Thrift Stores to Visit for Super Affordable Fashion Shopping in Tokyo

Thrift Stores to Visit for Super Affordable Fashion Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo is a mecca for fashion where everyday travelers and celebrities alike pay a visit to the city simply to bask in the sheer atmosphere the Tokyo fashion scene offers. From trendy everyday clothing to quirky and downright bizarre fashion mix-match, Tokyo has it all. Although the city is home to a large number of both local and international high fashion brands, fashion shopping in Tokyo does not have to break the bank. For the budget conscious and the diligent diggers alike, Tokyo could be the next best place to shop for both fashionable and affordable items. And by affordable, we actually meant dirt cheap, especially considering it’s Tokyo.


Thrift stores or secondhand clothes is the obvious choice for people looking to purchase affordable items. However, the Japanese secondhand stores—more commonly referred as “recycle store” by the locals—take thrift stores to an entirely new level. It’s more than just one aspect of economy—it’s a culture in itself. Used clothes in Japan is also notorious for its almost pristine, barely-worn state. From everyday fashion to curated items, you’re bound to find something you’re looking for in Tokyo.

Flea market

Tokyo has a number of flea markets held regularly. Flea markets in Tokyo offer just about everything you can name. They usually have a large quality of clothing section and this is where you could probably strike the best bargain, especially if you speak some Japanese. The only downside is that if rain occurs or forecasted, the flea market is usually cancelled because most of them are held outdoors in parks or public areas. Some of the most well-known flea markets in Tokyo are Mottainai Flea Market, Shinjuku Chuo Koen flea market, and Yoyogi Koen flea market. Make sure to note the dates of each flea market.

OFF chain stores

Better known as the Book-OFF chain stores, this store has several names that cater to different categories. They are Mode-OFF, House-OFF, Hobby-OFF, Hard-OFF, and Book-OFF, where they focus on different items respectively. The OFF chain stores that sell clothes are Mode-Off and House-Off. Both Mode-Off and House-Off sell everyday clothing items with prices that are hard to beat. You can easily find tops that looks almost brand new priced at 300 to 500 JPY, which is less than 5 USD.


This clothing store located in Harajuku, Shibuya store boasted over 20,000 products. Kinji Used Clothing is pretty massive, with dirt cheap prices where you can find an overwhelming number of items sold for less than 1,000 JPY. It has a good portion of men section. You can easily spot Kinji in the streets of Harajuku just outside of La Foret.

Stick Out

Located in the hip neighborhood of Shimokitazawa, Stick Out has vintage items and trendy everyday used clothing perfect for those on a tight shopping budget during their trip to Tokyo. Everything is priced at 700 JPY—a more than awesome deal to those who’d want to snatch a couple of outfits for their Tokyo look.

RAGTAG Harajuku

Now, RAGTAG is not exactly dirt-cheap. This store almost exclusively exists for those who are into branded fashion items. RAGTAG has an impressive collection of luxury and high fashion. It can be an excellent choice for you who love luxury items, but with a more affordable price tag.


With several stores located in Tokyo, CHICAGO sells very reasonably priced vintage clothes as well as fashion items from famous labels. Chicago also has a selection of used yukata and kimono starting from 1,500 JPY. It’s quite a steal, especially since that price tag is definitely cheaper than what rental offers.


Spinns is not exactly what you’d say a used clothing store. With its fun, decor-filled interior, Spinn boasts their very own unique designs sold at a very reasonable price. Some of the plaid skirts are sold at 1,600 JPY. The Tokyo Fashion website detailed that Spinns designed fashion items that are re-made using used, new and vintage clothing that made the pieces sold at Spinns are one-of a kind. Clothes sold at Spinns’ are created by local designers fashion students. Spinn has been featured at numerous articles and Tokyo fashion magazines.


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