Taking the Toddlers to Komodo Cruise Holiday

The Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia is set to be the next big thing after Bali and now families are looking forward to take their family to enjoy Flores’ outlandish adventure. The region is no longer dominated by the young and adventurous. Amongst them are now little feet and googly eyes, wide with curiosity and ready to explore the strange new world.

Taking the Toddlers to Komodo Cruise Holiday

Almost all Komodo exploration is done with Komodo cruise, a liveaboard vessel that doubles as hotel, restaurant, bar, and dive operator—all rolled into one boat. However, here’s the thing: not many liveaboard cruise in Flores has special childcare facilities for baby and kids. If you are planning to take your toddler into Komodo exploration, you definitely need special preparation as well. Here’s some handling pointers that might be useful.

Before Coming to Labuan Bajo

Stock Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent, and Swim Diapers

While you are still in Bali (or any large city in Indonesia), plan to stock all sunscreen and mosquito repellents for your family. High-quality sunscreen and mosquito repellent are readily available in Bali’s supermarkets, but it’s rare to find in smaller cities, including Labuan Bajo. The same thing applies for swim diapers—stock them while you can still find them in Bali.

Arrange Babysitter for Childcare

if you think you would need a babysitter or nanny to help you watch the kids while you are doing activities that would be impossible for toddlers to do (like diving or snorkelling), it’s best to arrange it while you are still in Bali. Especially when you have no time between landing in Labuan Bajo and departing for the cruise to find a local nanny. Beside, Bali has ready supplies of experienced nannies you can trust.

Bring Binocular for Kids

Kids will go crazy with binoculars! Binoculars are super fun and give instant vibes of adventure to young kids. Kids will love to zoom literally everything in wildlife—and there’s no place like the Jurassic-looking Komodo and Komodo cruise to put them into good use.

Onboard Komodo Cruise:

Throw Diapers and Baby Wipes in Special Bag

Never ever throw your kids’ diapers straight out to the sea. This should be a common sense. Always prepare big plastic bag to contain all used diapers and baby wipes, and carry them back to the land to be disposed properly.

Ask for Master Cabin or Family Cabin

Travelling with toddlers in Komodo cruise will be much easier if you sleep in master cabin. There are enough room for everyone and enough spaces for all the suitcases and baby needs. If your toddler prefer to sleep alone, try to book family cabins that usually are equipped with queen bed and one single bed. 

Get Seasickness Prevention and Other Meds Ready

Don’t let seasickness prevent your kids to enjoy cruising experience. Consult with your kids’ doctor prior before departure to figure out the best seasickness prevention for your darling. Also fill your med box with probiotics to help children with digestion, aloe gel to cure sunburn, eye drop, and any other special medicine that your kids will probably need.

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