Recommended Small Towns You Can Put In Your Bucket List

Travelling to big cities where there are popular attractions that draw millions visitors each year is something many people tend to choose. However, you can also create your own travel plan and choose destinations that are not too popular such as small towns. It may bring another sense of happiness for you because it feels like you find a hidden gem and not always follow the crowd. 

small towns

Small towns you can visit on your next travel plan

Small towns usually have more peaceful vibe where you get to breathe fresh air, enjoy beautiful scenery of the nature at your surroundings, try variety of authentic local cuisine, join local festivals, learn more about the local’s way of living that hasn’t been touched by modernity. If these are what you are seeking of a trip, here are most recommended small towns to visit around the world:

Wanaka, New Zealand

New Zealand itself is a popular travel destination. Instead of going to popular cities, why not visiting its small town that is full of charm like Wanaka. It’s about an hour outside the Queenstown and home to 7,521 Kiwis. It is also home to Lake Wanaka which often used for various sport activities. In addition, you can also visit the most photographed tree in the country. It’s recommended to explore this small town toward sunset to get beautiful view. 

Bayerish Gmain, Bavaria, Germany

Bayerish Gmain is home to only a few thousands Bavarians. This small town is nestled between Salzburg, Bad Reichenhall, and Lake Konigssee. In fact, it sits on the border of Germany and Austria. This small town is often dubbed as the prettiest corner due to its magnificent natural panoramic views. This place is best for having outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, rock-climbing, sledding, snowshoeing, or skiing. 

Lucca, Italy

Lucca is beautiful small town located near the water, as the coast of Versilla is only less than half an hour away. Full of ancient history, this small town is surrounded by walls that were built to keep the enemies out. There’s Lucca main attraction worth to visit called the City of 1000 Churches. You can find an ornate church around almost every corner. 

Annecy, France

Another small town is from Europe named Annecy. This beautiful small town has a string of scenic water canals that flows through it. It’s often dubbed the Venice of France. It’s recommended to scroll through Vieille Ville or Old Town to enjoy its beauty and history through medieval buildings, cozy cafes and restaurants, and ancient cobbled streets. 


This place is known for and being next door to the infamous Niagara Falls, theater, and wineries. This beautiful small town is home to art galleries, cute cafes, sweet shops, museums, and golf courses. Since it’s the heart of the province’s wine country, it’s a must to visit one of around 100 wineries in the town. Make the most of your visit here by enjoying your time exploring each corner of the town. Explore the town’s food scene as well. 

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Exploring Manta Point on a Komodo Sailing Trip

If you are on a komodo sailing trip, you must visit the manta points surrounding the island; your vacation will be insufficient. Everyone’s dream vacation includes spending time on the open seas while diving or snorkeling and interacting with a manta ray, one of Indonesia’s unique and protected water species. Of course, this does not include irresponsible marine waste donors. Manta Point Labuan Bajo, in Eastern Indonesia, is the location in question.

This exotic tourist destination will showcase not only a diverse marine habitat but also a land ecosystem that is just as fascinating as the look of the Komodo dragons, the king of the lizards. Foreign tourists enjoy diving with manta fish, but watching out for big waves coming from the seafloor is important.

komodo sailing trip

Exploring Manta Point on a Komodo Sailing Trip

Manta Viewing Point

Manta Point in Komodo is the ideal location to watch manta sting rays in their natural habitat, and it will be a wonderful experience. Manta rays can be seen swimming in a variety of directions while opening their mouths widely to consume a wide variety of plankton in great quantities. Despite being a big animal, the manta ray is not dangerous. So, you can swim beside this fish. You are only allowed to see the mantas; you are not allowed to touch them with your bare hands. Why? It’s because the manta stingrays’ bodies are covered with mucus, which serves as a protective layer. It would hurt the manta stingray if you touched this mucus layer.

