Things to Do before Leaving Home for Travelling

Travelling is everyone’s favorite because it i the time when you feel so carefree about your hectic life. It is not a secret that life forces you to keep working hard. However, human is prone to stress so taking trip to somewhere nice can be the solution for it. Travelling is stress reliever and energizer. After travelling, you will likely get more spirit to work harder energetically. However, leaving your home for travelling should be prepared though. If you are taking long vacation, you need to do the right things before really leaving your home.

Things to Do before Leaving Home for Travelling

What you need to do before travelling?


Your holiday is stress reliever. However, don’t make it sounds like you are dodging a bullet. Instead of using vacation as a way to run out of responsibility, it is better to finish your task properly at work before taking vacation. Travelling while having pile of works waiting for you when you get home will not make it as stress reliever. You will feel restless during travel because you keep remembering your unfinished works. Thus, make sure you finish your works before taking vacation to avoid more hassle when you’re back later.


Next thing to do is booking all necessities such as flight, hotel, car rental, etc. From some studies, it shows that the best time to book flight for vacation is 3 months prior. At that time, you likely have more opportunities for cheaper price. Aside from getting lower price, booking early helps you to ease your mind before travelling because you will likely be panic to do it in a rush.

Next, you need to make sure every document you need is prepared especially when you are travelling overseas. Check your passport’s expiration dates as well. Aside from passport, make sure that you also prepare other necessary documents. It is recommended that you make copy of them just in case you need them while travelling.


Research more about your destination and find out the do’s and don’ts. For example, there are some countries which require you to get shot from certain vaccine before visiting. This is very important because you don’t want to get caught some diseases during or after travel. If you travel with your family, make sure all members are up to date on their shots as well, especially children who are prone to diseases.


Plan your itinerary thoroughly to set up all our necessities such as hotel, transport, and everything in details. Some people say that spontaneous travelling is more fun to do instead of thoroughly prepared one. However, travelling with family requires you to be prepared in details because you have more responsibilities to make sure everything will be fine.


Make sure that you leave home safe before travelling. For example, you can ask your neighbor to monitor your house when you’re away. You can also pay all bills before leaving so that you don’t have to do it while travelling. Make sure that your other families know when you are going to travel for emergencies.  


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