booking the overall venue to celebrate their marriage. Well, no matter what style you choose, Bali can provide you with ease. Here are recommendation of villas in Canggu which are perfect for wedding ceremony and party:

Arnalaya Beach House

Arnalaya Beach House offer the best place for you to hold wedding ceremony and after party. This is a luxurious, lovely villa consisted of two floors. Each room has floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door on two walls. Thus, you can always bask in natural sunlight during the day and enjoy the moonlight at night. It is just perfect for romantic event. The front yard is spacious and designed in natural style where you can still find the greens. Everyone in your wedding ceremony and party will be welcomed with the sight of open view of the ocean.

Villa the Beji

Villa the Beji is a great place for families. Thus, you can bring your family and hold your wedding ceremony in this villa. The place is spacious with luscious garden and wonderful pool. The open concept is perfect for your wedding because your guests will be able to enjoy the best sight of Canggu while relaxing around the pool. You also don’t need to book another villa to accommodate your family members because it has 6 bedrooms.

Villa Arika

Villa Arika has open concept which perfect for your wedding. This spacious and luxurious tropical villas deliver the best view of Bali. Everything you expect from a perfect place is available at this villa. Thus, this one of the best Canggu villas wedding you could ask for. It consist of 4 bedrooms so your immediate family can just rest comfortably without the need to go anywhere. Holding wedding ceremony at this villas can be your best decision because there is nothing you can complain. Everything is perfect. You can even stay longer to spend your honeymoon with your life partner and get the most of your romantic getaway.

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Consideration Why Buying Property in Bali Is Very Valuable

What is your first impression of visiting Bali? Customs and traditions are clearly seen in everyday life when you are in Bali. Where people do offer Canang on buildings that they call “Pelinggih”. When a big day arrives in Bali, they use traditional Balinese clothing. Traditional Balinese music is heard and makes tourists feel in different parts of the world.

buying property in Bali

Many more ceremonies occur continuously in Bali. Culture, religion and community togetherness are clearly visible and have become part of the daily lives of local residents. There are times when all shops are closed without exception and everyone, locals or tourists must participate in a ceremony called “Nyepi”. This is what makes many tourists return to Bali and decide to settle down.

Local Culture, Tradition, and Hospitality Is Attractive To Buying Property In Bali

Culture, tradition, and friendliness of the locals are reasons why many people decide to buy property in Bali. When 2.5 million people visit Bali every year, surely you will understand why buying property in Bali continues to increase sharply. Certainly, the demand for accommodation is very high. Bali during high season, it will be very difficult to get comfortable, cheap and luxurious accommodations. Even 5-star hotels have been booked in advance.

Buying property in Bali is a way for those who want to have a place while on vacation without having to be confused when looking for accommodation while high season. On the other hand, when you decide on buying property in Bali, whether it’s a villa, house, or apartment, everything will be very profitable.

Impulse buying property in Bali for investors is because they see a lucrative business opportunity. But for foreigners, don’t expect much to be able to have the opportunity to buy property in Bali. Regulations and regulations in Indonesia do not allow foreigners to buy property in Bali. But don’t worry because there are several alternative solutions that are safe. The trick is to borrow the name of the local people to buy property.

Living in Bali is not easy. If you are a foreigner, study the possible choices offered by the Indonesian government. The duration of foreigners living in Bali depends on their individual needs. There are many ways to buy property in Bali. Whether you work or build a company, you should get good legal advice from experts.

Buying property in Bali is a very profitable prospect, both long term, and short term. Beneficial for property owners to be able to enjoy holidays in Bali without having to look for accommodations in advance.

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Property For Sale In Ubud Bali, A Great Investment With Grow Value

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Balinese nightlife, there are still amazing 360-degree views in every corner of the house in Ubud. There are almost no other properties in your view because when buying property for sale in Ubud your Bali member is more than just a vacation home. Property for sale in Ubud Bali, whether the villa or house is a place to immerse and blend with nature. This is a good opportunity to get to know a unique Hindu culture, rich in traditional and religious ceremonies with complicated processions that occur every day.

Property For Sale In Ubud Bali

New studies on a real estate show a sharp increase in land purchases and property for sale in Ubud Bali. The trend in property values continues to rise and it would be wise to invest in property. Bali cannot be separated from high tourist visits every day. This is one reason investors invest their money in buying property for sale in Ubud Bali.

There are many hotels for all budget travelers. Even villas, which have recently been favored by tourists, are increasingly seen popping up. This situation is very favored by domestic and foreign investors. Don’t be confused if it’s increasingly difficult to find property for sale in Ubud Bali at a low price. Ubud does offer a different atmosphere with comfort and high relaxation for tourists.

Bali has attracted investors to property from all corners of the world. Investor competition is certainly a property for sale in Bali on a large scale. You can also invest. If you believe your monthly finances are stable, investment is a smart way. Property for sale in Ubud Bali is indeed of high value. There are several reasons why investment property for sale in Ubud Bali is a smart move.

Bali Arts and Dance Center

Ubud thrives amid changing times and modernization. Where other areas have been crushed by development and modernization, Ubud retains its uniqueness and beauty. The green expanse of rice fields and a “Subak” irrigation system that is recognized as a world heritage is a real attraction in Ubud. Art events continue to be held in Ubud every year and attract the interest of world artists.

A Friendly City for All

This is one reason why foreigners are increasingly interested in investing or living in Ubud. The hospitality of local residents makes tourists more comfortable to decide Bali as a second home. Real estate agents are increasingly aggressively offering a property for sale in Ubud Bali and little help foreigners to process the law of a property.

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