Manta Point is in the Labuan Bajo section of Loh Liang. It is only a 25-minute drive from Pantai Jambon or Pink Beach. It will take between four and six hours to travel by ferry boat if you depart from Bali.

Jellyfish Colony

Jellyfish must exist where manta rays do. Because jellyfish are these manta fish’s primary food source, the origin of this term is obvious. Manta fish typically look for food in groups, so if tourists observe swarms of mantas swarming, it implies they have discovered a jellyfish colony that is ready to devour.

komodo sailing trip

Underwater Panoramas

Manta Point is a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of stunning natural beauty. Additionally, manta fish, which are incredibly calming to the eyes, are swimming in these waters as their signature. With the surrounding natural surroundings, it is more finished.

This place is definitely ideal for capturing priceless moments due to the presence of fascinating photogenic locations. Through your camera pictures, you can capture the scenic beauty that exists in popular tourist destinations. Your vacation will therefore feel more complete with a school of Manta fish and the surrounding environment.

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Find Out More About Mystery Travel And Its Perks

Mystery travel has become a trend for travelers, especially for those who are seeking new experiences. It’s to the point they are willing to put their trip in the hands of someone else. With mystery travel, you don’t even know where you are heading to until you are the airport. Even then you still have no clear idea in mind of where your destination is going to be. 

Intriguing mystery travel

Mystery travel is intriguing because it will make you more and more curious. Mystery travel refers to a trip you didn’t plan put yourself. You don’t know your destination until it’s time to go. It might be something you can ask your friend. However, mystery travel that is on trends right now is the one that is planned by professional assistance. They help with your mystery travel arrangements and offer you a mystery travel package based on their expertise. 

Mystery travel package

There are plenty of travel sites that are dedicated to create a mystery travel experience for people who want it. Each site may apply different process of booking and experiencing the mystery travel package. Some offer domestic travel package and others offer international packages. Some of them also offer both packages and more versatile with their offering. Some also tell you where your destination is right after booking if you ask for it. However, most of them keep it a secret until much closer to your trip. 

The price of mystery travel package

It varies from one site to another so there is no fixed price for a mystery travel package. However, each site often state their price clearly on their price list. The price is usually based on the type of travel package to choose be it a regular or luxury package. Some other sites also offer customize travel package where you can set budget that will be used as the base for the crew to build a trip around that budget. 

Where to book mystery travel package

Today, it’s pretty easy to find sites offering mystery travel package. However, make sure to not look for them in a rush so you can be more selective in choosing travel agent that is trusted, reliable, and professional. Make sure to do your due diligence so you get the package that fits you schedule, budget, and preference. 

How to pack properly

You may be worried about packing wrong items for the trip since it’s still a mystery where you are heading to. However, travel company will inform you of essentials you need to pack to make you more prepared. Some companies also give you hints or clues of where you are going to spar your curiosity and excitement more. 

Enjoy the fun of mystery travel

For people who are reliant to routine and fixed habits, mystery travel can be overwhelming and may trigger anxiety. However, it should not have to become a thing that stress you out. Enjoy that spark of curiosity while feeling a bit nervous and excited.

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5 Reasons to Plan a Komodo Tour

Komodo is definitely one of the islands that spring to mind immediately when you think of traveling in Indonesia. The most popular destination is Komodo, which is one of the Nusa Tenggara Islands. The Komodo dragons and the gigantic lizards on the island are famous worldwide. From breathtaking white sand beaches to exciting adrenaline pursuits. A Komodo tour can be used to relax on the beaches, enjoy the scenic inland views, go to nearby islands, and discover marine life. Additionally, using a cozy Phinisi boat, we will sail to explore the islands in the Komodo National Park. Moreover, when sailing between islands, you may take in the breathtaking views.

komodo tour

Here are the top 5 factors that will motivate you to book a flight to this island.

