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Benefits of Taking Red Eye Flights for Your Trip

For those who travel frequently must have been familiar with red eye flight. It has been pretty common in travel world. Red eye flight is a flight that leaves in the evening or night and arrives at the destination during the day (mostly morning).

Benefits of taking the red eye flight

Basically, it is a flight you take when you are supposed to be sleeping peacefully. However, you take that chance to take a flight instead so that you can start your journey at your destination without spending more time to rest.

However, red eye flight isn’t always available for every route either. It is the most common for longer flights that takes four or more hours to arrive at the destination such as from New York to Europe.

Benefits you get from taking red eye flight

Red eye flight has become more popular and many travellers take this flight instead of regular one. Of course, there are pros and cons of taking red eye flights. It is also a matter of personal option.

There is no rule saying that you should take red eye flight if your destination requires a long haul journey. However, you must be wondering what benefits you can get if you take red eye flight for your next trip.

  • One of the most popular benefits of red eye flight is that it’s cheaper than regular daytime departures. It can be less than a half of the rates. Lots of budget travellers use this chance to save their money. It allows budget travellers to supplement travel expenses.
  • Another benefit is you will most likely have extra seat to sleep on. Late night flights often fly in more vacant seats available. Thus, you will have more space to sleep and rest better. you can lie down without being afraid of disturbing other passengers. Of course, it is not always happen but the chance is higher than when you take mid-day flights.
  • Next benefit you can get from taking red eye flight is faster check-in. Along with fewer flights, fewer passenger taking the flights. Thus, you can avoid the inconvenience of having a long line for checking-in. You can go faster from counters to departures gates without dealing with the tiring queue or uncomfortable crowd.
  • Red eye flight also saves your hotel accommodation. When you take late night flight, you kill two birds with one stone. The airplane becomes your transport as well as accommodation channel. Thus, you can save a night’s worth of bill. Of course it is not ideal way to sleep and rest. However, you can count it as a win when you can save your money and use it for more important things later.
  • Another benefit travellers get from taking red eye flight is that your daytime schedule will be untouched. Since you will most likely arrive in the morning at your destination, you can have enough time to get the most of it and start your travel itinerary. You have already had time to sleep during your late night flight anyway.
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3 Romantic and Affordable Destinations In Bali For Honeymoon

What happening in Indonesia is that, every popular spaces, spots, and destinations will provide and serve the expensive products and services. Commonly will be like that and so with the Bali itself that is quiet expensive comparing to the other cities in Indonesia. But, if you are on a honeymoon, there are still many affordable or even cheap destinations in Bali and you can still experience the romantic atmosphere of the surround and the moment with your love.

If there will be someone telling you that spending honeymoon in Bali will be so expensive, he or she may is right. There is no lie in those words. But surely, considering it as the affordable or the otherwise will be so relative. Someone may takes it as even more cheapest, and the rest will cry after seeing their Bank.

So that, of you are now planning the romantic honeymoon getaway with your love, I’d gladly to tell you about the affordable destinations on a honeymoon in Bali without breaking your future saving. You will really happy by being romantic in the tropical island and no need to worry about anything.

Romantic and affordable destinations for the honeymooners in Bali

Precisely, I could only give you about 3 destinations as written on above title. But, there are actually dozens of cheap destinations in Bali that can make your honeymoon moments even more romantic.

I’ll try to add the other destinations for later if I’ll get more times for that. But so far, I think even if you can only know some of this destinations, that will also pretty much enough to spend the days.

Here we go.

1. Jatiluwih’s Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace as one of the romantic and affordable destination in Bali on a honeymoon

Imagine visiting the rice terraces in the  morning or afternoon while seeing the farmers are doing their activities. The green landscape is also the great view you can get from this Jatiluwih rice terrace.

Even, there are many of the visitors that have made this spot as the place to take their pre-wedding images or their honeymoon photoshoot in Bali. This place is also recommended for the family vacation. If you are visiting Bali with the children, I think they will know what they want to do there.

To enjoy the atmosphere of this destination, there have been provided the paths in the middle of the rice terrace. You can walk through it and saying hello to the farmers you will meet.

