Road Trip Destination Ideas for Gem Enthusiasts

Road trip destinations for gemstones enthusiasts

There are many types of travel you can choose for your liking. Besides, here are many destinations you can go to. There is no problem in choosing the most ideal travel destination. If you have certain interest in your life, you may want to choose travel destination based on it. For example, if you like fishing, your travel destinations might be dominated by lakes, rivers, beaches, etc. If you are adrenaline junkies, your travel destinations must be around extreme places like mountain, canyon, etc. If you are gem enthusiasts, there are many places you can go to as your travel destinations. It is like treasure hunting. Gemstones are beautiful and lots of people love them.

Road trip destinations for you to hunt gemstones

Well, it is not actually gem hunting but the idea is interesting enough for you to try for a road trip. You and your travel buddy can have fun with treasure hunt so that the trip is not so plain. You can rent an RV to help you go for the road trip. Remember that it is not pure gem hunting in a way. However, you may experience and learn something while enjoying beautiful scenery along the road. Here are some travel destination ideas for you gem enthusiast:

  • Gem Mountain in Montana specifically Philipsburg is a remote area. Along the way, you can try finding sapphires, one of the most favorite gemstones. Aside from sapphire hunting, this destination is great because you can also take a visit to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park as well. After finding some gems, you need help form the local staff to find out which gem is worth keeping and which one is not.
  • Emerald Hollow Mine in North Carolina is also a great travel destination for road trip especially gem hunting. This is located in Hiddenite, North Carolina. Emerald itself is precious and valuable gemstone with distinctive and beautiful color. However, it is not only emerald you can find from the mine. You can also find other gems such as topaz, amethyst, and aquamarines if you are lucky.
  • Herkimer Diamond Mines is located in New York and one of the most favorite locations for a road trip between gem enthusiasts. If you think you will find diamond here then you need to hold back because they are not actual diamond instead quartz crystal which resemble diamond a lot in many ways. They are well hidden within the ground and caves around the location. Aside from gem hunting, you can also enjoy other activities around the area.
  • Cherokee Ruby and Sapphire Mine is located in Franklin, North Carolina. Your road trip will be find since you are allow to search for rough gemstones like ruby, moonstones, sapphire and garnets. This mine is open only from May to October so this is the best time before it is close. After finding the gems, the staff will screen them. You can also hike, go fishing, or simply watch bird in the Nantahala National Forest.
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