Komodo has many beautiful beaches

Komodo has many breathtaking beaches to choose from. The beaches are made more alluring and lovely by the fine white sand, rugged rocks, and clear turquoise sea. Komodo has something for every traveler, from the well-known magnificent beaches with lots of water activities to the tranquil secluded beach. Pink Beach, one of the most well-known beaches in the world, is located in the east of Komodo Island. Enjoy the scenery of the turquoise oceans, the green rolling hills, and the fascinatingly pink sands for a bit.

Adventurous sports

Komodo is a paradise for those who enjoy adventurous activities. There is no doubt that Komodo offers a large variety of water sports to select from given the abundance of beaches in the area. Due to the spectacular visibility of the crystal-clear water, diving and snorkeling are two of the most popular water sports. There are many excellent dive locations to pick from, from manta rays to coral reefs, in clear, azure waters. There are possibilities everywhere on the Island, regardless of your degree of diving experience. The Komodo Island tour has plenty to offer everyone, whether you are an expert adventure enthusiast or a newbie adrenaline seeker.

komodo tour

Breathtaking views

Definitely, Komodo Island is a view that is impossible to ignore or forget. You can enjoy beautiful views of the luscious trees and the clear, blue waters. With so many enchanted islands, beaches, and caves, Komodo also provides some of the most stunning viewpoint locations from which to take in the entire island. Like Padar Island, for instance. Visit Padar if you’re in the National Park.

Komodo Dragons

If you are planning a trip to Komodo, you must take a journey to see the Komodo dragons. The Komodo is the world’s biggest lizard. It is obvious that this will be a memorable experience for you.

komodo tour

A Komodo Island tour is a sailing paradise.

Komodo is the ideal location for a sailing vacation because of its crystal-clear, azure sea. Some people go to Komodo mainly to take a boat tour across the magnificent island and take in its charming natural beauty.

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What Makes Solo Travelers Attractive

Being a solo traveler is not a bad thing. Many people misunderstood that travelling solo will makes you look miserable because it is like you don’t have friends or someone to accompany you. Many people see solo travelers as lone wolf or lone wanderer who are getting lost or trying to find themselves. However, being a solo traveler is so much more than that. Solo travelers are more attractive than what you think.

What Makes Solo Travelers Attractive

Attractive sides of solo travelers

Solo travelers are usually those who have fire in their eyes. They are usually the type of people who are bold or brave enough to know what they want. They are not afraid of making big decision. Even if it is fearful, they are brave to face what they decide. They are often seen as intimidated individuals because of this. 

Solo travelers look are attractive because of they independence. They don’t rely on other people to make themselves happy. They don’t have to ask other people to accompany them to experience wonderful activities. Solo travelers are often seen as lonely individuals but it is not always the case. They are often choose to be alone because they need or want. They don’t really find company matters that much so they don’t have problem wandering on their own. 

Solo travelers are attractive because they have such a sexy broad mind. They have traveled a lot and experienced so many things from their trips. They have absorbed so many things that their mind is full of knowledge. It reflects on how they speak or give their opinion about things. They tend to be the opposite of being judgmental even though they sometimes deliver their opinion strongly with passion. 

Many people often see solo travelers as introverts and don’t like socializing  much. It might be true for some solo travelers. But most of them have no trouble in socializing at all. They like meeting other fellow travelers or greeting strangers. It is just because solo travelers like to have their own ‘alone time’ that makes some people misunderstood the concept. Solo travelers don’t like being alone all the time. They don’t have problem mingling with others if they want. 

Solo travelers are like magnet for other free spirits. Thus, it is pretty easy for solo travelers to make friends with great people. They can even make friends that long lasting. Do not get surprised if you meet solo travelers who look like they are a lone wolf but in reality they have hundreds of friends from all over the globe. 

Solo travelers are attractive because they don’t like to pretend. They don’t have tendency to impress or please someone. They don’t like keeping up appearance for something. They often refuse to present themselves as polished human. They also don’t get easily impressed of materialistic things because they have experience beyond those. They have their own perspectives that make them see things more than just the surface. Also, they have learned a lot so they tend to be more open-minded.

