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IC Cards for Seamless Travel in Tokyo

If you’re planning to go to Tokyo in the near future, then you’ve probably heard of the public transportation that has a consistently excellent reputation during your planning trip. You’d most likely take the trains one way or another when you’re in the heart of the metropolitan.

IC Cards for Seamless Travel in Tokyo

The railway companies have issued IC cards that can be used by basically anyone. IC cards are prepaid cards and you can choose between either PASMO or Suica. What’s the difference between them? Not much. Both of them have the exact same use, with only minor differences as they’re issued by different companies. Whichever you choose, it won’t affect the everyday use of the card. With these IC cards, you’d essentially have an electronic money that can be used in most places you’ll go in Tokyo. IC cards are extremely useful and are live savers. Seriously, don’t travel in Tokyo without these cards.

Less hassle overall

With IC cards in your pocket, there’d be no more working out places for several minutes in front of the ticket machine. No more remembering station names as you fiddle with the buttons to purchase the ticket, every time you’re going to go somewhere. Also no more looking for small papers of ticket stubs, easily forgotten, as you walk out of the trains onto the ticket gates. No more clutter as well as fiddling with bills and coins, getting the bills out and the changes inside your wallet. It would literally make your life easier.

Saves you so much time

You won’t have to spend more time more than necessary every time you want to go somewhere. There’s also the fact that there’s generally always a queue on major train stations, therefore, not having to go to purchase tickets every time would save you so much time that you could be spending doing more important things. All you have to do is swipe the card at the ticket gate, you hear a beep, then off you go

Use your card for shopping

All of convenience stores in Tokyo commonly accept IC cards as payment methods. Most, if not all supermarkets in Tokyo also accept PASMO/Suica. A lot of major stores, as long as they have the machines or signs would accept the cards. Take Matsumoto Kiyoshi for example, a general drugstore and beauty shop, that you’re going to take notice sooner or later, is one of the most common examples of the many shops accepting the card.

Less to no coins

You’re likely going to learn this lesson only after you’ve visited Tokyo. There’s just going to be coins, so much coins. Every time you spent a 1,000 Yen, you’re going to end up with coins as change if you use cash as a payment method.  Not all money changers back home are willing to exchange coins, and you end up with a pile of coins that you wont be able to use back home. With IC cards, purchasing everyday needs at the convenience stores or the supermarket as well as some restaurants won’t contribute to your piles of coins.

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Bali Real Estate For Sale By Owner, A Safe Short or Long Term Investment

More than 100 lists of Bali real estate for sale by owner through online marketing. Finding property is how you see it for the first time. But buying property is not that easy, many processes and stages must be done. There is always a renewal of Bali real estate news, both prices and those that include related property.

bali Real Estate For Sale By Owner

There are 2 things that allow you to get Bali real estate for sale by owner. When it comes to finding the need for real estate, you must choose who can provide the best solution. The point is how you look for Bali real estate for sale by owner. What the advantage of buying from the owner?

Property prices in Bali always increase every year. Indeed! Bali is a popular tourist destination in the world. An exotic island with amazing culture and customs. The last stop for those of you who want to enjoy life! This is Bali! Don’t be confused when many people compete to invest in many industries. Bali is the perfect place to stay.

Often people wonder how to find Bali real estate, the best location and how to get started. Concerns about buying villas must exist, whether for investment or for housing. Please note that based on the applicable law in Indonesia, it does not allow foreigners to have full property rights. Full ownership of property can only be owned by Indonesian citizens.

What is the form of investment by buying Bali real estate? There are 2 forms of investment, long term or short term. Getting Bali real estate for sale by owner does not prioritize cheap prices but good property conditions. It is also impossible for a building to have weaknesses, but at least the damage is minimal and does not require much cost for repairs.

Short-Term Investment

The long-term investment way of working is that you can look for potential buyers of real estate with sales above the price you buy. This gives you a quick and tempting advantage. Many investors or individuals do this as a form of business. Buy when there is market demand. This is important as a guide to doing short-term property business.

Long-term investment

This is another investment option for long-term benefits. Most are those who have more budgets than those who make short-term investments. Buying Bali real estate for sale by owner then leases back to get profit. The villa is in great demand for tourists to stay in place during the holidays. Although the profits earned are not as much as short-term investments, the owner can enjoy profits as long as you rent them out.  

This is the advantage of buying Bali real estate for sale by owner, providing guarantees that the property you buy is free from tax arrears, free from disputes.

