Benefits of Traveling with Only a Carry-On

Traveling with just a carry-on may sound like a far cry for people who always bring large checked luggages even just for a week of travel. Almost everyone who travel had fallen victim into what is known as the “what if” trap. What if you will have a fancy dinner during your trip? What if it rains? The what-ifs go on. The urges of wanting to feel prepared is what made most people overpack. There is always that urge and that insecurity that you’re going to ‘need’ more. The more we bring, the more we feel prepared. What we didn’t prepare for, however, is the hassle and regret overpacking brings us.

Benefits of Traveling with Only a Carry-On

Sometimes, a terrible experience is what convinced, or “converted” some people into strictly bringing only a carry on. You don’t want to reach that point, and you don’t have to always bring only a carry-on either. But you certainly would want to pack lighter because face it, we actually don’t need so much. Bringing just a carry-on is a good limit anyone could start from.


Ease of transport everywhere

Crowded trains, rocky and unaccommodating sidewalks, crazy rush hours, they’re all nightmares when it comes to hauling your luggage. Limiting your luggage with just a carry-on is something that will make everything so much easier. This would be especially apparent if you’ve experienced the nightmare having too many bags or too heavy luggages bring. You’ll thank yourself for the change.


Saves you money

Extra luggage prices are getting more and more expensive by the day. It’s also something to lookout for if you’re flying with a budget airlines. Luggages might just make your budget airlines not so much of a budget option anymore. Without paying for a checked luggage, you can save the money for other things that are more important for you.


Bye-bye conveyor belt

The queue and wait for your checked bags could cut into so much of your time, especially if they arrive late. With just a carry-on that you have with you all the time, you eliminate this time-consuming and plain boring aspect of your travel. You don’t have to waste time waiting for your checked baggage


Everything becomes lighter

Especially if you’re solo traveling, bringing so many bags is around may burden you more than you can handle. You carry everything yourself and that’s probably the worst part of your travel. Things will be easier for you if it becomes less tiring without the added burden.


Forces you to be more organized

Packing lighter with just a carry-on forces you to think creatively, especially if you genuinely need a lot of items. You’d find ways to make your packing easier, and ultimately less stressful. Using travel organizers is one of the known methods in compressing your luggage, especially for bulky items. Packing cubes usually come in a few pieces with different sizes. Using them would almost automatically put the mind into categorizing intent. Have fun being more organized and creative!


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