Island Hopping on Labuan Bajo Tour and How to Choose Them

No one can deny the fun of Labuan Bajo tour excursion! You are going into an adventure in a remote Indonesian frontier which land is overflown with beauty. Your days will be filled with voyaging in the sea, hopping from one island to another, diving around beautiful corals, and have beach galore more than you can count. This trip will take you from what’s left from paradise to the remnant of Jurassic age.

Island Hopping on Labuan Bajo Tour and How to Choose Them

With more than 20 islands to choose, however, it can be quite overwhelming to arrange the Labuan Bajo tour itinerary. Especially when you only have 3-4 days to enjoy everything Flores has to offer. Eyes on! We got you covered. If you haven’t made up your mind, here we have comprised all the popular islands based on their ultimate offer.

A Mini Guide to Tailor A Labuan Bajo Tour Itinerary

1. Are You Going to See the Dragons?

When you are going to the Komodo National Park, it’s only logical to arrange a meeting with the Komodo Dragons. The NP is named after them, after all (though they are not living in all of the islands, thank God). These ancient creature only live on two biggest island in the NP; Komodo Island and Rinca. Within this island, the dragons are roaming free whenever they wish; no fence to limit their move. Worry not, you have rangers to guide and protect you from the dragon’s deadly jaws. Most of the time, though, these beasts are just enjoying their time lounging in the shade from the scorching sun.

Both Komodo Island and Rinca are great to spot the dragons. If you are going for easy sighting with relatively short trek, go for Komodo Island. But if you want to trek with a view and casually meet the dragons on the way, Rinca is your option.

2. Are You Chasing for A View?

Travelers craze about Komodo National Park as one of the most stunning location in the world, and they’re damn right. With all uniquely curved islands, endless blue ocean, and undulating hills that turns from lush green to auburn as the season change, Flores is a dream of neverland that just too good to be true. Having a Labuan Bajo tour without immersing ourself in these otherworldly atmosphere is just plain boring.

The best place to enjoy Flores’ magnificent scenery is from elevated land. As you guess, Padar islands is the best and most popular place for that. After Padar, go for another trek in the small Kelor island and Gili Lawa Darat. Their panoramic view will transport you into another world altogether.

3. Looking for Islands for Quick Snorkel?

It’s been widely known that the Komodo National Park is a diving heaven for divers and snorkelers. In their preserved status, the ocean is blooming with healthy corals, fishes, sea critters, and marine creatures. Head to Kanawa, a tiny island with turquoise water as clear as mirror. Their shallow shores are dotted with starfishes and line of reefs that are highly visible above the water. Around the reefs live the ocean stars; dolphins, turtles, and stingrays.

If diving (or snorkelling) is your passion, make sure to stop on Manta Point. It’s the popular place where dozens of Mantas hang out regularly! The Padar Island is also a good spot to snorkel—the wildlife marine will keep you busy for hours.

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