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Things to Do before Leaving Home for Travelling

Travelling is everyone’s favorite because it i the time when you feel so carefree about your hectic life. It is not a secret that life forces you to keep working hard. However, human is prone to stress so taking trip to somewhere nice can be the solution for it. Travelling is stress reliever and energizer. After travelling, you will likely get more spirit to work harder energetically. However, leaving your home for travelling should be prepared though. If you are taking long vacation, you need to do the right things before really leaving your home.

What you need to do before travelling?

Your holiday is stress reliever. However, don’t make it sounds like you are dodging a bullet. Instead of using vacation as a way to run out of responsibility, it is better to finish your task properly at work before taking vacation. Travelling while having pile of works waiting for you when you get home will not make it as stress reliever. You will feel restless during travel because you keep remembering your unfinished works. Thus, make sure you finish your works before taking vacation to avoid more hassle when you’re back later.

Next thing to do is booking all necessities such as flight, hotel, car rental, etc. From some studies, it shows that the best time to book flight for vacation is 3 months prior. At that time, you likely have more opportunities for cheaper price. Aside from getting lower price, booking early helps you to ease your mind before travelling because you will likely be panic to do it in a rush.

Next, you need to make sure every document you need is prepared especially when you are travelling overseas. Check your passport’s expiration dates as well. Aside from passport, make sure that you also prepare other necessary documents. It is recommended that you make copy of them just in case you need them while travelling.

Research more about your destination and find out the do’s and don’ts. For example, there are some countries which require you to get shot from certain vaccine before visiting. This is very important because you don’t want to get caught some diseases during or after travel. If you travel with your family, make sure all members are up to date on their shots as well, especially children who are prone to diseases.

Plan your itinerary thoroughly to set up all our necessities such as hotel, transport, and everything in details. Some people say that spontaneous travelling is more fun to do instead of thoroughly prepared one. However, travelling with family requires you to be prepared in details because you have more responsibilities to make sure everything will be fine.

Make sure that you leave home safe before travelling. For example, you can ask your neighbor to monitor your house when you’re away. You can also pay all bills before leaving so that you don’t have to do it while travelling. Make sure that your other families know when you are going to travel for emergencies.  

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3 Amazing Nusa Penida Diving

Nusa Penida is a favorite place for domestic or foreign divers. A pure natural environment that has not been touched by humans is the advantage of Nusa Penida. There are 3 best dive spots you can explore. Nusa Penida is not only popular with diving spots but also best for snorkeling, sunbathing or just enjoying the natural scenery.

Nusa Penida Diving

Nusa Penida diving is famous for rare and large species such as sunfish, manta rays, or sharks. You can enjoy beautiful and colorful coral reefs while exploring underwater.

Given the location of Nusa Penida diving quite far from Bali, finding a dive center long before you arrive is a great idea. Generally, tourists come and vacation to Bali, then continue to Nusa Penida using a speedboat. To be more organized, you can search for Nusa Penida dive packages from dive centers in Bali.

The Nusa Penida diving package includes a drop-off and picks up, from or to the hotel to the speedboat. There are a number of Nusa Penida diving spots that dive centers usually offer for 1 dive package.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay includes Nuda Penida diving spots that attract divers. In the crystal bay, you will be invited to see an underwater cave located 10 meters away. To see the underwater scenery, you have to dive at a depth of 20 meters. Unique and beautiful fish variations and beautiful coral reefs. When the current is not strong, you can enjoy the underwater view from the bay.

Gamat Bay

Gamat bay, one of Nusa Penida diving spots that have clear water with steep sinks. Domestic or foreign divers really like this spot because it has a beautiful underwater panorama. When you go under the sea, you can find sharks, big pelagic fish, mola-mola fish, big Pari fish, and unique and beautiful turtles.

Manta Point

This is a popular spot for Nusa Penida diving in the world. You can enjoy manta points, manta rays with wings of more than 3 meters and have a variety of motives. Other views of underwater biota that you can see are an octopus, porcelain crabs, moray eels, soft and hard corals. To see the manta point, you have to dive at a depth of 7-20 meters. It is recommended that you have a certificate that matches the depth level of your dive level. Capturing under the sea is a must. This is an amazing diving experience at Nusa Penida for every moment.

