Photographer Guide to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

With the overflowing beauty of Labuan Bajo archipelago, camera gears are definitely something your don’t want to miss. Both worlds—the land and underwater—continue to give endless supplies of breathtaking sceneries. Every corners are a perfect setting to fit afor a frame. Without questions, this place draws photography enthusiasts to stay and spend quite a long time exploring the pristine nature. It can be quite a challenge, however, to find a suitable liveaboard Labuan Bajo to support photographer traveler.

Photographer Guide to Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

Whether you are a professional photographers, travel blog/vloggers, avid instagrammers, or simply love to take your camera anywhere you go, you definitely need a little guide to find the perfect liveaboard for you. Because you know, camera gears always need a special attention, don’t they?

Charging Stations Onboard

Embarking on a Komodo trip gonna be easier when your liveaboard Labuan Bajo has built in charging station on the dive deck. This is especially helpful if you are also a divers and underwater photographer. Charging the camera on dive deck allows you to charge the cameras without getting out from your wetsuit. Ask the operators if they have air blower in the station. The blowing air helps to dry the camera rigs faster before opening them up. Each stations usually have plenty of charging outlets; enough to accommodate the camera, strobes, flash, and other gears.

Camera Storage

Before signing the deal, ask whether your liveaboard Labuan Bajo has desgnated camera storage on board or not. Specialised dive boat and better-deal liveaboard usually have this facility. Camera storage is very beneficial to extend the longevity of your camera gear. It protect cameras from straight bump on the surface chop. Neatly arranged storage also gives significant contribution on incidental accident prevention. No more tangled sync cords on the floor twisting on slippery fin when divers roll back to the boat.

Vast and Spacious Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Every professional underwater photographers knows just how much spaces camera gears need. Add the diving gears to that, and you would need more than a couple of square meter on the ship. It goes without saying that spacious Liveaboard Labuan Bajo make a better, suitable choice for your Flores trip. Of course you can always pick up the smaller and more ergonomic boats around. But that means you need to set up all the complex camera gears in quite cramped space with other 10+ passengers. But hey, if a couple more dollars can give you better comfort and stability for gear set up, why not?

Photo-friendly Itinerary

You come for the good pictures. It’s the subject-rich destination that you are after. Try to learn all destinations in Labuan Bajo that potentially offers amazing scenery or interesting object to behold. The famous Padar Island is phenomenal among photographers for its breathtaking aerial background. The Komodo dragons in Komodo island are fairly easy to capture—sometimes are almost too easy. These man-eating, fearsome dragons are usually spotted lying languidly beneath the shades, enjoying the slow living. However, this can be deceptive to photographers, thinking that they can go as close as possible to the chilled dragons. Always remember to take photos with caution—and within protection from rangers.

Underwater photographers will love Flores’ marine world. From macro critters to big animal hotspot, Labuan Bajo has it all. You can hunt for the ever-graceful Mantas in Manta point, see the rare pigmy seahorse, or get immersed in massive dance of school of fishes in Batu Bolong. Dozens of diving spots scattered around the archipelago, each with its own dive characteristic. Back home, you will have tons of superb screensaver-worthy pictures enough to last for a lifetime!

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