2. Resto Apung, Kintamani

This is the floating restaurant at Batur lake, Kintamani. The Batur Lake itself surely will be the destination where the lake’s scene is so much dominant. And if you have not been getting your proper romantic diner before with your love, this destination should be the one that you will visit.

Even if it is called as the restaurant that mostly in Bali will be expensive, this floating restaurant will only cost you around $3 up to $10 per serving. You will have a really affordable romantic diner in here.

3. Tirta Gangga, Karangasem

If you are interested with the park that is full of water or the pools, statues with the authentic Bali’s carving patterns, then the area of Tirta Gangga in regency of Karangasem will be your spot to go.

This destination has not been popular for many so you will really enjoy the romantic moment. There is also another park besides it called as the “Taman Ujung Sukasada,” so you will be at the two destinations in one go.

The water on the pools are originally comes out from the natural springs in the ground. You can swim around in the provided pool and takes more images with your love while enjoy the village atmosphere on the air.

Those are 3 romantic and affordable destination in Bali that you can visit on your honeymoon moment. Anyway, most of the above destinations will charge you the entrance fee. But, mostly, they are only will require you to pay off about Rp. 10.000,- So much affordable that actually can’t even reach up to $1.

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Tips for Travelling to Developing Countries

One of the reasons for travelling is to gain cultural experience from new places. Travelling in developing countries even give you more authentic cultural experience in the process. You will also be able to interact with the people and build strong connection after knowing them more. However, travelling to developing countries is also challenging. For travelers who are accustomed to modern living and high-tech facilities, travelling to developing countries can be overwhelming especially in the first try. However, it is not something that you cannot solve. You will still be able to travel happily in developing countries by preparing everything thoroughly in advance.

Tips for Travelling to Developing Countries

Travelling safely to developing countries


There are various challenges when it comes to travelling in developing countries such as widespread poverty, modest economies, lack of tourist facilities, and many more. It is much different from travelling to modern countries where high-tech facilities are provided and all tourist infrastructures are well established. Here are tips to travel in developing countries safely and happily:

  • Make sure to do your own research before visiting your travel destination. You need to find the most up to date information regarding to developing country you are going to visit. Aside from searching information via search engine, you can also take advantage of social media since it is one of useful platforms to provide up to date information. The research will help you a lot to be more prepared and ready of what to expect when you arrive at your destination.
  • Learn more about the local cultures, traditions, and taboos. Make sure to search the information from reliable source so you won’t be misled to false information. Instead of relying only on narrative information, you can also watch documentaries to show everything in real experience. There are many differences in different places. For example, you may be considered offending the locals by wearing inappropriate outfit.
  • Learn more about the local language so you can interact better with them. People in developing countries might not be able to speak international language like English. Thus, it will be harder for you to make conversation with them. You can learn more basic expression in local language to help you navigate better with your exploration.
  • Another challenge of travelling in developing country is the transportation. They may have their own mode of transportation. However, not all of them meet safety standard. Thus, you need to choose your mode of transportation wisely. You need to search information regarding to local airline’s safety record, as well as for buses and trains.
  • It is highly recommended not to easily give your money to strangers even if the look in need badly. If you really want to help and contribute to those in need, you can seek out respected local leaders and find out more about community initiative. You can also support nonprofit organization. It is also not recommended to give things to children because it can lead to potential negative impact. You can give the items to the parents, teacher, or community instead.  


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Taking the Toddlers to Komodo Cruise Holiday

The Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia is set to be the next big thing after Bali and now families are looking forward to take their family to enjoy Flores’ outlandish adventure. The region is no longer dominated by the young and adventurous. Amongst them are now little feet and googly eyes, wide with curiosity and ready to explore the strange new world.

Taking the Toddlers to Komodo Cruise Holiday

Almost all Komodo exploration is done with Komodo cruise, a liveaboard vessel that doubles as hotel, restaurant, bar, and dive operator—all rolled into one boat. However, here’s the thing: not many liveaboard cruise in Flores has special childcare facilities for baby and kids. If you are planning to take your toddler into Komodo exploration, you definitely need special preparation as well. Here’s some handling pointers that might be useful.

