Small Towns in Europe You Should Visit for Your Romantic Getaway

Romantic vacation doesn’t have to be fancy. There is no obligation in what kind of places you should visit for romantic getaway. Even small towns in Europe can be great destination for your next romantic trip. Well, Europe is basically romantic destination and it has become default that when you think of romance, Europe is a great escape.

Small towns in Europe for romantic getaway

Europe is nowhere small. There are many places you can explore. However, you can go exploring small towns instead of already popular tourist destinations. There are many benefits you will earn by having a romantic getaway to small town in Europe such as less crowded, slower pace, less pressure, etc.

Here are recommended small towns to explore in Europe for your romantic getaway:

  1. Bruges in Belgium is a home to the Lake of Love. In this peaceful tiny town, you can visit the gorgeous water with your partner in slow pace. There is no need to rush since there is no tourist crowd around. This place attracts tourists but still in comfortable measure. There are cafes and shops you can visit as well. If you want more romantic experience, try cruising on a boat to explore the canals.
  2. Poolewe, Scotland is also beautiful small town that deserves your visit especially when you are looking for romantic destination. You can enjoy your time in Pool House, a family-owned place which provides you with great hospitality. Spend your time with your partner by lounging in the house while warning up your body near the fireplace. This house has six different guest rooms with different theme. In the evening, you can enjoy your dinner and trying Scottish whiskies in different varieties.
  3. Balestrand, Norway is a great place in a form of tiny town. There is the infamous Kvineks Hotel where the guest rooms are designed in special setting and style. In this hotel, you will find unique furniture and art collections. It is recommended to choose a room facing the lake so you will wake up with fresh air and ray of sunshine. The scenery of this tiny town is peaceful and perfect for romantic getaway.
  4. Positano, Italy is a tiny town built on a cliff. It sounds dangerous but in reality, this place is beyond words. When you go higher, you will be presented by more breathtaking view. This is a coast stretches down to the beach on Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the view from the cliff is so scenic that you don’t even want to climb down once you go to the higher cliff.
  5. Cesky Krumlov- Czech Republic is a small town consisted of scenic view and breathtaking narrow lanes. People even claim this place as miniature of Prague. Don’t miss visiting The Vltava River when you are in this tiny town. There are many romantic things to do such as canoeing, tubing, or rafting. You can also go to the observation gallery atop the Chateaux Tower to enjoy romantic view with your partner. Or, you can take your time leisurely enjoying pieces of arts in local gallery.
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