Healthy Snacks You Should Bring for Travelling

Being on a long-haul travel is not so convenient even for seasoned travelers. Thus, snacks can be a good distraction for boredom during your travel. Besides, snacks can save your life when you are starving yet you cannot find a place that serves foods. You can make your own snacks at home before going to travel. Or, you can also buy healthy snacks from convenience store. Well, convenience store also provides healthy snacks that you can choose based on your taste. If you think convenience store only has chips or chocolate bars then you need to visit the nearest convenience store right now and see what you can find. Packing healthy snacks for travelling is important so they won’t ruin your stomach. Besides, your body tends to be prone to get sick while on a long-haul travel.

Healthy Snacks You Should Bring for Travelling

Healthy snacks you can pack for travelling to save your life


Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are good option but you need to keep in mind that you cannot store them in your bag for too long or else they will be rotten. Fresh fruits are good to eat when you are waiting for your flight for example. Thus, you don’t need to go to a dine just to fill in your not-so empty stomach. Banana, orange, or apple is easy to pack.

Fresh fruit cups from convenience store are also good choice for travelling. You can store them in your carry-on bag so you can eat them whenever you feel hungry. There are different varieties of fruit cups that you can choose according to your personal taste. This healthy snack can boost up your immune system, thanks to vitamin C and antioxidant contained in them


Yoghurt is one of the healthiest foods which benefit your body. Besides, it is easy to carry everywhere. It is a source of calcium and vitamin that you need. Besides, it tastes great that it is hard to find people who dislike it. You can buy your favorite yoghurt to be packed for your travelling.


Nuts are a great for travelling and more importantly, they are healthy. It is recommended to choose unsalted nuts packed in bags. You can find them in convenience store. There are different varieties of nuts you can pack for travelling such as cashew, almond, etc.


Trail mix is a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. This is a great combination of snack that you can bring for travelling. The nutrition is great and the taste is even greater. The crisp from nuts and sour taste from the fruits can help lifting up your mood while travelling.


Granola bars are everyone’s favorite. You can find them almost everywhere. They are efficient to pack that you can put them in your carry-on bag. There is a variety of flavor you can choose. Granola bars are healthier than candy. If you want snacks to kill time, you can pack sunflower seeds. These are fun to eat especially for kids. This snack is recommended especially for a road trip.


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