Before Coming to Labuan Bajo

Stock Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent, and Swim Diapers

While you are still in Bali (or any large city in Indonesia), plan to stock all sunscreen and mosquito repellents for your family. High-quality sunscreen and mosquito repellent are readily available in Bali’s supermarkets, but it’s rare to find in smaller cities, including Labuan Bajo. The same thing applies for swim diapers—stock them while you can still find them in Bali.

Arrange Babysitter for Childcare

if you think you would need a babysitter or nanny to help you watch the kids while you are doing activities that would be impossible for toddlers to do (like diving or snorkelling), it’s best to arrange it while you are still in Bali. Especially when you have no time between landing in Labuan Bajo and departing for the cruise to find a local nanny. Beside, Bali has ready supplies of experienced nannies you can trust.

Bring Binocular for Kids

Kids will go crazy with binoculars! Binoculars are super fun and give instant vibes of adventure to young kids. Kids will love to zoom literally everything in wildlife—and there’s no place like the Jurassic-looking Komodo and Komodo cruise to put them into good use.

Onboard Komodo Cruise:

Throw Diapers and Baby Wipes in Special Bag

Never ever throw your kids’ diapers straight out to the sea. This should be a common sense. Always prepare big plastic bag to contain all used diapers and baby wipes, and carry them back to the land to be disposed properly.

Ask for Master Cabin or Family Cabin

Travelling with toddlers in Komodo cruise will be much easier if you sleep in master cabin. There are enough room for everyone and enough spaces for all the suitcases and baby needs. If your toddler prefer to sleep alone, try to book family cabins that usually are equipped with queen bed and one single bed. 

Get Seasickness Prevention and Other Meds Ready

Don’t let seasickness prevent your kids to enjoy cruising experience. Consult with your kids’ doctor prior before departure to figure out the best seasickness prevention for your darling. Also fill your med box with probiotics to help children with digestion, aloe gel to cure sunburn, eye drop, and any other special medicine that your kids will probably need.

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Look Good and Not Freeze on Your Winter Travel: Packing Winter Outfits

We all want to look good despite being out in a chilly temperature out there. Especially when you’re traveling. There are a lot of pictures needed to be captured and documented for memory. You’d want to look your best then.

But how can you achieve this without stuffing your luggage until it’s about to burst?

Packing for a winter travel has always been the most challenging compared to all the seasons. And the challenge may also multiply depending on how much you can adapt to packing light.

Packing winter outfits

Where you’re going to for your winter travel is also an integral consideration for your packing.

Plan well

Research your destinations carefully. Is there going to be a lot of snow where you’re heading?

Is is going to be raining a lot? In some places, winter usually meant rain as well. We really cannot stress the importance of planning and researching ahead of time.

Outfit layering is always integral

Layering is key. There’s a reason a lot of travel fashion blogs out there preached this all the time. The practice of layering your outfit during the winter months is going to help tremendously in keeping you warm.

But don’t just put layers upon layers without coordinating them. Coordination is key. Clothes functions (inner/thermal, insulation, outerwear), colors, and shapes of your wear need to be coordinated. I’d mostly chose black for most of my outfits during winter—with some grey or white, and red.

If you prefer more splash of color, then good for you. Laying down your outfit and trying them out first is a good practice to get the sense of unity in your outfits. And don’t bring what-ifs! You’ll easily overpack then.

Thermal wears

Consider thermal clothes such as the heat-tech clothes. It’s important to note that thermals are more essential as tops—as they would protect the core of our body.

If you’re going somewhere particularly chilly, getting a thermal legging also won’t hurt. Thermal wears of heat-tech are often lighter. They’re so much less thicker so it’s a good thing for your luggage space and weight!

Wear boots

My favorite has always been the over knee boots. Not only they’re stylish as hell, they also generally offer warmth better than leggings. Of course, you can combine the two.

Generally, the higher the boots go, the better. But make do with what you have in your wardrobe!

Long, flowing overcoats

More and more people are loving overcoats as a fashion item. They’re elegant, and they create the effect of a silhouette as overcoats seem to lengthen your figure. They’re also excellent to keep you warm—and they don’t just keep the upper part of your body warm as they extend well down your knees.

