Villa Ubud Bali for Your Relaxing Vacation

When you are under stress, the best way to do is to go travelling to places close to the nature. Avoiding busy crowd can help you sooth your hectic mind. One of the best travel destination to relax in Bali, specifically Ubud. To help you have enjoyable and relaxing vacation, you need villa Ubud Bali to book. There are many things in Ubud that can help you have a peace of mind such as artworks, distinct cultures, and of course beautiful nature in a form of rice fields, rainforest, and flowing river. Staying in Ubud for serene retreat is great idea. This is where you can recharge your drained energy from work.

Villa Ubud Bali

Villa Ubud Bali recommendation

It is not difficult to find villas in Ubud especially the one located close to the nature. You can even book a villa situated in the middle of the jungle. Staying in Ubud allows you to relax and closer to the nature. You can even hear the birds singing in the forest or breezing wind through the trees. Ubud is just a perfect paradise for you to enjoy. Here are some recommended villas in Ubud to help your accommodation during your stay in Bali:

  • Villa Awang Awang – This villa consists of five bedrooms fit for 10 persons max. This is situated in the hillside of Melayang village. The name itself has already represented the villa. Staying in this villa will make you feel like floating around because you can overlook the view from uphill. There are many interesting points you can overlook such as a steep gorge with the flowing river, beautiful forest, and wildlife. This place is perfect for you to meditate and relax. The villa is designed in traditional style complimented with antiques from across Indonesia. There is also Balinese temple near the villa. You can enjoy your time soaking in the sun at infinity pool completed with sun deck and sun chairs.
  • Villa Amrita – This villa has three bedrooms and is located in a scenic spot in Ubud. Staying at this villa, you will be able to enjoy the view of rice fields, rainforest, and volcano. You can even enjoy the outside view from the balcony attached to your bedroom because each room has private balcony. It is just perfect to relax. It is situated only 15 minute drive away to the center of Ubud. To help you more relaxed, you can enjoy your time in the tropical garden filled with flowers and other greeneries with infinity pool attached to it.
  • Villa Hutan Sawah – This villa only consists of three bedrooms and perfect for serene retreat because you don’t have to deal with crowded guests. Here you can enjoy the view of rice fields as well as rainforest. It is complimented with spacious garden and private pool. To enjoy greenery of Bali to the max, you can spend your time lounging at sunny terrace. It is located only 9km away from the center of Ubud so you still have great access to some places of interests.
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