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Best Dishes You Should Try When Travelling to Indonesia

If you are food traveler, you must have known about the specialty of Indonesia. This country is home to various spices and herbs which can make dishes taste much better. That is why Indonesia is a heaven for foodies. Every region in Indonesia has its own special delicacies which make Indonesia food more diverse. Food travelling is fun since you can learn more about the culture through their authentic recipes. When you travel to Indonesia, make sure to try different foods from different region before you regret it. Besides, there are many Indonesia dishes included into the world’s best dishes.

Recommended dishes to try when travelling to Indonesia

Well, there are many ways you can do in order to savor Indonesian authentic dishes. You can try from street booth or visit high-end restaurant which serve the best and original Indonesian culinary. Both deliver different vibe but you can always choose your way. Here are recommended dishes you should try when you visit Indonesia:

  • Rendang is included into one of the world’s most delicious dishes. This is quite similar with curry. However, it is served with broth. This dish is made of beef then slowly cooked in coconut milk along with other spices for hours. This dish is originally from Padang region, West Sumatra. Rendang is best served with steamed rice and fried onions.
  • Nasi Goreng is one of the most popular dishes from Indonesia. Lots of people from foreign countries have acknowledged this dish as one of the best such as Korean artists, international politicians, etc. This is fried rice made in unique way using Indonesian spices and recipe. It is made of steamed rice, mixed with soy sauce, chili, garlic, tomato sauce and various ingredients such as shrimp, vegetables, and even protein like chicken, beef, or eggs.
  • Bakso is similar to meat balls. This is more popular as street food in Indonesia but you can find it almost everywhere from street booth to high-end restaurant. This is dish made of minced beef or other proteins. It is served with vegetables fried onion and chili in savory soup. Most Indonesian like bakso to be served with noodles or rice noodles. Even former President Obama liked this dish.
  • Kerak Telor is one of the most iconic dishes from Indonesia. You can find this dish specifically in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital since it belongs to an ethnic group to Jakarta called Betawi. This dish is made of sticky rice and egg and served with toppings such as fried shallots, shredded coconut, and fried onion. The way to cook this dish is unique since it uses charcoal.
  • Gudeg is also one of the most popular dishes from Indonesia and belongs to Javanese ethnic in Yogyakarta. The cooking process requires patience. However, the taste is so worth it. It is made of jackfruit meet boiled in coconut milk, spices, and palm sugar for hours. It is sometimes served with steamed rice along with beef or boiled eggs. The taste is dominant in sweet.
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Indoor and Outdoor Bean bag Chair, A Perfect Way To Relaxation

How many types and models of furniture in your home? When imagined furniture fills the dining room, family room, bedroom, study room, children’s room or outdoor your home. Experience is everything. Meet the child’s room with luxury furniture and is best used by parents. Children never complain about their furniture whether comfortable or not.

Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

Moveable and Multifunction

Based on the survey, for years children have become less active. They tend to spend time in the room, with a gadget or television. Now is the time for us to switch to multifunctional furniture. Currently, bean bag has mastered the furniture market. They not only function as furniture but also as decorations.

2 surprising things are outdoor bean bags and kids. They can make children more active outdoors. If you have a private pool or a large courtyard, the outdoor bean bag is perfect. There are several models of outdoor bean bag chair on the market for you to choose. You need to pay attention to the material used. This helps to make your outdoor bean bags more durable.

This furniture is very different from your old furniture. They can be called indoor and outdoor bean bags. When viewed from the name, you can imagine its use. Bringing them will be very easy because they are light. The latest news about bean bags is that they are perfect for relaxation. Indoor outdoor bean bag chair is recommended for children with autism.

Outdoor bean bag chair has a soft surface and designed to be able to follow the movements of the person who sits. Some children with autism have a deficiency in muscles. This is a symptom of a combination of muscles and nerves, which results in weakness of the muscles.

There are so many functions and benefits of outdoor bean bag chairs. When compared to your old furniture, maybe you should immediately get rid of it and replace it with a beanbag. This will greatly help children with autism. Outdoor bean bag chair are best when you have a garden party. They can also be easily brought by car to the beach or fishing.

Maintenance that needs to be done is difficult. You can easily clean it by opening the cover and then washing it. This is very helpful in removing stains that are usually difficult to clean on traditional sofas. Outdoor bean bag chairs use a zipper system so you can easily replace the cover with your favorite color, or refill styrofoam.