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Diving Komodo, Top Dive Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

Located in East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo National Park is the only place on earth where you can have a closer encounter with the unique and rare Komodo Dragon. Komodo National Park is one of the great travel destinations due to several notable reasons. Besides the legendary Komodo Dragons, the park is among the world’s most prized diving destinations. Komodo offers super biodiversity of marine life co-existing in colorful coral gardens and fabulous rock seascapes.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced diver. Diving Komodo National Park offers some of the best actions in the underwater world. In short, scuba diving in this park is an unbeatable experience! Read on to find out about the best dive sites in Komodo!

Komodo National Park, A New Experience diving Komodo island with giant mantas, whales, or dugong if you lucky

Diving Komodo, Enjoy Komodo Popular Dive Sites!

Manta Alley

One of Komodo’s most popular dive spots is Manta Alley.  Manta Alley is suitable for all levels of divers. This dive site is the perfect place to dive with manta rays. Don’t be surprised when millions of manta rays welcome and swim with you when diving on this site. Even, if the manta rays are not around, the dive site is still amazing. You also can see many reef sharks, giant trevallies, and colorful coral. Diving Komodo with breathtaking manta rays is truly a life-changing experience!

Batu Bolong

Another great dive spot in this park is Batu Bolong. Batu Bolong is rich with beautiful sightings of colorful coral reefs which attract vast shoals of small reef fish. Also, there is an incredible population of big pelagic fish. For instance, barracuda, tuna, and sharks. However, this dive site is not for beginners because of the strong current.

Siaba Besar

Siaba Besar is a popular dive site for its massive coral garden. Often referred to as ” Turtle City”, the dive site is densely inhabited by an innumerable quantity of green turtles. Besides the turtles, you’ll see plenty of unique species. For instance, white tip sharks, mandarin fish, barracudas, as well as other pelagic species. That’s why many people consider this as one of the greatest dive spots in the Komodo National Park.

 Yellow Wall

Another world class dive spot in Komodo is Yellow Wall. This place is known for its excellent wall covered with huge yellow soft coral. This dive site is the best place to see invertebrate diversity, especially during a night dive.

Komodo diving spotlight, Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock is one of the iconic dive sites in Komodo. The dive site is also known for its strong currents. Due to its strong currents, it is possible to spot plenty of sharks. For instance, grey reef sharks, giant trevallies, and white tip reef sharks in Crystal Rock. Moreover, this dive site is a great macro dive compared to Komodo’s other dive spots.

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Travelling Without Impacting The Environment Negatively

The impact of travel to the environment has long been a heated topic to discuss. In one hand, tourism brings revenue to the local economy. However, it can also affect negatively especially to the environment. Especially when travelers are being irresponsible such as throwing trash in non-designated places, damaging facility, and disrespecting the wildlife. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness of the environmental impact of travel. 

eco friendly transportation

How to travel without giving negative impact to the environment

Even though many people are already aware of the consequences of irresponsible travel, there are still many travelers who keep doing so just because travelling is what they love to do. However, we can still do what we love without damaging the environment in the process by finding the right ways to do it. Here are what we can do to have environment-friendly travel:

Choose more eco-friendly alternatives for the transport. You can find out more about environmentally-friendly travel program or package that offered by travel agents. They usually apply and use more straightforward ways to reduce environmental impact. There are many of them in website. Make sure to read and understand what they offer because even if they claim the program is environmentally-friendly, you need to make sure they implement it through the right ways. 

Be more respectful to the wildlife as well as plant biodiversity and marine life. It is okay to admire amazing creatures in the wild. However, observing and violating the wildlife are two different things. Make sure that your activities during travel doesn’t cause any harm to the wildlife. For example, do not ride animals that should not be ridden. Even if it sounds fun, it is not the right ethical thing to do when encountering with animals. Let the wildlife stay in wildlife. Observe them from afar and let them feel protected and safe in their natural habitat. This can be a great contribution to preserve the nature. 