Do not pack your heaviest layer

Unless you have an exceptionally effective method to compress your heaviest layer such as your overcoats or your huge-oversized blanket scarves, don’t pack them.

Don’t force them into your suitcase or backpack. It just wouldn’t do you or your luggage (or your money) any good. Instead, wear them on the plane. Planes are known to be kept chilly so they would certainly come in handy.

Use travel organizers

Packing cubes are magic. Travel compartment has literally revolutionized the way many people travel. A lot of travel organizers have the purpose of compressing your belongings.

The compartments are also highly useful for the purpose of organizing your stuff. No more stress of rummaging your luggage.

Travel organizers are highly functional for travels at any season. Even more so during the winter months.

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Affordable Pleasures With A Single Parachute Hammock

Single parachute hammock is one of the most popular among us. Not because there are many single people in this world, but I think we are rarely to think about the person to be asked for camping. Moreover, it is not that much important for some reasons.

Anyway, before my talking going unclear and irrelevant, I am simply referring the “single” here for the parachute hammock size that is recommended for 1 person and I think that you have actually known about it.

Affordable pleasures with a single parachute hammock

I am pretty sure that many of us are in love with the hammock camping idea, but since everyone may haven’t much of their times, then it even be more special if there will be of us going out there and enjoy the “me time.”

When we are wondering around about experiencing the nature pleasures that won’t need much times, much money and even no chance for you to feel tired, then camping with a parachute hammock can be the main choice. Surely, it will also depending on your location. For example, when you are living in urban area, then you may will rarely finds the open green space. Maybe there will be the green park on your town, but you know that a small forest near a river at the village is always the better.

But no matter where it is, as long as you have no objection at all with the chosen location, then you can start your own leisure right away. Setup the single parachute hammock is easier where mostly you don’t even need a guide how to do it. After that, feel free to enjoy the good and green outdoor’s atmosphere and see what else you are capable to get.

So far, parachute hammock itself is relatively cheap. With only around $50 or even less, you can then get the camping ideas you have in mind. It is relatively affordable because for more complete items or the other hammock accessories, you need to spend more than before. But I am sure that it won’t even break your bank account.

We have to admit that many other items such as the hammock tarp, under quilt to keep us warm, and some more are not in one package you can get. You have to buy them one buy one. The good thing about it is you are somewhat instalment the trip and I think it can even more affordable than before.

I am forgot to tell you that hammock camping shouldn’t always to be at the park or far away out there. Sometime you don’t need that no matter how portable it is. Not many of us have much times to walk or ride to somewhere for hours. So, being at your backyard or even inside your house is not a sin at all. Even if it is possible to set it up at your office, you can try it as long as you don’t get your boss in anger.

There are not many of travel items that you know are as perfect as the single parachute hammock. The very important thing we have to realise is that it is also can be used for even years. That’s why your pleasure investment in a hammock is really something special.

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Tips to Blend in with the Locals Effortlessly when Travelling

Travelling is not all about visiting various tourist attraction or local foods. There are more interesting to do while travelling and one of them is to blend in with the locals. You need to know that the locals can be just as interested in visitors as visitors are in the locals. Thus, the ideal of blending in with them is great. It will give you many benefits such as making new friends, understanding more about the culture, opening your mind about new things. And giving you more intimate look of how the locals live. Besides, it may also keep you safe during your stay because when you blend in then the risk of being a target of crimes will be lessen.

Tips to Blend in with the Locals Effortlessly when Travelling

How to perfectly blend in with the locals

No matter where you go, you have chance and ability to fit in. Blending in with the locals will earn you many benefits you may not realize you need them. As mentioned earlier, the benefits include comfort, safety and more life lessons to earn. Here are some tips you can try to blend in with the locals during your travel. You might as well try them for your next travel plan:

  • Wear simple clothes with muted colors will help you blending in perfectly. You can simple wear your plain T-shirt and a cap. However, you may also feel uncomfortable to wear trashy clothes. Therefore, you can do a little research about how the locals dress. It can be searched online so it won’t take long time. Thus, you can pack clothes which are quite similar vibe with the way the locals dress.
  • It is recommended to tone down your habit of capturing every single thing you see when travelling. Taking photos are of course necessary when travelling but if you want to blend in then you need to at least tone it down a bit. Keep yourself low profile and appreciate more your surrounding in slow pace.
  • It is safer to bring adequate amount of money. For example, you only bring money you need for a day. When you keep fumbling with money when making transaction, it will not only make you strongly look as a tourist but it higher the risk of being target for thieves.
  • Go to local store when you need to buy stuffs. You will learn many things when visiting local store. you can also buy food from a food cart. It is a good way to start interacting with the locals. You can start with the seller.
  • Don’t be afraid to encounter with the locals. It is even better when you can something in their language even for saying a simple hello. You can pay attention on how they act or dress then you can follow suit. Be confident and considerate at the same time when interacting with the locals to get to know more about their cultures. If there is local event, you can check it out and learn more about them in fun way.


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Going on Komodo Liveaboard Budget? Prepare These First!

So, you have been  charmed with the beauty of Komodo National Park, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and the treasured UNESCO World Heritage. And there’s no way you can enjoy everything Komodo has to offer—both in land and under the water—without hopping on one of those Komodo liveaboard trip. A wooden phinisi boat which takes every travelers exploring the national park around. These boats come in wide range of types and budget, too, with Komodo liveaboard budget becoming the most popular among travelers.  Budget liveaboard boats often offered an open-trip, where you only pay for your cabin and share the boat with dozen other people.

An open trip with budget liveaboard in Komodo can be an eye-opening experience. Many people see it as a chance to connect with new like-minded people and seek new knowledge. Before you board, here are few tips to make your Komodo sailing trip feel even more fun.

Going on Komodo Liveaboard Budget? Prepare These First!

Bring Your Own Towel

There will always be this little debate on a liveaboard trip: should you burden yourself by bringing a towel?

Some people advice that towels should not be included in your backpack. Well, that advice would be reasonable if you are sailing in a luxurious liveaboard whose hospitality service is in par with at least three-starred hotel. Low-cost liveaboard, on the other hand, while they might provide some towels, the cleanliness might not be as what you expected. So in our suggestion, better bring your own towel and keep it to yourself. After all, you gonna need it frequently after each dive in Komodo’s many dive sites.

Got Any Special Request? Talk It Early

Are you allergic to specific food? Cannot eat anything but plant-based meal? Do you prefer a smaller tank to dive due certain condition? Go tell the liveaboard crews if you have a special request, especially when it concern foods. Komodo liveaboard budget usually serve their meals in buffet style, where the crew will cook big chunks of foods and everyone will take their own portion. Give the crew enough time to prepare your special request. 

Dive Without Expectation

It goes beyond saying that Komodo’s water is home to many rare, exotic marine creatures. Pigmy sea horses, dugongs, manta rays, and dolphins are among the rare sight. Sea apples, rhinopias, sharks, and turtle are quite common, though the sighting cannot be guaranteed. If you have high expectations to see certain creature just because a diver told it over the internet, it’s best to leave it at the shore. Keep in mind that these awesome creatures are wild animals, and they will behave so.

Prepare Some Ice Breakers

On board Komodo liveaboard budget, you gotta meet a handful of divers and travelers from all over the world. And it’s not just for a few hours meeting—you are going to live with them for several days ahead. In times like this, prepare some short stories about your experience, anecdotes, and few non-creepy jokes for breaking the ice. 

Prepare Some Tip for Komodo Liveaboard Crews

Be a respectable guests and appreciate the crews that’s been working their fingers to the bone to make sure you get a safe and memorable trip to last a lifetime. It’s safe to say that liveaboard industry don’t have the best pay rate, so a few dollar of tips will mean a lot for the crews. Set aside some cash in an envelope and give it directly to the crews—credit cards is not working so well there.

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Most Recommended Places to Visit for Slow Travelling

It is true that the essence of slow travel doesn’t rely fully on the travel destination. It is more likely to be about the mindset and how you do it. Slow travel means you enjoy travelling in slower pace without frantic movement. It also means you open up your eyes and mind to see more about new things, be it new cultures, attractions, people, and many other things. However, there is nothing wrong if you choose the destination for slow travel specifically. You may prefer a place where there is less frantic pace or crowd. You may also prefer a place offering raw and beauty. After all, travel is about personal preference.

