A Taste of Breezy Journey with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Gently cruising through the azure sea of pristine Flores, our Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo looks like coming out straight from Pirate of Caribbean film set. The ship, entirely made of wood, was gleaming from the scorching hot sun. The sail above us was flapping from breezing winds—we can expect Jack Sparrow to jump anytime from captain’s cabin. Instead of shabby pirates with worn-out vests, the neatly dressed crews come to to greet us, offering drinks. This is a story of my journey to Indonesian frontier, the Komodo National Park, with Ocean Pure.

A Taste of Breezy Journey in Komodo Cruise Labuan Bajo

I sipped my ice cold mango juice and look out on a vast seascape before us. With no vessel in sight, it was easy to dwell in a dream of lost paradise. It was in the middle of August, when we made the decision to sail through Flores’ golden savannah hills. My travelling buddies and I had goals in mind; hiking, diving, and Komodo hunting. While we got everything we wanted, the life in the boat was certainly worth a separated story.

Sailing with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Meet The Chic Ocean Pure

Ocean Pure, our Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo was a pleasant surprise. We initially had no idea that such bespoke luxurious experience exist in far-flung Flores. This area was practically located in the middle of nowhere! Our journey started form Labuan Bajo, a little port town in Flores before we launched to Komodo National Park. We got to see dozens of wooden boats in the harbor, but nothing stole the eyes as our Ocean Pure did. At that moment, we got the feeling that it was gonna be an awesome journey. And damn we were so right.

A Charming Phinisi

Life in Ocean Pure was like a travelling dream. It’s difficult to imagine that this polished phinisi was once a shabby spice boat. Our Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo just undergone major transformation back in 2016—that was just 2 years ago!

Just like the name spoke, Ocean Pure carried a thick blend of coastal living and nautical feeling through its decor. And oh boy the furnitures were certainly above the standard. One could easily mistaken her 5 cabins for stylish hotel rooms. Four were located in the main deck—and that’s where my cabin was—were furnished with queen size bed, hot shower toilet, air conditioner, and dressing room. Anytime we felt tired from all the hike and dive, we could easily relax in our warm-lighted cabins. Everything in the room were caramel-colored teak wood with a splash of deep blue and white palette.

Day Dreaming in the Deck

Up in the main deck, life was as simple as lounging and daydreaming the forgotten island. We got one indoor communal deck where the kitchen and bar were set. There are some soft sofas, dining table for six, and wall display of paddles.

A few meters from the indoor deck was the sun bathing area. Anyone could lounge comfortably in the four cushion. We spend most of the days here, whether to simply absorb the scenery or waiting our turn for a dive.

Hospitality Found in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Do you know that you can request a spa massage in Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo? Hearing the opportunity, we just couldn’t miss the simple luxury! Our tired feet really appreciate the massage, especially after a long hike.

Apart from that, the service quality on board was certainly first-class. The waiters were there without us being aware, but were magically ready whenever we need it. With special chef on board, dining was far from stale—we even got the opportunity to taste various Asian cuisine. And most importantly, we got the much needed morning tea and coffee ready every days!

This is one sailing adventure we could never forget!

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