Opt for reusable items for travelling such as water bottle. Avoid using a single-use items especially the one made from plastics because it harms the environment. It can damage the ecosystem because it is hard to process. Bring reusable shopping bags if you plan on purchasing or shopping during your trip. Hence, you can avoid using single-use plastic bags. 

Using electronic documents instead of papers. Some documents might not be able to carry around in digital file. However, you can reduce the use of paper of documents you need for travel such as printed itinerary. You can opt for electronic itinerary you can save digitally in your phone. Today, it is more possible to check-in online and save your boarding pass. The more paper you use, the more tree being cut off. The more in danger our planet is. 

Be more respectful and responsible when visiting your destinations. Do not do any activities especially if it cause any harm to the facility, people, or the environment. It is time to stop unruly behavior when travelling because there is no benefit of it. Responsible travel brings more benefits to the environment. 

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Villas in Seminyak, Long Term Rental With Best Price Guarantee

Northwest Kuta is one of the favorite locations for foreigners to vacation or stay. Initially, Kuta and Legian were developed as high-end solutions frequented by young surfers. Along with its development, Seminyak replaced Kuta and Legian as the residence for tourists and ex-pats in Bali. Seminyak is thriving and boasts the highest concentration of restaurants, bars, clubs, luxury spas, boutiques to prestigious hotels. Villas in Seminyak are becoming dream homes with designs that attract and fascinate travelers and ex-pats.

Villas in Seminyak, A Perfect Area to Stay

Villas in Seminyak - A beautiful relaxing area

The proximity of the Seminyak area to the beach, entertainment centers, 4-star accommodation, and a row of villas in Seminyak add to its popularity. Access to reach the airport can also be said to be not too far, about 30 minutes by car. 

Super premium facilities for families

Indonesians really like children. Expats especially, you can find babysitters for children easily. They can bring children to discover new experiences and adventures. Even though the cost of flights to Bali is quite expensive, you will find many adventure locations for children at affordable prices. For information, villas in Seminyak offer super-premium facilities with private pools, large gardens, semi-outdoor living areas, and luxurious bedrooms.

Perfect balance from exile

Villas in Seminyak - living area

The location of the villas in Seminyak is very close to the local community. Most of the villas in the Seminyak area are designed for tenants with spectacular views. Especially in Seminyak, you can find villas with views of the rice fields. You can enjoy fresh air without pollution in the morning and warm sunshine at the best time for you to sunbathe.

Tips to Get Villas in Seminyak with the best price guarantee

Before you go around looking for the right villa there are many important things for you to know. The goal is that you can ignore villas that don’t match the criteria. Navigating rural and remote roads, you can find stunning villas at low prices. If your vacation destination enjoys tranquility, and you don’t mind staying in a remote Seminyak area, then you will really save on accommodation budgets. 

Pay attention to access to private vehicles, motorbikes, or cars. If you are on vacation in Bali for a long time, make sure you rent a private vehicle to make it easier to access public facilities. You can reach the beach quickly, buy groceries, and more. If you are a foreign worker, pay attention to the selection of Seminyak villas which are close to educational facilities for children.

Villas in Seminyak offers new experiences and adventures for you and your family. Easy for children to play in the garden and pool all day long. You don’t need to worry because you can monitor them directly when they are in the pool area. It is the perfect solution, to spend time with family, relax in luxurious and affordable accommodation.

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Get to know local language before travelling abroad

There are so many things to prepare for your next trip. Getting a permission from your boss is the only beginning. Then, you still need to book your accomodation and transportation tickets, and of course make the itinarary schedule. 

All you want is the perfect vacation, by means of escape for awhile from work, go somewhere you’ve never been to before and meet new people on the process. 

Even after you’ve packed all your things in your suitcase, your preparation is actually not finished yet. 