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Travel & Leisure

Dangerous Cities You Should Consider before Visiting

There are many places to go if you want to explore the world to the fullest. There are many spots you can visit to satisfy your adventure spirit. However, choosing safe place does matter as well. Even if you are prepared with anything you need physically and mentally, there are some places you should not visit. Of course, travelling is supposed to be chill and fun. However, your safety is the first priority if you want to really gain memorable experience in a good way. Some parts of the world are safe to explore while some others are not. Therefore, it is essential to always research your travel destination before you go. Thus, you can guarantee your safety while travelling later in the location.

Caracas, Venezuela

Some dangerous cities you might want to avoid for travel plan

The world is absolutely full of wonder. However, it is also full of danger if you are not careful enough to keep your safety. Dangerous cities that will be mentioned in the following are not necessarily closed off. However, these cities tend to have higher level in the matter of gang attacks, taxi scams, pickpocket, assault, robbery, terrorism, etc. These cities are not safe for solo traveler because they are not really welcome foreign tourists. here are some of dangerous cities all around the world you should not travel alone to:

  • Mexico city, Mexico is one of dangerous cities you should be careful of. This city is famous for violence against solo travelers specifically. The violence includes assault, mugging, kidnapping, etc. It is not recommended to travel to this city alone especially for women. The risk of gangs during night is higher so you’d better not be alone when you are in this city.
  • Caracas, Venezuela is considered dangerous due to unresolved political issues as well as violence. It is recommended not travel to this city due to its danger. In fact, some airlines have stopped operating to this place. Violence between police and protesters are quite often to happen in this city. It can escalate rather quickly so travelling in this city is positively dangerous. The rising number of gangs operating in this city is also concerning and it has been proved by frequent violence against individuals.
  • New Delhi, India is considered dangerous due to he rapid grow of threats specifically in sexual assault to women. Therefore, it is not recommended for women to travel to this city especially alone. If there is no choice to visit this place then it is highly recommended to travel in group and never wander around the city alone.
  • Bogota, Columbia is located in the heart of the nation. Along with all attractiveness presented by the city, there are also dangers looming around this tourist destination especially for western travelers. Dangers appearing in this city include drug cartels, insurgency, kidnapping, terrorism, etc. This city is indeed full of attraction but also dangers so it is better to plan your visit thoroughly to guarantee your safety if you have to travel around the city.  
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Adventure Scuba Diving Bali, Amazing Experience To Enter The Unknown

If you think about visiting Bali, there are many suggestions for enjoying the best vacation. Activities in Bali are never obsolete on time. They have been popular for years and are increasingly becoming a favorite among tourists.  Surfing in one of favorite activity in Bali from 86 years ago. Sculpture and painting in Bali have been rooted long ago. Diving is currently one of the favorite activities in Bali.

adventure scuba diving bali

Explore Tropical Of The Sea

Adventure scuba diving Bali is an amazing experience to share with others when you back home. There are many stories and memories as a reason to return to Bali. This is a fact! Lots of tourists will back to Bali, either for vacation or stay for a long time. Sprinkled with dive centers with professional instructors is the reason why you have to dive in Bali.

Bali’s underwater wealth remains a mystery, and Bali’s underwater temperatures can change rapidly. Underwater Bali is known for world marine and photography biologists. At present, Bali won an award as one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Some international class dive operators are ready to serve adventure scuba diving Bali. Bali infrastructure for diving supports and has developed perfectly. Dive instructors have been trained and experienced to ensure exceptional safety and diving experience.

Adventure scuba diving Bali will be successful along with the selection of dive operators that meet your expectations. Not all dive centers meet your expectations. Ignorance and dissatisfaction are often reflected in reviews on the internet. Some dive centers sometimes cannot see the needs and desires of divers. This makes a decrease in customer satisfaction with the related dive center.

Adventure Bali scuba diving will be successful along with the selection of dive operators that meet your expectations. Not all dive centers meet your expectations. Ignorance and dissatisfaction are often reflected in reviews on the internet. Some dive centers sometimes cannot see the needs and desires of divers. This makes a decrease in customer satisfaction with the related dive center.

Many rare species make Bali underwater as their home. Mola-mola and manta rays become the favorite species of divers. No matter there are professional or amateur divers, adventure scuba diving Bali experience will be impressive. Diving spots from every area of Bali have their own features. Strong currents make Bali’s scuba diving adventure more challenging and extreme.

Bali is not too big. Adventure scuba diving Bali is perfect for your vacation. Plan properly your dive trip schedule. Do not go to the east and west in one day. The perfection of your Bali scuba diving adventure is the right planning by taking the best dive center dive package.

