Let’s Get to Know More about the Photocopy Business!

Today, we have found many photocopy businesses in schools, offices, and universities because the need for photocopy services can be quite high. Almost every day, students, employees, and other people use photocopying and binding services for their work and work.

Even though the photocopy business has spread everywhere, this business still promises big profits for its business people. For those of you who are confused looking for a side business opportunity, there’s nothing wrong if you glance at the photocopy business because the market opportunity is still wide open and promises business people to reap huge profits every month.

Starting the photocopy business

Finding a strategic place to start a photocopy side business is the first thing to do. As much as possible the place used to start a business is around the campus, school or office. The size of the place for the photocopy business does not need to be too broad, at least enough for at least two photocopying machines as well as other supporting equipment such as shelves, service desks and so on.

If you as a side businessman has a large business capital, you should buy a new copy machine. However, if your business capital is still small and not enough to buy a new machine then you can buy a used copy machine but the quality is still good. If you have got the most basic machines, the most important things that should not be forgotten are supporting equipment such as cutting machines, binding machines, laminating machines, and others.

The benefits of photocopy business

This side business of photocopy services has good prospects for a long time and has created successful entrepreneurs from this business. The photocopy service business is needed by all people from students to employees, young and old and in almost all regions need photocopy services.

To start a side business does not require a large area and is simply done with simple management. The business person is left to calculate how many rupiahs will be earned each month.

The barriers of photocopy business

When you decide to start a business, there will certainly be some obstacles that you might encounter later, among which are as follows.

  • The number of business competitors who have already run this photocopy business.
  • Prices of basic materials such as paper and ink that greatly affect the price of copies of each sheet.
  • The poor quality of the copy can bring disappointment to its customers.

The marketing strategy

To bring in many consumers, there are several marketing strategies that you need to run so that in addition to your business having many customers, the profits that you will get will also be abundant.

  • The photocopy business is very dependent on the quality of the copy. Therefore, use good quality paper and photocopy ink.
  • Give friendly, fast and quality service so that customers feel satisfied.
  • Give a discount price for customers who copy more than one hundred sheets.
  • To increase customer satisfaction, you can also provide a number of copies of the shuttle facility.
  • The fifth strategy, there’s nothing wrong if you try creative marketing, one of them is by making a business around the photocopy service.
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