Recommended places for slow travelling

It is highly recommended to research travel destination beforehand. Thus, you will know what to expect when you arrive. It also applies for when you are going to have slow travel. It is more recommended to look for the best destination so you won’t regret visiting the place. If you haven’t figured out the best destination for slow travelling then you might as well consider these recommended places to visit:

  • La Gomera and El Hierro, Canary Islands are recommended places for slow travel. You may have heard alot about Canary Island and it is indeed one of the most visited toruist attractions. However, La Gomera is perfect place to visit for your slow travel because it hasless tourists. it offers peaceful and serene vibe. Another interesting thing about El Hierro is that there is hydroelectric plant. It is the first island in the world using renewable energy self-sufficiently. The natural landscape in the islands is uniquely beautiful. There are sharp mountains, pine forest as well as marine life you can explore.
  • Alpujarra, Spain is also highly recommended for your next slow travel destination. The rhythm of Alpujjaran Village is incredibly captivating. In this place, you will learn how to cook with produce from the owner’s organic estate (finca in Spanish). You will also be able to visit silk-weavers as well as wine makers. In the evening, you can just stroll along Moorish water channels.
  • Italy is also recommended destination for slow travel. It can’t be denied that Europe has many places which are perfect for slow travel. Italy is one of them and in fact this is where Slow Food Movement was born. Thus, this is a great place for you to experience the magic of slow travel. You can try private cookery class, spa, truffle hunting, as well as chocolate and wine pairing.
  • Morocco has been famous for its nomad lifestyle. This is perfect for you to slow travelling. You will experience how to live like nomad in Morocco. You can book nomad tour program and join one of the families for seasonal migration through interesting routes. You will learn more about the cultures while having fun with the nomads. You will also have a chance to milking goats, baking bread, and setting a camp. This will give you once in a life time experience.
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Consideration Why Buying Property in Bali Is Very Valuable

What is your first impression of visiting Bali? Customs and traditions are clearly seen in everyday life when you are in Bali. Where people do offer Canang on buildings that they call “Pelinggih”. When a big day arrives in Bali, they use traditional Balinese clothing. Traditional Balinese music is heard and makes tourists feel in different parts of the world.

buying property in Bali

Many more ceremonies occur continuously in Bali. Culture, religion and community togetherness are clearly visible and have become part of the daily lives of local residents. There are times when all shops are closed without exception and everyone, locals or tourists must participate in a ceremony called “Nyepi”. This is what makes many tourists return to Bali and decide to settle down.

Local Culture, Tradition, and Hospitality Is Attractive To Buying Property In Bali

Culture, tradition, and friendliness of the locals are reasons why many people decide to buy property in Bali. When 2.5 million people visit Bali every year, surely you will understand why buying property in Bali continues to increase sharply. Certainly, the demand for accommodation is very high. Bali during high season, it will be very difficult to get comfortable, cheap and luxurious accommodations. Even 5-star hotels have been booked in advance.

Buying property in Bali is a way for those who want to have a place while on vacation without having to be confused when looking for accommodation while high season. On the other hand, when you decide on buying property in Bali, whether it’s a villa, house, or apartment, everything will be very profitable.

Impulse buying property in Bali for investors is because they see a lucrative business opportunity. But for foreigners, don’t expect much to be able to have the opportunity to buy property in Bali. Regulations and regulations in Indonesia do not allow foreigners to buy property in Bali. But don’t worry because there are several alternative solutions that are safe. The trick is to borrow the name of the local people to buy property.

Living in Bali is not easy. If you are a foreigner, study the possible choices offered by the Indonesian government. The duration of foreigners living in Bali depends on their individual needs. There are many ways to buy property in Bali. Whether you work or build a company, you should get good legal advice from experts.

Buying property in Bali is a very profitable prospect, both long term, and short term. Beneficial for property owners to be able to enjoy holidays in Bali without having to look for accommodations in advance.