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Travel & Leisure

What You Can Do While Travelling in Nusa Lembongan

If you in need of peaceful yet exciting vacation, you may need to include Nusa Lembongan in your bucket list. This place is one of a kind even though its location is near the infamous Bali Island. To get to this place, you need to cross the Badung Strait. Bali Island is already popular for travelers around the world. However, it doesn’t make Nusa Lembongan less beautiful. The best part of this place is that it is less crowded than Bali. Thus, lots of travelers choose to visit this place instead. The place is absolutely easy and convenient. This is a great place if you want less mainstream travel destination.

Things you can do when you are at Nusa Lembongan

If you expect for modern coffee shop or high-end cafe, you won’t find them at Nusa Lembongan. As mentioned earlier that this place is less mainstream and those modern public facilities are not there yet. This is more suitable for peaceful vacation when you don’t expect excessive crowds or nosy surroundings. Even though this place is lack of those sparkles buildings or high end architectures, you can still enjoy your time to the fullest by doing interesting activities such as:

  • Surfing is the main reason why many travelers visit this place. This is a great place for intermediate and professional surfers. The breaks are challenging for those surfers. Thus, beginners are not recommended to surf in this place. This is due to the most breaks crash precariously over reef. However, this place is like a playground for those intermediate and professional surfers.
  • Snorkeling is fun thing to do when you visit Nusa Lembongan since you can meet manta rays. This is also one of the reasons why travelers visiting this place. For your information, mantas can grow to over 20 feet in width in regular. It is a rare opportunity to see mantas in close distance. However, it doesn’t stop travelers to try and see themselves how mantas move and behave gracefully. Just pray that when you get a chance to snorkel you will meet mantas even for brief time.
  • Another water activity you can do while you are in Nusa Lembongan is scuba diving. The visibility is great especially during summer months. Aside from having chance to meet mantas, you can also pray to be able to meet mola-mola, oceanic sunfish. For your information, mola0mola is indeed the heaviest bony fish that exist so far. It can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. July to October is the best time you can meet mola-mola in highest possibility.
  • Tired with water activities, you can try another activity that doesn’t include sea water. You can explore mangrove forest instead. It is located along the eastern side of Nusa Lembongan. The forest is full of thick and shady tangles. This is not adventurous per se but a great activity for lovers who want to have peaceful yet romantic activity. You can explore the mangrove forest using kayak or on foot.
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Business & Property

Tips For Buying Bali Real Estate For Sale By Owner

The real estate sale and purchase cycle always happen. When people want to have a decent, comfortable and safe place to live, there is a property market movement. In the beginning, most people did not start the intention of finding real estate sold by the owner. Along with the development, real estate for sale by owner began to appear regularly in the property market. Another possibility is to conduct a field survey and see the sign “Sell by the Owner”.

Bali Real Estate For Sale By Owner

Bali is one of the targets of many people looking for property, both for investment and as a place to live. Currently, you will find many Bali real estate for sale by owner through online marketing. Finding property is how you look at it for the first time. The next step is to follow up by contacting through online marketing.

Do We Need Agent Property?

Currently, it’s hard to find Bali real estate for sale by owner. Most property owners do not want to be bothered by the telephone ringing or text that always enters. They prefer to submit it to online marketing. It is clear, the prices marketed by property agents will slightly increase from the price given by the owner. This is natural. Marketing Bali real estate for sale is not as easy as you expected. For real estate owners, they benefit from the help of a marketing agent.

The need for seeker Bali real estate for sale by owner is helpful in all processes. Starting from the process of seeing the location, helping to detail facilities, shortages or advantages of related properties, to the process of documents. This will greatly help save time, both buyers and sellers of property.

That Home Inspection

A home inspection is important. You cannot see the problem of an invisible property. For example, the problem of electricity flow. You need someone who understands how your house is flowing, whether it has been installed properly. Installation errors can make an electrical surge, and result in a fire. The inspection that needs to be done is a plumbing problem. It takes experts to see the plumbing and the connection from the entire property. Leaks will be very troublesome! The worst thing is that you have to dismantle the floor to find plumbing leaks.

When you are dealing with a property agent, you can ask them to improve before you occupy it. The best contractor recommendations, including electricity and plumbing work, will be better. If you have a trusted contractor, asking for a reduction in selling prices is the best way. An anticipation of submitting a reduction in the selling price of Bali real estate for sale by owner who is on duty with the necessary repairs.

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