Recommended Small Towns You Can Put In Your Bucket List

Travelling to big cities where there are popular attractions that draw millions visitors each year is something many people tend to choose. However, you can also create your own travel plan and choose destinations that are not too popular such as small towns. It may bring another sense of happiness for you because it feels like you find a hidden gem and not always follow the crowd. 

small towns

Small towns you can visit on your next travel plan

Small towns usually have more peaceful vibe where you get to breathe fresh air, enjoy beautiful scenery of the nature at your surroundings, try variety of authentic local cuisine, join local festivals, learn more about the local’s way of living that hasn’t been touched by modernity. If these are what you are seeking of a trip, here are most recommended small towns to visit around the world:

Wanaka, New Zealand

New Zealand itself is a popular travel destination. Instead of going to popular cities, why not visiting its small town that is full of charm like Wanaka. It’s about an hour outside the Queenstown and home to 7,521 Kiwis. It is also home to Lake Wanaka which often used for various sport activities. In addition, you can also visit the most photographed tree in the country. It’s recommended to explore this small town toward sunset to get beautiful view. 

Bayerish Gmain, Bavaria, Germany

Bayerish Gmain is home to only a few thousands Bavarians. This small town is nestled between Salzburg, Bad Reichenhall, and Lake Konigssee. In fact, it sits on the border of Germany and Austria. This small town is often dubbed as the prettiest corner due to its magnificent natural panoramic views. This place is best for having outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, rock-climbing, sledding, snowshoeing, or skiing. 

Lucca, Italy

Lucca is beautiful small town located near the water, as the coast of Versilla is only less than half an hour away. Full of ancient history, this small town is surrounded by walls that were built to keep the enemies out. There’s Lucca main attraction worth to visit called the City of 1000 Churches. You can find an ornate church around almost every corner. 

Annecy, France

Another small town is from Europe named Annecy. This beautiful small town has a string of scenic water canals that flows through it. It’s often dubbed the Venice of France. It’s recommended to scroll through Vieille Ville or Old Town to enjoy its beauty and history through medieval buildings, cozy cafes and restaurants, and ancient cobbled streets. 


This place is known for and being next door to the infamous Niagara Falls, theater, and wineries. This beautiful small town is home to art galleries, cute cafes, sweet shops, museums, and golf courses. Since it’s the heart of the province’s wine country, it’s a must to visit one of around 100 wineries in the town. Make the most of your visit here by enjoying your time exploring each corner of the town. Explore the town’s food scene as well. 

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