Where to See Autumn Colors in Tokyo?

The arrival of autumn is a cause for celebration, if only for the break from the scorching heat of Japanese summers. A lot of people enjoyed autumn through the endless supplies of delicious Japanese traditional food popular to be eaten in autumn. There’s Yakiimo, which is sweet potato, soft and warm, the food is delicious and naturally sweet, a perfect companion for the fall months. There’s also Oden; more popular as a winter delicacy, but also pretty well-sought and widely enjoyed during the fall.

Regardless of what’s your choice of food and snacks to accompany your search for autumn colors, if you do want to bask in the beauty in its full glory, then take some time to visit these places locals love to go to during the autumn.

Koshikawa Korakuen

The Koshikawa Korakuen is one of the most popular spots when it comes to catching the autumn colors in Tokyo. It’s a Japanese traditional landscape garden with breathtaking beauty with emphasis on the gorgeous landscape. Stunning views of maple trees with their vibrant red shades are in abundance. The Japanese garden landscape frames Japanese aesthetics and appreciation towards nature and aged scenery. The traditional garden uses aged materials reminiscent of ancient times. The materials used for the paving are all natural, it includes gravel and other natural stones. The Japanese traditional landscape garden is also highly influenced by mostly Shinto and Buddhist philosophies.

Icho Namiki

This park is located near the Meiiji Jingu Gaien Park, which is home to the Jingu stadium. The  place is a set of outdoor facilities which is a heaven for photographers alike during the fall season. There are lines of neatly trimmed trees, an excellent example that Tokyo is always at pea form. The sight of golden hues lining the street is simply gorgeous. It’s a great way to spend time; simply relaxing at the cafes around the street is a pleasant way to spend your day.

Showa Kinen Koen

This park is located near the Tachikawa station, where lines of ginkgo trees flaunting gold is a sight. Not just autumn colors, the park also boasts neatly organized seasonal flowers with gorgeous hues spreading throughout the place. There’s a bonsai museum that people can visit in the Showa Kinen Park. The park is a great place for family outdoor activities, as it’s complete with a large playing area for children with slides and all sorts of playground equipment.

Yoyogi Koen

The Yoyogi Koen is located at central Tokyo, Shibuya, Harajuku, to be precise. If you enjoy going to the infamous youth subculture and enjoy its wealth of fashion and quirks, you’re going to enjoy looking for autumn colors in Yoyogi Park. The vibrant youths of Tokyo often use this park for a lot of artistic activities and if you’re lucky you might even catch a rehearsal in place. Musics, dance, and all sorts are often spotted in the park, as Yoyogi park attracts all sorts of talents. To see the autumn shades, go away for a bit from the central and go to the Southern part of the park.

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