If you are planning to go to a strange place, it is best to learn a bit about the culture in your destination. When we are talking about culture, it is not only about the list of thing to do and not to do there, but also about the way people live in there. Eventhough what you’ve learnt will be somewhat different than what you will see in your destination, you still have to be prepared for that. One of the way to have a good travel experience is by learning the local language. 

On the one side, understanding local language will help you to communicate with local people and understand their culture better. On the other side, it also brings you some other benefits, such as getting cheaper price while shopping, better understand the directions and road signs, and many more. 

Learning local language does not mean you have to know each of the local words. In addition, you probably don’t have so much time learning it. So, just simply write down important words, phrases and sentences that you find handful in your journal. It is not less important to know and understand when and where to use that expressions. Here is some recommendations for you. 

Important expressions

  • Greetings:
    • Hello!
    • Good morning / afternoon / evening
    • How are you?
    • Nice to meet you. 
    • What is your name?
    • Where are you from?
    • Good bye. 
    • Have a safe trip!
  • Responses:
    • I’m fine. thank you. How about you?
    • My name is ….
    • See you again.
    • I am from …. 
    • Thank you.
  • Others:
    • Cool!
    • Good luck!
    • Excuse me.
    • Please.
    • Yes / No. 
    • I’m sorry. 


  • In the street:
    • How to get to Schillerstrasse? 
    • I’m looking for Best Western Hotel. Can you show me the way?
    • Do you know where the nearest ATM is?
  • In the market:
    • I would like 2 kilos apple. 
    • How much does it cost?
    • What is that?
  • In the train station:
    • What time does the train A leave?
    • Do I have to change trains?
    • A single ticket to …. , please. 

Resources to learn

  • Youtube Videos
    • Easy Languages
    • Pod101
    • CultureAlley
    • JeFrench
    • Babbel
  • Mobile Apps
    • Duolingo
    • Mango Languages
    • My Happy Planet
    • BBC Language
    • DW Deutch Lernen

Mind that the most important thing is you can express your thoughts and be understood by your speaking partner, no matter how much grammar mistakes you made. 

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Healthy Inside And Outside With Bean Bag Couch

Comfort is the main reason for the popularity of bean bags. There are some opinions that furniture is popular because it is cheap and quality. Lots of furniture in the context of “cheap” without being offset by quality materials. When people find furniture that is really comfortable, quality, they are willing to pay.

bean bag couch

The couch bean bag is an innovation that continues to be developed, cheap and comfortable. This is a great invention in the furniture industry. This type of furniture with a large size will be very suitable to be placed in the family room.

Sometimes people look healthy outside but not in the body. There are many factors that influence it like furniture. This is why bean bags are designed in a way that nourishes your body both inside and outside. In the modern era like now, rest is important. Rest the eyes, mind, and body. time constraints make people lack rest time. What is the relationship between bean bag couch and body health?

Healthy Inside With Bean Bag Couch

Lack of rest has a negative effect on your health. Often people ignore signs of body fatigue. The couch bean bag is ergonomically designed and uses the best quality. They are flexible and follow the body of the person sitting. Improving health from the body is very important. Its light nature makes it easy for you to move it anywhere.

They have a large size that is suitable for your family. It is suitable for relaxing together, playing games or taking a nap. This will help to nourish you naturally from the body. A beanbag is not only produced for adults. Children are in desperate need of rest because they are growing. If the bean bag is too big for them, then the bean bag kids are right for them.

Healthy Outside

Ever felt fatigue even though you have rested on your luxury furniture? You don’t feel comfortable even though you have rested. This is what distinguishes bean bag couch with traditional furniture. They have many advantages that are different from your old chair. Maybe all this time you don’t realize that your traditional chair has a negative impact on health.

The couch bean bag is a simple chair that brings many changes to your health and your family. Healthy inside and outside by maximizing the use of bean bag couch, wherever and whenever. Health is expensive if you don’t look after it from the start. Bean bag gives you a lot of changes in terms of financial, health, and fashionable for home decoration.

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