Signs of Good Quality Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Nothing can compare to Komodo diving liveaboard experience. Waking up when the sun blasts the golden rays, floating in the middle of endless ocean. You slide on the dive gear and prepare for the first dive of the day. The instructor gives you signals to jump from the deck, and the next thing you know, you are underwater in one of world’s best coral garden and colourful marine creatures. This is how a life in a Komodo diving liveaboard looks like. Your excursion days is overflowed with scuba diving opportunities with island hopping in between while living onboard for an extended period.

Signs of Good Quality Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Flores has long been known for its fantastic underwater with plenty of marine life, preserved biota and great biodiversity. It’s not a surprising sight to see Labuan Bajo’s dock, Flores’ port town, jam-packed with diving life aboard of all range. With lots of energy-draining diving activities, it’s only rational if you want a liveaboard with maximum comforts. A liveaboard that offers more than a deck to sleep in and filled up tank in the morning. If you are willing to pay for quality services and get what you’ve paid for, there are some qualities you need to scrutinise in a liveaboard.

Signs of Quality Komodo Diving Liveaboard You Should Pick Up

Spacious Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Like it or not, diving is way more complicated than the usual land excursion. Diving needs lots of extra spaces to store all the bulky equipments. You will also need a lot of open space for diving preparation as well as having enough wet area. It’s also importance to maintain safe space between other divers to avoid slippery accident. Choosing a spacious diving liveaboard is essential for your safety.

Quality and Roomy Cabins

Some liveaboard boats sleeps all their passengers in one communal deck. Other liveaboard build comfy rooms for the sake of passengers’ quality rest. Some quality to look in your Komodo diving liveaboard’s cabins are space, air-con, bed, ventilation, and the general layout. Will the room be spacious enough for you to move around? Does the bed clean and dry? (Sleeping on a damp bed can turn your peaceful rest to a living hell). Is the ventilation lets flowing air change? And eventually, does the room has air conditioner or fan? Remember that it can be very hot and humid in Indonesia. Staying in a room without proper air conditioner can make the stay rather feel unpleasant.

Onboard Foodie

Staying in a hotel room means you can go out every time for lunch and dinner. You can choose to walk out from the breakfast selection and find one of your preference. Staying in a liveaboard means you are ‘forced’ to eat whatever are available on the table. Back in more traditional days, divers’ diet onboard often consist of regular mie goreng or nasi goreng. However, today newer and more modern liveaboard begin to serve international cuisine. And with huge demands of physical activities during, your body needs high nutritional foods, too. Normally, liveaboard doesn’t put their menu online. For a safe bet, choose a Komodo diving liveaboard which specifically mentions the presence of professional chef in their service.

There are some other quality to indicate a good liveaboard other than these essentials three. A noise-isolated cabin will definitely gives more support to quality rest than those without. More often than not, noise-isolated cabin is quite a luxurious option appears in high-end liveaboard. You might also want stable internet connection, though most travelers in Flores enjoys their momentary digital detox. Again, this is something that’s less essential but definitely makes the experience be much better.

Your Komodo diving liveaboard can either make or break the trip—so do choose wisely!

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